If Chiefs keep Branden Albert and Bengals bring back Anthony Collins, Dolphins options at LT dwindling | The Daily Dolphin
INDIANAPOLIS– While it’s been considered a foregone conclusion that the Chiefs will part ways with Pro Bowl left tackle Branden Albert this offseason and




Five teams show interest in Paul Soliai | Miami Dolphins In Depth
No, the Dolphins have not yet made a contract offer to retain pending free agent defensive tackle Paul Soliai, as The Herald first reported this morning. Neither have any other teams, according to league sources. But here’s the deal: Five…


Miami Dolphins in jeopardy of losing free agent DT Paul Soliai – Miami Dolphins –
Paul Soliai has known no NFL home other than Miami.




Brent Grimes ‘optimistic’ he’ll re-sign with Dolphins –
Brent Grimes is a logical franchise-tag candidate for the Dolphins, but the cornerback told The Miami Herald that he’s already spoken with the team about returning next season with a new contract.


Tag deadline, Brent Grimes decision nears for Dolphins – ESPN
The Miami Dolphins have seven days to decide if Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes will get the franchise tag for the 2014 season. NFL teams have a two


Dolphins free agency priority: Cornerback | Miami Dolphins In Depth
When free agency begins for the Dolphins and all other NFL clubs March 11 (negotiations can begin March 8) one of the priorities, indeed the top priority, the Dolphins may have is the cornerback position. We know this because although…




Miami Dolphins’ John Denney rips Wells report, Jonathan Martin – Sun Sentinel
Miami Dolphins deep snapper John Denney, the team’s union rep, thinks the bullying episode involving Jonathan Martin was ‘blown out of proportion’ and that Ted Wells could find similar instances in any NFL locker room.




Taylor’s Golf Tournament Proves To Be A Hit Again
Honor Roll member’s foundation benefited from A-list of celebrities.


Miami Dolphins great Mark Duper on what Miami Dolphins need to do in 2014 – Sun Sentinel
Former Dolphins star receiver offers advice to 2014 squad after tumultuous 2013 season




Dolphins coaches, players must show 2013 draft class can succeed – Sun Sentinel
Getting Dolphins’ top picks of 2013 draft on the field and producing will be one of the biggest joint ventures of the 2014 season between coaches and players.


NFL combine takeaways: Miami Dolphins – Miami Dolphins Blog – ESPN
The 2014 NFL combine is reaching its final stages. It was an interesting year with plenty of good stories and developments. Here are a few that stood


NFL Insiders Analyze Potential Fins Offseason Moves ” The Finsiders – Miami Dolphins
The offseason has begun picking up steam, as the NFL combine is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana. While the combine serves as place for evaluating draft talent, it also serves as a place for coaches and personnel to settle down and discuss the direction a team will go in the offseason, in regards to not only the NFL Draft, but free agency as well. All the talk now may be about the prospective college players, but it’ll soon turn to the current pros out of contract, as the NFL free agent market is poised to open in just a little over two weeks from now (March 11th).


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  1. stanger on said:

    I was wondering how the police got involved with Richie bashing his own car. Turns out TMZ doesn’t just report the news……it creates, or at least documents, it.
    A Scottsdale police spokesman says, “police first went to Incognito’s home Wednesday after being contacted by TMZ Sports and being given a photo of a black Ferrari with several dents in its hood.”

  2. You guys see that Matt Elam is working at a retail store in the Gainesville mall. Said he wants to start a business selling sports merchandise so he is working there just to get experience in that kind of retail business. That is pretty good dedication to research lol.

  3. Mike E. on said:

    Hey Bri – I was thinking about making another draft party, think you can make it?

  4. Man i search through the mock drafts i realize how good we have it here. People here have mocks that make sense, even the ones that aren’t close to mine, they make sense. These other sites must have friggin retards doing their mocks…literally they are probably done in crayon, drips of drool on the when they get turned in.

  5. Al in MIA on said:

    Ken on February 27, 2014 at 3:52 pm said:

    I don’t think Ross being from Michigan had anything to do with us drafting either Long or Henne. Long was a consensus top 3 pick and Henne was considered first to 2nd round talent which is exactly where we drafted both and they both fit needs.
    Unfortunately the front office had no real Plan B when they ultimately settled for Henne.
    They were hoping that they could land Flacco but the Ravens had plenty of ammo having traded down from their 8th spot with the Jags 26th spot. They caught wind that the Fins were trying to move ahead of them and they basically got aggressive and traded up to the 19th spot to take Flacco and the rest is history. They just went “oh well, no flacco, but Henne may not be that bad” lol.

  6. Al in MIA on said:

    Ken on February 27, 2014 at 1:07 pm said:

    From East Coast Sports News draft site:
    Combine Notes – The following is a list of defensive backs that performed well in the field drills on Tuesday: Jason Verrett, TCU…

    Phillip Gaines, Rice…Brock Vereen, Minnesota…Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State…Deone Buchanon, Washington State…Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Alabama…Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech…Victor Hampton, South Carolina…Bradley Roby, Ohio State…Pierre Desir, Lindenwood…

    Jonathan Dowling, Western Kentucky…Phillip Gaines, Rice;
    Wyoming85 on February 27, 2014 at 1:22 pm said:

    Brock Vereen, Minnesota
    He had a Monster Combine
    Has anybody seen any of his film?
    I haven’t watched him play at all
    Yes, I’ve been keeping an eye on Vereen (cause the NFL scouts love NFL bloodlines; his bro being Shane).
    Vereen is a hard hitter and i think closes well on the ball handler…might be a little like Reshad Jones but with less mental errors.
    He needs some work and was a full time safety only this past season..played half his games at safety back in 2012 and was a pure corner before that.
    He will be an immediate special team contributor im sure.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      Ken, of the names on that list…Vereen, Buchanon, Clinton-Dix, Kyle Fuller, and Jon Dowling all intrigue me.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      Buchanon is the most successful of that group in terms producing stats. He leaves college with 17 career INT in 40 starts and easily the most tackles of anyone on this list. The guy has pure ball hawk skills (plays the ball like a WR).

  7. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Al, you make it sound so cut and dry, I’m not positive if Flacco was our plan. Henne fit all of the Tuna criteria for being drafted at qb, senior, played 4 years, no off field issues, big school, best competition and on and on. Flacco was a small school guy (did trans from Pitt) who hadn’t played 4 years but did possess the big arm.
    Don’t forget we also had the 32 pick we used on Merling, so we had some ammo, but probably thought Flacco would be there if we had wanted him but I remember before the draft all the whispers were saying Henne.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Still mad we didn’t draft Brian Brohm!

    • Al in MIA on said:

      I remember on draft day people talking up Flacco as the picks were going into the mid teens and how Miami was in love with his arm and then all of a sudden the Ravens go from 26 (a few spots ahead of Miami) to 19 and take him. Miami was really the only team near them that would have taken him and they felt the need to trade up that much to get him so Miami’s beat on Flacco was probably serious or else they wouldn’t have tried to move up so much higher than 26.
      This is what the Ravens did:
      No. 8: Ravens to Jaguars. Baltimore traded its first-round selection to Jacksonville for Jacksonville’s first-round selection, two third-round selections, and fourth-round selection (No. 26, 71, 89, 125).
      No. 18: Texans to Ravens. Houston traded its first-round selection to Baltimore for the first-round and (second) third-round selections Baltimore acquired from Jacksonville, and a sixth-round selection (No. 26, 89, and 173).

      • son of a son of a shula on said:

        Flacco did make a huge rise leading up no doubt, anyway I’m not saying this isn’t the case but I never heard from anyone within as fact.

        • Al in MIA on said:

          Nothing is ever facts..we get smoke blown up our asses all the time (including the idea that people were tied to Henne). I agree, it’s not clear what happened or why. We got stuck with Henne and a crazy front office that did wierd things around his position.

          • son of a son of a shula on said:

            I wonder how different our fortunes may have been had we landed Flacco, before anyone says anything I know we’d a probably f’d it up anyway.

  8. Whats up fellas, Cog doing body work on his Ferrari, lol what a fool!

    • Now, the Scottsdale Police Department tells us … they spoke with Richie early this morning and he admitted he took the bat to his own car.

      Clearly, Incognito was pissed about something … but we don’t know what set him off.

      We reached out to Richie’s people for comment—so far, no word back.

      At least Martin only busted up a $3 lunch tray, lol

  9. Al in MIA on said:

    Minnesota’s Pro Day is on Monday (3/3). Players of interest of course are DT-Hageman & S-Brock Vereen.

  10. Cog needs help before someone gets hurt. A 320 pound pissed off OL with a bat could be a problem

  11. Mike E. on said:

    son of a son of a shula
    on February 27, 2014 at 6:48 pm said:
    I wonder how different our fortunes may have been had we landed Flacco, before anyone says anything I know we’d a probably f’d it up anyway.
    Brandon Marshall would probably still be here . . . .

  12. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Maybe he was trying to kill a fly

  13. Tim Knight on said:

    David, how’s the new house?

  14. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Actually Richie has never driven the car because he was never able to fit in it, after losing 15 lbs and still not being able to fit in he got pissed and tried to re-size the car himself.

  15. Marinofan13 on said:

    Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler · 2m
    Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel have been invited to NYC for the NFL Draft according to @Gil_Brandt

  16. Tim Knight on said:

    So there have been reports we will pursue Brandon Albert and Eugene Monroe in FA. Albert is 29 and will be 30 in November and Monroe is 26 and will be 27 in April. Based on Jason Peters’ contract both guys are going to be asking for $10M per year. I think we’ll offer Albert a 4-5 year deal and Monroe a 6 year deal based on age.

  17. Marinofan13 on said:

    Richie Incognito gets a new Ferrari
    This is the Ferrari (FF) he bought just a few months ago… $300Gs… that he took a bat to last night. Why on Earth would he do that to such a shiny new toy? WOW

  18. Tim, coming along, put new tile in kitchen and bathrooms, new paint, added a custom closet , changing countertops and putting in hardwood floors now

  19. New stove, ac, washer, and dishwasher too, lol

  20. Mike E. on said:

    Good luck with the house bro! Congratulations!

  21. Mike E. on said:

    Do you agree that Brandon Marshall would probably still be here if Flacco was the QB?

  22. MF, an unemployed man trashes his own Ferrari? He actually needs some help before next time its someone’s head

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      YUP! He’s out of control.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        He’s not our problem anymore. Officially it will be in a few weeks but still, we’re moving on from him, Martin and Jerry. Most likely McKinnie and Clabo too. Hickey must be sitting at his desk saying WTF?

        • Old Dolfan on said:

          Hickey’s also thinking,”WHO do I hire to tell Richie he’s no longer in our plans?”

  23. Tim Knight on said:

    David, good to hear. I wish you and your family the best with the new house.
    The wife and I can’t wait for the Arctic weather to end so we can start upgrading the grounds. We did a lot of the dirty work already. Next up is to build it back up in our vision. Lot’s to do. Inside the house as well but we really want to get the landscaping going this spring.

  24. House is only 14 years old in great condition, but, and wifey wants everything remodeled except for the roof and attic, lol. That probably next

  25. David,
    Congrats on your projects! If I could offer you a helpful suggestion, consider looking into LVT for the areas you were thinking of doing hardwood. You don’t have to worry about humidity reeking havoc with it.

    • I’m looking at all options, even plastic laminate with moisture barrier and pad. Monday i will make a decision and purchase something. I cant move in on concrete floors

  26. Maybe Cog is getting the Ferrari ready for the repo guy, lol

  27. Old Dolfan on said:

    David—-GREAT to see your words of wisdom on the board! — Who do YOU think Miami should pick in the first round?

  28. Marinofan13 on said:

    Greg Gabriel ‏@greggabe · 1m
    The QB that you will start hearing the most about leading up to Draft is Fresno’s Derek Carr
    No doubt about it. He WILL trend positively, BET.

  29. LVT is a really nice product. Def check it out if yo get the chance David. Best of luck with everything!

  30. Marinofan13 on said:

    NFL ‏@nfl · 2m
    Simms: Geno Smith better than any QB in 2014 Draft

  31. phindog on said:

    Simms only says that because Smith must be the best if Simms son has to ride the pine.

  32. Tim Knight
    on February 27, 2014 at 8:04 pm said:
    Oh really… have you ever shoveled snow and cleaned off 3 cars? LOL
    Reply ↓

    I had to melt a thin sheen of ice on my windshield before, does that count? Lmao!

  33. Marinofan13 on said:

    Brian McIntyre ‏@brian_mcintyre · 5m
    Unofficial, of course, but if NFL cap hits $133M, WR franchise tag projects to ~$11.118M. TE tag ~$6.373M.
    DE tag would be ~$12.275M, DT tag ~$9.166M, CB tag ~$11.834, S tag ~$7.589M. Numbers are just projections/estimates, of course.
    David Canter retweeted this. I wonder if we franchise Big Paul what with these numbers? Of course, we’ll have to see if we can strike a deal with Mr. Grimes first as he’s likely our priority FA.

  34. Wyoming85 on said:

    Thanks for the info
    I don’t set stock in the combine, but it does make me look at other players that I haven’t looked into

  35. phindog on said:

    Wow.. Where the hell did everyone go ? Crickets…

  36. Wyoming85 on said:

    What up Dog?
    Just wanted to say that :-)

  37. Wyoming85 on said:

    I’ve been trying to get the time to do a post combine mock!
    I’ll get to it sometime?
    I still think Boulder should but a Draft mock on his spread sheet :-)

  38. The Flying Pig on said:

    Marinofan13 on February 27, 2014 at 7:31 pm said:
    Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler · 2m
    Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel have been invited to NYC for the NFL Draft according to @Gil_Brandt
    If anyone has the power to invite people to NYC its me
    I did not know NYC was invitation only though

  39. Wyoming85 on said:

    Paul or Starks
    Donald or Hageman
    That is the question?

  40. Wyoming85 on said:

    If we are not carefully our R1-P19 will make you laugh!

  41. Marinofan13 on said:

    Cover32 Dolphins ‏@cover32_MIA · 1m
    From @ArmandoSalguero, NFLPA has told Pouncey unofficially that he isn’t likely to face any suspension from the league

  42. phindog on said:

    Not much Wyoming85 just learned that pigs eat crickets.

  43. professorlou on said:

    Here’s a big boy who’s definitely worth a look:

  44. Wyoming85 on said:

    Dog Pigs eat everything
    Keep your junk in the truck
    Don’t let it all hang out!

  45. phindog on said:

    I thought for sure he would get a few games suspension. Hope he doesn’t.

  46. The Flying Pig on said:
  47. The Flying Pig on said:

    The NFL is really going light on the Dolphins
    Don;t you think?

    • Have they made any official announcement on sanctions?

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        Not as far as I know

        • So we really don’t know much. I don’t think the league will hammer the phins. I think the Wells report does a lot to put the organization in the best possible light. If the league were to really impose stiff sanctions it would be hard to rectify with the report.
          I do think individual suspensions can happen though such as Richie, Jerry and Pouncey can all face varying degrees of discipline.

  48. phindog on said:

    Wyo85 .
    Can’t wait for someone to photo shop a dogpig and post it.

  49. phindog on said:

    Every time I read your posts I hear it in the SouthPark voice. Cracks me up every time.

  50. The wind is howling here in Connecticut tonight. Supposed to get down to 0 degrees.

  51. professorlou on said:

    I already told my wife when I retire we’re moving South!

  52. Tim Knight on said:

    To me everything about Pouncey seems to be hearsay and a very gray area. There is no real situation. The OL group referred to Martin as ‘The Big Weirdo’ and maybe he was. Should the dogs have backed off, probably? But Martin has his own issues.
    I can’t wait for FA so we can start to revamp the OL and move away from this crap.

  53. Daniel AKA Phinstone ‏@djb2280 26h

    Miami Herald reports the Dolphins “fully intend” to pick up C Mike Pouncey’s fifth-year option. Pouncey is…

    • Tim Knight on said:

      He’s too good to lose and have to replace the entire OL. The guy can grow up! Maybe this is the time in his life where he says okay, I have to mature and become a better pro. He’s 24 years old and has been a pro NFL Center for 3 years and a pro bowl player. You don’t discard a talent like this because people are speculating about him.

  54. Retweeted by Antwan V. Staley
    LOS ANGELES LAKERS ‏@mothugsoldier 27h

    “@BleacherReport: VIDEO: Deion Sanders says there were gay players on every NFL team he played for. ” #Obvioustweet
    Well there is one obvious explanation for that.

  55. Alright. I have a busy day tomorrow. I am out. Peace to you all.

  56. Marinofan13 on said:

    I wonder when the fallout from Bullygate will finally end…

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I’m tired of being harassed at work for being a Phins fan.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      After FA when they’re no longer on our team. The media will take a few more shots at Ross and Philbin, but it won’t last long.

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        I’m going to hold you to that.

        • Tim Knight on said:

          Something new will happen and that will be the story of the month. LOL
          Before you know it we’ll be in camp, a few more questions about the ‘locker room’. But it will burn out after that.
          Don’t hold me to the media, bro. ;)

          • Marinofan13 on said:

            If ya want to go “BROAD” with the media, no way can I hold you to that, Bro. BUT… that is my point.
            EVEN after Bullygate is all said and done, the media will CONTINUE to “bully” our franchise… as they’d done even prior.
            I think(?) a lot us know the reason why…

  57. Tim Knight on said:

    phindog, I’ll see your fogged up windshield and raise you mother fuckin ice. It’s going to be like 5 degrees tonight. Don’t scrape your toe on a sea shell. LOL

  58. Tim Knight on said:

    LT Monroe/Albert (start there)
    C Pouncey
    Current Dolphins OL – Pouncey, Garner, Brenner, Thomas, Arkin, Weaver and Ola.

  59. Marinofan13 on said:

    I must bail. Peace, y’all.

  60. Tim. The only ice I see out here are the ones I put in my drinks. I don’t see how people can tolerate that cold ass shit. I guess I just don’t know any better.

    • If it makes you feel any better we are going to get some rain tomorrow and it will be in the low 60′s. Frickin jacket weather. LOL…

  61. Have a good one MF13.. Peace.

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