Miami morning take: Dolphins ownership

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Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Tuesday from around the Web:


  • Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is loyal to a fault.


Morning take: Ross’ dedication to head coach Joe Philbin weighed heavily during the general manager search. It remains to be seen if that was the right call.



Morning take: Ross certainly has some explaining to do. His structure for the Dolphins has been questioned by many as other top candidates declined.


  • The Sun Sentinel looks at issues facing new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey.


Morning take: Hickey is behind the eight ball after the process took a bit long. The Dolphins have more than 20 restricted and unrestricted free agents to decide on by March.






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  1. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Is this Bat…lol
    New Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey insists the team’s power structure is “completely clear,” and that he’ll “be in charge” of the 53-man roster.
    That’s not the belief in league circles, but it’s Hickey’s story, and he’s sticking to it. Miami’s Plan Z, Hickey will obviously have significant influence over the 53-man roster, but it’s widely believed the buck stops at coach Joe Philbin. It’s a baffling arrangement considering Philbin has excelled at very little during his two years as head coach. Perhaps the Dolphins have lucked into a great hire with Hickey, but more than likely, their current arrangement assures another 2-3 years of unnecessary mediocrity.
    Source: Dolphins on Twitter

  2. Tim Knight on said:

    Convict, a spooge fest is similar to this. LOL

  3. herdfan on said:

    Time for a laugh….and no better person to laugh at.

  4. Marinofan13 on said:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 1m
    NBC nightly news is airing first interview with Jonathan Martin tonight at 6:30 p.m. (Dungy did the interview)

  5. Can we believe all the reports now that they’re all sounding “right” and making this hire look better?
    I think this was a hiring of a “yes man” who says the right things and doesn’t ask any of the wrong questions. Someone who won’t rock the boat but probably won’t step out and lead either. Whatever…we’ll see how it works out, but I really wanted a guy who has a personal vision and would come and put that vision into place and be the sort of guy who is willing to say what he wants and how he wants things done regardless of whose toes get stepped on.
    Just my initial .02 worth…and I’m still hoping this guy will turn out to be an uncovered diamond.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      a press confernece is about sounding right
      if you don;t, you are an idiot
      it means nothing
      Course I think all the concerns have been really overblown
      that is my .03 which is worth more that your post

  6. Marinofan13 on said:

    NBC Sports Network ‏@NBCSN 13m
    We’ll air @TonyDungy’s exclusive in-depth interview w/ Dolphins Lineman Jonathan Martin tomorrow at 6:30pm ET

  7. herdfan on said:

    Randy on January 28, 2014 at 6:03 pm said:

    Can we believe all the reports now that they’re all sounding “right” and making this hire look better?
    I believe it as much as I believed the reports last week of how bad things were.

  8. piggy,
    sorry…i don’t get your response to me…and I didn’t see the press conference.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      “sound right” I assume meant the press conference
      Hickey had a press conference at 4PM today to introduce him
      So I assumed reports of those conferences is what you are referring to
      Today they sound good
      tomorrow they don’t
      one report says one thing
      one doesn’t
      why beleive any of them
      Can I beleive people are reporting Dolphins FO sounds good – yes
      How else can you build drama if you don’t put the reader on a roller coaster

  9. Wyoming85 on said:

    Report: Patriots ‘interested’ in dealing for Larry Fitzgerald last year
    That would suck complete A$$!

  10. herd,
    That’s just b/c you’re a skeptic…drinking poison that you’re told is water will do that to ya. lol

    • herdfan on said:

      Seriously, my point is I don’t believe much of what has been reported about any of this. Unless I see video of someone saying something, I don’t believe it. Even a reporter who is quoting someone can take a ‘sound bite’ out of context and make it sound like something else entirely.

  11. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Wow. Another 5 years of not winning afc east if this happens.
    “Report: Patriots asked about acquiring Larry Fitzgerald”

    • Mike E. on said:

      They’re going to win for the next 5 years because they asked about Fitzgerald? lol
      I’m not worried about the Pats, I’m worried about us.

      • BoulderPhinFan on said:

        I think the pats will win AFC east as long as brady plays. I’m not worried about us because I know where we’ll be next year.

        • Mike E. on said:

          I can’t argue that they’re the team to beat. Hopefully, we’ll get things straight here talent wise, and be in a better position to compete.

  12. Piggy/Herd,
    I’m a skeptic too…always have been. For years on the blogs I’ve been saying we can’t believe a word coming out of the mouths of players/coaches/organizations….and got scoffed at for the most part and told I was just being a contrarian….which maybe I am. Maybe we’ve all just become a bit more cynical and skeptical…and have developed a healthy attitude of questioning what we’re told…but I don’t think it only applies to the “media”.

  13. finfanrob on said:

    BoulderPhinFan on January 28, 2014 at 6:33 pm said:

    Wow. Another 5 years of not winning afc east if this happens.
    as long as in that five years they can beat the bucs once i can live with that. lol

  14. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Hey Mike E – looks like I was wrong (about the GM/final 4 thing) lol

    • Mike E. on said:

      Not really, we did interview Caserio, who wasn’t final 4, but final 8. You done fine son! lol

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        If I give myself a pat on the back, I need to slap myself in the face when appropriate as well lol

  15. Mike E. on said:

    Are you happy, mad, or indifferent about Hickey?

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      I’m in a wait and see approach. I like to think that Ross wants to accomplish 3 things: 1. Win (ok actually make loads of $$$, but winning brings that) 2. Bring harmony to the FO (which would hopefully bring about item 1) 3. Make a splash with the new GM hiring (especially to help clear the taste from the funk of the upcoming bullygate report results).
      Because of certain restrictions, timing and other factors, he couldn’t get the GM candidates who might make a splash (even a dinky one), so he settled for crossing item 2 off the list, again hoping it will lead to item 1 coming about as well.
      I think he was actually in a tough position – if he relents to giving the new GM full control, then it’s a decent chance Philbin is gone, or put in a situation where he would have great difficulty being successful. That makes the organization look even less coach friendly (after previous gaffes), thus making it hard to bring in a new quality coach if necessary. But sticking to his guns meant not getting a GM candidate (or 2 or 3) that he might have wanted. So he ‘settled’ for the best candidate for the job that could at least fill some of his objectives and who would accept his (Ross’) terms.

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      But yeah, I am hopeful, especially IF they can all work together and realize all their careers, etc. may be on the line. Then perhaps it motivates them to build a TEAM.
      I like Philbin, and think he deserves another chance, even after the FUBAR the last two games were.

  16. TryPod on said:

    I’m sure it’s controversial- but an attorney representing the student athletes of northwestern is attempting to unionize in an attempt to get the university to pay them as employees. of course the university will fight and it will end up in court.

  17. professorlou on said:

    The big question on my mind tonight has nothing to do with the Fins. Why hasn’t Christopher Walken played Al Davis in a movie yet?

  18. Listening to the presser now and I must say I have never heard anyone infer to somebody as a Shit-bag Cancer as politely as Ross did about Ireland.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      where can I hear it

      • Tim Knight on said:

      • Go to It’s when Ross is doing the intro. He essentially said “I like Jeff, but I need someone here who is going to work with the entire organization and help construct an team oriented work environment where the needs of the organization overule the needs of the individual.”

    • Tim Knight on said:

      LOL, I heard that too.

  19. Mike E. on said:

    Thanks for your well laid out assessment. Thing is, a failed HC can always go back to being a coordinator, so Joe will always have a job. A failed GM could also probably get some executive position as well, unless you’re not well thought of, like Ireland might be.

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      I hear you, but once failed, the opportunity rarely comes up again. If they fail here’s what will be said around the league no doubt: “Philbin just couldn’t cut it as a head coach.” “Hickey spent all those years as a scout, etc., maybe that’s just hat he is and that’s all he’ll ever be.” “Aponte is good with the numbers, but not worth all the other trouble.”
      The perks (monetary and otherwise) for being a head coach/GM are too much to give up that easily I would think.

  20. Mike E. on said:

    Who was Ross talking about, Ireland?

  21. Tim Knight on said:

    Hickey seems like a good guy. He’s very different than Ireland. I think you could have a more emotional conversation with him than Ireland who was more rigid. He’s a bit nervous in the presser but he’s probably not used to it. Then again he doesn’t have too because GMs rarely speak publicly. Not everyone is a public speaker.

  22. TryPod on said:

    I just wondered what thelikelihood was that it would make through the courts. they have been trying to figure out for years how to get money for players, and if course the colleges have fought it on the basis of they are already receiving a benefit by getting their tuitions paid or something like that lol. just wondering how that might go down.

  23. Brian in NY on said:

    Read your comments about how good billy Joel sounded even at his age. Reminded me of when I saw Sting at jones beach in 2000. He sounded incredible . Have you ever seen a concert there? If not I highly recommend it.

  24. TryPod on said:

    I hate this- I’m a fan of the blacklist, and it is taking a month off for the Olympics. that sucks. I already watch a couple of series that take off like 40 weeks a year ( longmire, hell on wheels). this blows.. it also has a lot to do with the number of books I read…

  25. anyone see this

    Honestly, Martin is dressed like a dip-shit for this interview. I wonder if Tony asks about Jonathan’s Tuesday afternoon specials at Tootsies with the chicks with the beat ass’s. Honestly, Martin really needs to go away! He is doing this interview because he knows the Well’s report, when released, is going to really destroy all credibility with the general public so he is trying to drum up the sympathy while he can.

  26. Brian in NY on said:

    Read your comments about how good Billy Joel sounded even at his age. Reminded me of when I saw Sting at Jones beach in 2000. He sounded incredible . Have you ever seen a concert there? If not I highly recommend it. I’ve seen a quite a few concerts there as it is 15 minutes from where I grew up.

    • TryPod on said:

      I’ve been to Jones beach a few times, but never saw a concert there. last time was 1980 lol

      • Brian in NY on said:

        It’s a really cool atmosphere, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Used to go to jones beach all the time when I was a kid/ teenager.

  27. professorlou on said:

    Very true about how Ross basically threw Ireland under the bus. “I have a lot of respect for Jeff and a lot of confidence in him but we needed to have someone who wasn’t such a dick and couldn’t get along with others running this organization.”

    • Brian in NY on said:

      So we know Philbin destroyed Ireland in the end of the year “save your job” meetings .

      • professorlou on said:

        I have no pity for Ireland and if Philbin and Aponte concocted a scheme to get Ireland’s ass fired I’m a huge fan of both.
        I feel it’s more of a case of Philbin being saddled with a douchebag GM who couldn’t pick talent to save his life and then brings in a bunch of injured players in the draft who are useless to the team. If I’m Philbin, hell yeah I’m saving my ass. Fuck Ireland.

  28. Tim Knight on said:

    Brian, I’ve been to Jones Beach a few times and have also seen a show there, can’t remember who though. LOL
    Seriously I think it was late 80s early 90s. I saw the Police at Giants Stadium a few years back and the sound sucked but I thought they were pretty good.
    I’ve noticed over the years that really great talent is always great even if not as great as they always were. Paul McCartney is one of the best musical talents I’ve ever heard in my life if not the top dog. I need to see him at least once.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      The acoustics at jones beach are very good, giants stadium, not so much. Been to a bunch of concerts there as well.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        I was at GNR/Metallica with Faith No More opening at Giants stadium back in the 90s. The power of heavy bands can make it work but more popish stuff doesn’t go over well. The best sound I’ve ever experienced is at the Beacon Theater.

  29. The Flying Pig on said:

    I just wondered what thelikelihood was that it would make through the courts. they have been trying to figure out for years how to get money for players, and if course the colleges have fought it on the basis of they are already receiving a benefit by getting their tuitions paid or something like that lol. just wondering how that might go down.

    The right to organize cannot be suppressed by the Court
    so no Court can stop them from creating a union as far as I know
    but the NLRB is the the gov’t agency that hears disputes about unions
    I’m just no sure anyone has a right to stop them from creating a union
    not my area of expertise
    I can;t figure out why no one else thought of it yet
    So many there is a basis to stop it
    walmart manages to keep unions out – I don;t know how

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      if they officially become a union
      then they demand compensation or its strike time I guess
      Then maybe the school can pull their scholarships
      and that would probably be the nature of the dispute that hits the NLRB – which is basically mediation and arbitration, not the Courts

      • TryPod on said:

        excellent- I didn’t know how that might play out. I thought it seemed like a unique approach to the issue, just wondered about how it might play out.

        • TryPod on said:

          I must have gone to the school of redundancy school- that’s like the 3rd time I’ve done that today.

  30. TryPod on said:

    only concerts I really want to see at this point are led zeppelin, pink Floyd.. maybe Elton John, though his vocal range is gone. I missed them since I was too young to go when they were active, except Elton. I just hate crowds too much any more and all the crap you have to go through to go to a show. I would like to see one show at red rocks, though.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I would love that too as Zep and Floyd were ending as I was getting into them in 78-80. Yes, Genesis (the progressive not the pop) and ELP as well. They all broke up as my friends and I were discovering them.
      I’ve always thought Elton John and Freddie Mercury had the best voices. McCartney I put on another level musically. He’s so great I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think many people even realize how great he is.

      • TryPod on said:

        I agree with you Tim (elp, prog-genesis), and I agree with you on McCartney to the extent that he was a superior top40 song writer/ performer.
        I have seen rush multiple times, but the best performance was the 82 tour in support of subdivisions. I saw the time machine tour, and I just don’t get into them like before. not the same energy for me

      • TryPod on said:

        Elton’s voice prior to 84 was a superior instrument. he is probably my single biggest influence as far as my love of music is concerned. I always thought Paul Rogers had the ultimate rock n roll voice, Bruce Dickinson and Rob halford had powerful voices. one of the best voices that never got a lot of American play was Chris DeBurgh- his voice could be as silky as Roy orbison and yet powerful. currently I am really fascinated by Chris Cornell’s voice.. soulful, powerful..

  31. professorlou on said:

    Yankey looks like he shit himself in this pic:

  32. The Flying Pig on said:

    watching the Hickey PC now
    Did he drink 3 red bulls before the interview
    He looks so nervous

  33. stanger on said:

    So Martin is doing an interview finally. I’m sure it has nothing to do with catching interest before the Superbowl and NFL interest dies out. And this is the best excerpt they can find? Guess that’s why it only deserved a bit on the Today Show and the full on NBC Sports Channel…where do you find that anyhow?
    “I’m a grown man. I’ve been in locker rooms. There’s vulgar language used in locker rooms. One instance doesn’t bother me,” Martin told former NFL coach Tony Dungy in an interview excerpt.
    “It’s the persistence of it. I wish I had had more tools to solve my situation, you know. I felt trapped, like I didn’t have a way to make it right. It came down to a point where I thought it was best just to remove myself from the situation.”
    More of the interview will be shown Wednesday morning on the Today show, and then the full interview will be shown on NBC Sports Channel on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I hope we can trade him for a pick and just move the fuck on.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      the persistence of language
      what a fucking jerk

      • Tim Knight on said:

        The bottom line is he won’t own up that this is not the life for him but there is too much money involved. I’ve thought this all along.

        • The Flying Pig on said:

          it makes him look worse
          Its one thing to have a breakdown and say this isn;t for me
          its another to have a breakdown and say this isn’t for everyone else

      • stanger on said:

        Pig – Lay off Martin. He just feels “trapped sometimes”…..doesn’t enjoy that feeling at all……unless it’s at Teasers.

        • The Flying Pig on said:

          he is trapped between titties
          The one thing he can;t stand is vulgar language like “do you mind if I move my left titty to your right shoulder”
          I wonder if those strippers had a tough time keeping their balance while he was standing on a soapbox

          • Brian in NY on said:

            Um, ma’am , can you please say breast?

          • stanger on said:

            Wonder who took that pic? Cause whether before a judge, negotiations between parties, or the court of public opinion….it pretty much blows everything he says right out of the water.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      I won’t even waste my time reading or watching anything on that piece of shit. I think we get a 5th at best for him, but probably end up releasing him as other teams know he is as good as gone.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        Hopefully other teams don;t watch it either, then maybe we can grab that 5th
        I will take that money and run if its offered

  34. The Flying Pig on said:

    Hearing all the criticism about that structure of the team, the process of getting a GM and blah blah blah takes me back to last offseason when people spent countless time picking at the new logo and uniforms
    I think the similarity is based on the fact that both topics are utterly ridiculous and just gave some frustrated Dolfans a vehicle to bitch endlessly
    I mean the criticism is fine – but while I heard a ton about the logo I heard very little about what a horrible OL we just put together
    Hopefully people can start focussing on the product on the field

    • Brian in NY on said:

      Unfortunately Piggy, that’s what we have to focus on in the offseason with another year gone by and no playoffs.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        there are these little things we all the start of free agency and the draft

        • Brian in NY on said:

          Yeah, I was referring to now though. It is exciting to have hope with a new GM though. It’ll be interesting to see what he does this offseason. Hopefully, he’ll actually address the OL.

  35. herdfan on said:

    *$#@*&!….they just cancelled school tomorrow, didn’t have it today. My children have gone to school a grand total of 4.5 days since Christmas break started on December 19th.

  36. The Flying Pig on said:

    on January 28, 2014 at 9:43 pm said:
    Wonder who took that pic? Cause whether before a judge, negotiations between parties, or the court of public opinion….it pretty much blows everything he says right out of the water.

    well I guess he can go to the strip club and still be bullied (Piggy pukes in his mouth for saying that word about a grown man)
    but if he is saying that the bullying and vulgar atmosphere included forcing him to go to strip clubs, its hard to argue with that smile on his face

    • herdfan on said:

      He was crying on the inside. lol

    • stanger on said:

      You know how it works Pig. Get caught as a dirty f-ing liar once and you are shot on everything else you say. Might be different if his team didn’t make being forced to go to strip clubs as #2 best evidence of bullying after the infamous cut text message.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        yea is perception
        I’m just saying a guy can enjoy a strip club and be a victim in some other way unrelated to the strip club
        I don;t think less of him for going to a strip club
        but I do if he whines about it like he was forced to go to one

  37. Tim Knight on said:

    TryPod, who has written more great songs than Paul McCartney? I know many were pop but then there are so many others that are classic but just not top #1-10. His catalog is crazy. I know Lennon was the ‘other’ major player in The Beatles but as great as John was, he’s not Paul. My friend and I discussed this recently. Who can claim as many great songs written as Paul McCartney? Nobody! From The Beatles to Wings to now.
    The guy plays bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, directs orchestras, knows recording techniques, and oh yeah can sing. Fuck! If there is a God, McCartney was one of his favorites. :)
    This song to me defines him. It’s so pure and well done I use this as a barometer. Not everyone is a fan or sees it the same way, but talk to any musician and McCartney is like a God. You feel like a doofus even trying to discredit him. It’s like saying the Rocky Mountains aren’t vast. LOL

  38. Brian in NY on said:

    Have a good night all. I’m on vacation with the family and I’m freaking exhausted !

  39. Tim Knight on said:

    TryPod, we have similar tastes in music. Cool.
    This is the band that I thought had something going on. They reminded me of Zep just different. Raw and real. Anyone can hide behind security blankets; backing bands.

      • Brian in NY on said:

        Soundgarden was the part of the genre that first grabbed me and developed my love for musical genres. Nirvana, Pearl Jam , Alice and Chains, etc just blew me away.

    • yeah, you and I have talked about it in the past. we both agreed the best iteration of yes was Anderson, bruford, wakeman, howe and squire lol.
      I like sound garden- but there was something about audioslave I just really liked- morello’s guitar riffs just worked better for me with Cornell than does Thayer’s, but that is not to disparage him or sound garden.
      my top 3 old school bands are zep, rush and Floyd ( yes is right there)- newer school is alice in chains, audio slave and tool.

  40. Mike E. on said:

    Fuck what a long day!!! Got to work at 8:05AM, left at 9:40PM. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow, I need it.

  41. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    James Walker ✔ @JamesWalkerNFL
    #Dolphins owner Stephen Ross explained the GM Jeff Ireland and HC Joe Philbin couldn’t get on the same page.
    DUHHHH! That is what happens when you have a pro/power O styled GM buying groceries for a WCO HC! It’s what a number of us were saying right after Philbin was hired and Ireland retained.

  42. Mike E. on said:

    Have a great vacation Bri!

  43. Brian in NY on said:

    Thanks Mike. Man you had a long day! Get some rest!

  44. Tim Knight on said:

    Is it weird that I thought Elton John and Freddie Mercury had the best voices with both of them being gay? If so why do you care what someone does on their own time does to get off? Are we still wondering and scrutinizing such things? Who the fuck really cares? Could it be…

    • Brian in NY on said:

      There’s nothing wrong with that Tim…

    • I was a big Elton John fan as a kid- then he came out, and I didn’t know what to do lol. I got over it, of course. I agree with you on mercury. though I only ever had a passing attraction to queen.

  45. Mike E. on said:

    A shit-ton of musicians are gay. The guy that everyone on here was making fun of (Billy Joel) isn’t though.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      I think Billy Joel is more of an East Coast thing. People in other areas don’t seem to relate to him as much.

  46. Mike E. on said:

    Did you think of people as being gay or not gay when you were a kid? I didn’t think of anybody being anything. I thought everyone was Jewish. lol

    • lol!
      no, I didn’t know what gay was till Elton came out in 75 or so. I would have been about 9.

  47. Brian in NY on said:

    I know this may sound a little weird, but I love Tool too. Great band. Also like Perfect Circle.

    • how do you feel about pucifer? I only have listened to a little bit of them. not decided yet. I have perfect circles work. good, solid stuff.

  48. Mike E. on said:

    As a kid, I grew up liking The Who, Yes, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Carly Simon, Carole King, Neal Diamond, James Taylor, ELO, The Cars, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Chicago and so many more. Then in the 80′s I got into disco and new wave, still listening to rock too.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      ELO was the first album I ever got. I was about 6 or so. The one with the spaceship on the cover.

      • Mike E. on said:

        You’re not talking about Discovery are you? The one with “Don’t Bring me Down”? That was known as Disco-VERY, because it had a disco type sound to it.

    • I would say I easily own 90% of the band’s you listed. I. liked all of them, too. but I opted bass and later drums, and you find yourself being drawn to different things for different reasons. for example, I know most guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughn, but the general population is not so much into him ( including me). but they relate to his abilities.

  49. I’m gonna tell you guys now, and I mean no offense to anyone or their tastes, but, I just don’t get Springsteen. he does absolutely nothing for me. and that’s as nicely as I can say it lol

    • Brian in NY on said:

      Not a huge fan myself, but you may get some shit from those Jersey Boys!

      • Mike E. on said:

        Never liked Springsteen, which was very unpopular with the circles I hung around with. They all loved “The Boss”. I never got it. Talented songwriter who should let other people sing his stuff.

  50. Mike E. on said:

    Bri – Could be about Billy Joel. I remember getting The Stranger album, that was my first Billy album, and I remember sitting with my headphones on, and singing every song. I once taped it. Did you ever hear yourself sing with headphones on? It’s hilarious!!! Awful could be a more accurate description, and I can sing, but when you have headphones on, you can’t hear yourself, and you go low, high, fast and slow without realizing you’re doing it. Pretty funny.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      That’s pretty funny! I was in northern Cali for my Jr. And Sr. Years of HS and they couldn’t give a shit about Billy Joel. That was towards the peak of his popularity for me and my friends back in NY.

  51. Mike E. on said:

    I left out The Beatles, but that’s a given. Boston too, and there are so many more.

    • j geils. aerosmith, ac/dc, kiss, Frampton. heart, journey, in and on.
      plus we got to be here for the advent of mtv, which introduced us to the punk scene and new wave, like Susie and the banshees, the clash, sex pistols, … we were growing up in s grand time of music experimentation and development

  52. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan was the man.

  53. Mike E. on said:

    TryPod – I don’t own a Stevie Ray Vaughn album or CD, but I love his stuff.

  54. Brian in NY on said:

    My buddies and I got into Boston in the late 80′s in HS. There are some songs I hear and it brings up great memories of those days.

  55. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Pretty good list Mike E – I was very fortunate enough to see some of those bands play out at the old Hollywood Sportatorium out in the boonies of Hollywood, FL back in the day…

    • Brian in NY on said:

      That’s pretty cool. Which ones?

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        At the Sportatorium (which by the way for those who don’t know was a glorified corrugated metal shack out on the edge of the Everglades which happened to hold 14,000+ people) I saw Yes, The Cars, Boston, Aerosmith, Billy Joel among others. Saw Elton John, Chicago and many others at other venues around South Florida. Saw Pink Floyd, the Eagles and Van Halen, Scorpions, Metallica, etc. in the old Orange Bowl. Guns N Roses and Genesis in the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando (not together obviously lol). Damn need to go find my stack of old ticket stubs to remember the rest lol

    • last concert I saw there was the rush concert promoting subdivisions. I got a really good seat as far as that goes. probably my favorite single show.

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        That would have been awesome – missed that one. Subdivisions was a very underrated album I thought.

      • Brian in NY on said:

        I saw Rush in 1990 or 1991 in Pittsburgh. Easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Unbelievable sound for a band of their size.

      • or was it hold your fire? I can’t remember.. it was a long time ago, and it’s one of the few bands I’ve seen several times, along with ac/dc and maybe ozzy… not sure lol

  56. Brian in NY on said:

    Saw you liked new wave in 80s. Who did you listen too?

    • Mike E. on said:

      Embarrassing. Depeche Mode, Erazure, New Order, OMD, Big Audio Dynamite, They Might be Giants, The Smiths, Morrissey, and lot more too.

      • Brian in NY on said:

        I was all over that too! Huge INXS fan as well. Saw them five or six times in concert.

        • Mike E. on said:

          INXS, cool stuff! I can’t even think of some of the obsucre groups, but there were many, because my wife got me into that. Were you in NY when WLIR was around, and they played “The Shriek of the Week” which was the hottest new wave song of the week?

      • Brian in NY on said:

        Don’t forget about The Cure, REM…

  57. Mike E. on said:

    My best friend growing up was a HUGE Billy fan. I liked him a lot, but this guy took it to another level. He really got me into him, and all his old stuff. I stopped liking Billy’s music at some point, after an Innocent man. He started going Doo-Wop and some other stuff, and I lost interest, but he’s definitely one of my favorite artists. My BF Scott and I used to make mix tapes of Billy for each other all the time, to impress each other with the song selections and order and whatnot.

  58. Tim Knight on said:

    Mike E, I knew kids who were gay in 4th to 6th grade. But they struggled to represent themselves in the 80′s and then the 90s because of holy rollers. Say what you want but they were black-balled.
    For the record I’m not gay but I felt many people I knew were unfairly treated. I don’t want to assault the reason, but we all know what it was. Insecurity is first, then hatred for someone that doesn’t fit your agenda is next. What is the agenda anyway? To hate and get off on that? Seems pretty weird to me.
    What do they say ignorance is bliss? I guess is ignorance is ignorance. If Joe likes Dennis you’re the one who has to deal with it, not anyone else. Oy! LOL

    • Mike E. on said:

      What’s funny is, you start out ignorant, and have no preconceived notions of anything as a child, and then you become ignorant in a bad way after society tells you what to think. It’s a weird evolution for sure.

  59. Mike E. on said:

    TryPod – Yes on all those other groups, and Siouxie and The Banshees. LMAO!!! Sinead O’Connor too. Some bizarre groups for sure!

  60. Brian in NY on said:

    I used to watch reruns of “the Jeffersons”, “good times” , “what’s happening” and then also watch the Cosby show and NEVER had race enter my mind. Society sucks sometimes…

  61. Mike E. on said:

    I went to a lot of concerts, but some of my favorites were strange. I saw Cheap Trick in a very small venue, and that was a fantastic concert! My first concert was one of my favorites, Rod Stewart in 1979 MSG, he put on a fantastic show.

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Nice! Those both sound like they would be excellent. I remember seeing Blue Oyster Cult at a small-ish outdoor venue in South Florida (Six Flags Atlantis – now defunct), and that was a really good one. Remember seeing The Tubes in a bar down there somewhere.

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        First concert was interesting, but really surprisingly good. Triple bill at the Sportatorium: Zebra, Survivor and REO Speedwagon.

      • Mike E. on said:

        Yeah! When you saw BOC, did they perform as “Soft White Underbelly”? I saw them using that name. They played small venues with that name so they wouldn’t get a huge crowd.

        • TwiceTheThe on said:

          Right! I think at first they were advertising as Soft White Underbelly but word got out and it just ended up being under the BOC name.
          That’s very cool you got to see them playing under that name. I’ve also heard the stories about other bands on rare occasion doing that, but usually just in NYC or London.

  62. alright folks- I appreciate talking music with you all. great fun!- good night.

  63. Mike E. on said:

    Dude, check this out! My son Brian is good friends with this kid Thomas Babjak. His dad was the lead singer of “The Smithereens”. I thought that was pretty wild!!

    • no kidding? I have no cool stories like that. I hung out with Klaus wilmsmeyer a couple of times, but that’s about it.
      Thomas dolby, loverboy… lol

  64. Brian in NY on said:

    Ok, this place just sucks you in sometimes! I’m definitely going now! Kids are absolutely merciless in in the “not sleeping in” department , even while on vacation. They are going to pay when the are teens . Have a good night guys.

  65. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Blue Öyster Cult. There that’s better lol

  66. Mike E. on said:

    True story. I saw the Stones in RFK stadium in Philly, and George Thorogood and Journey opened up for them. Now to be fair, I was stoned out of my face, but I swear to this day that Thorogood was the best that day. He kicked ass!

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Damn – good lineup there. I wouldn’t be surprised – the new up and comer is going to be hungrier. There’s been a few times where I thought the opening act at least gave the headliner a run for their money if not outright out performed them. Hmmm – now I’ll really need to look for my ticket stubs at some point to sort this all out.

  67. Mike E. on said:

    Damn it’s late! I need to get to sleep. Goodnight Twice, great convo tonight! I could go on for hours except my head is hitting the keyboard. lol

  68. Mike E. on said:

    One group I forgot, that I really love, is Kansas. OK, now I’m out. :)

  69. TwiceTheThe on said:

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled football discussions lol

  70. professorlou on said:

    Hartline going into his 6th year and he’s got only 10 td’s and 3,769 yds to show for it. I say if we can get a 2nd for him to unload him and bring in some young, fresh talent with more speed and playmaking ability. Hartline makes some nice catches on the sideline and on slants and such but once he makes the catch in the open field he’s usually done or pretty close to it.
    I like Hartline but I think it’s time to move on and, once again, churn the roster.
    I’d like to see Hickey try and trade Hartline, Misi and DT3. If we could get a 2nd for Hartline and a 2nd or 3rd for Misi and possibly a 4th for DT3 that would give us our 1st, two 2nd’s, two 3rd’s, a 4th, a 5th and a 7th. I like the idea of having four picks in the first 3 rds. If we trade down a bit we’ll also be able to pick up, at worst, another 4th.

  71. ocalaHowie on said:

    Oh look
    Jonathan Martin is going to be on the Today show

    • Brian in NY on said:

      I guess he’s making the rounds in an effort to try to strengthen his case. I’m sure Goddell isn’t happy he chose to do it during SB week. Very curious timing there.

  72. Brian in NY on said:


    No one is going to trade for Hartline given his salary. It too high for that type of receiver.

    • professorlou on said:

      His $12.5 million guaranteed was earned in 2013. He could restructure his contract with his new team. I’d trade him in a heartbeat if we could get a playmaker in the draft.

    • professorlou on said:

      His base salary of $4.8 million in 2014 ranks 20th among receivers. If you look at the guys ahead of him his contract is actually pretty reasonable. Hartline is a good receiver and has great trade value. I still think someone would value him enough to give us a 2nd for him. I’d trade him in a heartbeat for that.

  73. SB7MVP on said:

    My out of the box theory is that JMart is a manchurian candidate of sorts, programmed by his parents to take down the last bastion of savagery in America and get their names on the map. The reality of it, tells me what I thought since the beginning, that he lost his job and couldn’t handle it.

  74. Old Dolfan on said:

    MY WIFE is more of a casual fan of NFL football. She likes the Dolphins but lacks the half-crazed zeal with which some of us (me included) follow the team. Last night, when ESPN showed Hickey being introduced as the Fins’ next GM, she blurted out “Wasn’t THAT GUY part of the BIG MESS here with the Bucs?? –Has Ross LOST HIS MIND hiring someone from that crummy front office?”
    My attempted explanations fell on deaf ears, including the one which said Mark Dominic was the one who made the final selections–Hickey just served-up the options.–My wife is CONVINCED that Ross has made a “Colossal error in judgment!”
    While I am willing to give Hickey the benefit of the doubt, MRS. OD has already made up her mind. “The Dolphins WILL HAVE ANOTHER LOSING SEASON in 2014,” she said with bitter disgust. —At THAT POINT the discussion ended. –But I’m wondering WHAT the casual Dolphin fans think about these off-season moves AND the way Ross handled them. –I’m of the opinion that ANYBODY WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT OVER IRELAND AND SHERMAN. –I’m convinced there’s every reason to expect improvement, even given the fact that Ross has yet to make a hire that worked out really well.
    We’ll know more about Joe average fan’s reaction to these moves when season ticket notices go out in a couple of weeks. –Since ROSS, unlike JOE ROBBIE, refuses to divulge exact season ticket holder numbers, we’ll be left with making educated guesses. –But I’m going to guess that season ticket sales SHOULD RISE BY AT LEAST 5,000 tickets per game, especially considering there are far more attractive games on the 2014 home schedule. ALSO, one home game will be played in London, so it looks like we’ll be billed for one less game, which ought to lower the price by 10 per cent (9 home games instead of 10, counting preseason).–IF ticket sales do NOT go up, Joe average fan will be telling Ross that he agrees with MRS. OD.

    • professorlou on said:

      I don’t consider Philbin to be an average coach. I think a lesser coach would have never gotten this team to 8-8. If Sparano was still here with this team he would have had a max of 6 wins last year.

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        LOU; I never referenced Philbin in my comments above. As far as if he’s average, above average or below average I’d say his 15-17 record does NOT substantiate an “above average” rating YET. Maybe 2014 will raise his rating (I SURE HOPE SO.)–The fact that Philbin is better than Sparano does NOT make him above average in my book. If THAT’s the standard, than YOU, LOU, are an above average NFL coach b/c you’d sure as hell do better than Sparano!!

  75. son of a son of a shula on said:

    OD, no savings for you. We’re the away team vs the Raidahs in London.

  76. Tim Knight on said:

    Boy Jonathan Martin is really making a lot of friends in the NFL. Just go away!

  77. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Same tired old story from Martin, rev 2.0. We saw the strip club pics, we saw you yuck it up a week out on the Stanford sideline, we saw everything that refuted your entire story. What is it now, you need pity? We’re supposed to fucking feel sorry for you because you heard guys cuss in the locker room. Grow up and go away.

    • Wyoming85 on said:

      Nut up or shut up!
      and we see how he nutted up!

    • herdfan on said:

      No no no no…..He said he was just trying his hardest to get along with his teammates. So he wasn’t really enjoying any of that. Someone out of the picture probably had a gun pointed at him to make sure he stayed there and didn’t run away. Poor guy. I’m sure he’ll do well with a team that serves cookies and milk in the locker room and has read aloud time after practice.

      • Tim Knight on said:


      • Old Dolfan on said:

        HERD: –LOL–I just LOVE your analysis. When I think of Martin and Incognito the first name that comes to mind is the man responsible for bringing them here – - – the one and only JEFF IRELAND!!

  78. son of a son of a shula on said:

    What in a man’s body? Is that what?

  79. son of a son of a shula on said:

    LOL @ read aloud time, Herd
    Maybe his mommy can come in to read and bring cupcakes (and lawsuits if somebody says the “s” word or the “f” word)

  80. Little Johnelle Martin ran shrieking into the living room “Mommy…Mommy”.. she wailed ..”The big boys are saying bad words …Make them stop…Make them stop!!!!!”!

  81. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Caption this:;380;7;70;0.jpg
    Mr Dungy it isn’t easy listening to all those men swear and be vulger, my mommy taught me to stay away from those kinds of people. I felt trapped in a man’s body there, oooops, I mean I felt trapped in that locker room that those meanies might give me another wedgie

  82. Al in MIA on said:

    Read some of your earlier comments (from yesterday) and I have been to Jones beach a couple of times with my long island buddies when I was still living up there.
    The beach part is nice as I like beaches that have long sandy areas and that aren’t too crazy with riff raffs.
    The venue i guess which you speak of is the Ampitheatre right?
    That state park where Jones beach is can be a bit confusing driving around lol (flat and all the streets look the same).

  83. Al in MIA on said:
  84. Al in MIA on said:

    Love your optimism but NO ONE is going to offer any pick for Martin. His value is about as good as Chad Ocho Cinco’s right about now.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Oh I agree. If we got a conditional 7th in 2017 for him I’d take it. LOL

      • Al in MIA on said:

        To be honest at this point, the Raiders might be the only team that might take a chance on him. Seems Reggie McKenzie has a weak spot for sorry asses (see Terrell Pryor LOL, j/k) who are in the WCO mold and it would make sense for him and the team (outside of any perceived locker room issues) given their geographic location to where Martin is from/played football prior to the NFL. I’m not sure Jim Harbaugh would take a chance given his macho attitude and all the testosterone Vernon davis and a few others exhibit on that team (the defense for example) but I guess anything is possible.

  85. “And then, Mr. Dungy, Richie called me a noodle head and then he pulled my hair really hard..and then he stuck his tongue out and made faces at me …scary faces …and then he scribbled in my Care Bears coloring book …and then he told everyone that I did doody in my pants …and then ..sniff …and then …(Uncontolled sobbing)

  86. “James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL
    #Dolphins OT @J_Martin71 tells @TonyDungy he didn’t inform HC Joe Philbin but told pos. coaches he was “struggling” without being specific.”
    Poor Johnelle ..How could these cruel men ignore her heart wrenching tale of horror …

  87. Al in MIA on said:

    In case anyone wants to know more about Benton, this was part of his bio over at the Texans website:
    “Stellar pass protection has been a hallmark of Benton’s lines in Houston. Despite using eight different starting lineups in 2006, Benton’s first season, the Texans surrendered 25 fewer sacks than in 2005. On the ground, the line improved throughout the year and helped the team average 123.4 rushing yards per game in the second half of the season.
    The line was even better in 2007, cutting the sack total in half from 2006, allowing 22 on the year, which set a team record. The record-low sack total came while the team attempted a then-record-high 529 passes. The team also rushed for 1,586 yards and 12 touchdowns behind the line.
    Benton spent two years working with the St. Louis Rams offensive line prior to joining the Texans’ staff. As the Rams’ assistant offensive line coach in 2004, Benton helped St. Louis reach the playoffs as a Wild Card team and advanced to the Divisional round with an offensive line led by Pro Bowl left tackle Orlando Pace. The Rams’ offensive line helped St. Louis finish fourth in the NFL with 252.3 passing yards per game and produce 1,496 yards on the ground.
    In 2005, Benton was promoted to offensive line coach and his unit blocked for running back Stephen Jackson’s first career 1,000-yard season. Rams running backs averaged 1,579 rushing yards during Benton’s two years as the line coach.”

    Lets hope he actually had anything to do with this :P

  88. I didn’t watch a moment of the Martin interview. I don’t really care what he has to say. I hope he has a good time at the strip club.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      Same here. I am over the whole Martin story. Ross basically slipped in his presser and confirmed what we already knew (that he doesn’t want either guy back).

      • I know. At this point I think Richie will find work before Martin will however it won’t be with us. Goodbye good riddance.

  89. Al …LOL ..The worst part of all of this is the way Ross overreacted, and how little Johnelle sat back and allowed the whole thing to get blown up into something that it wasn’t (probably on Mommy’s say so) …

  90. Tim Knight on said:

    LOL @ Poor Johnelle ..How could these cruel men ignore her heart wrenching tale of horror …

  91. Al in MIA on said:

    If you get the chance, ask the people at DolfanNYC if anyone there is planning anything for the London game (I doubt it but I’d be interested to see if they are).

  92. Well at least we are not as dysfunctional as the Cowboys. Who have now hired a new defensive coordinator but promoted former DC Monte Kiffin to Asst. Head Coach although he has no responsibilities. They also hired Scott Linehan to call the plays but Callahan remains the OC. Makes us look like a tightly run ship in comparison. LOL.

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      KEN; One thing the Cowboys and the Dolphins have in common is an owner who has proven, beyond a doubt, he has no clue about how to run a football franchise.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      LOL. That is true. That is a franchise where Jerry Jones drove away both Jimmy Johnson & Parcells.

  93. Old Dolfan on said:

    ALL you folks are right-on in ripping this sorry-ass excuse for a football player. He and his family of lawyers are looking for an easy payday by setting the stage for a massive lawsuit against the NFL for “an atmosphere of prejudice and bullying.” This effort is SO transparent!! I hope the NFL and their posse of big name lawyers CRUSHES the Martin family in this very predictable lawsuit!!

    • Tim Knight on said:

      The NFL doesn’t lose many battles.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      Going to be tough no doubt. The Martin family had an advantage with time before their son proceeded with this shit so who knows what angle they came up with before they made their move (I’m going to assume at this point that the whole thing was calculated). His parents are both accomplished legal scholars and his mother’s area of expertise is employment law and specifically workplace discrimination. They are at an advantage at this point vs the NFL having done all the due dillegence ahead of time.

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        Gotta differ with you on that one, Lou. —The NFL legal team has also done their due diligence, you can be SURE of that. – - As Tim said, “The NFL doesn’t lose many legal battles. –The Martin family will NOT prevail in this case.

        • Old Dolfan on said:

          EXCUSE ME; I meant “AL”, not LOU!! – - Damn senior moment!!

        • Al in MIA on said:

          lol, it’s ok OD (on you saying you had a senior moment).
          I’m just saying that his parents are smart enough not to challenge something they wouldn’t have a decent chance of winning (winning meaning some financial compensation or at least making the Fins pay up something in a settlement).
          Of course, I’m under the assumption that this whole thing was premeditated. If not, then the whole action by martin’s parents is just reactionary stuff to his son breaking down (probably over losing his job to McKinnie) and an attempt to get something instead of nothing.
          Either way, I agree the whole thing is embarassing to himself and the Dolphins as both Martin and the Dolphins could have handled it better.
          The NFL lost trying to stop the Raiders move to LA, they lost in the concussion challenge, etc. They lose from time to time.

          • I don’t think it was pre-meditated. I think it was an over protective parental response to their son’s melt down. Being lawyers their instinct was probably to turn to litigation but only after the melt down occured.

  94. CavalierKong on said:

    Was that really the only true substance of that interview? That there was persistent bad language in the locker room?! Ugh, what a douche.

    • I heard about that. Good luck on that one. I don’t see it happening.

      • Al in MIA on said:

        Agree. I can’t see how student athletes will be considered employees considering they don’t get paid and are there for ‘academic’ reasons in principle.

  95. Mike E. on said:

    As someone who defended Jon Martin, I’m embarrassed by what seems to be a completely bogus lawsuit. I hope he gets his ass kicked in this case, and crawls back into mommy’s womb.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      I hope both the Fins, NFL, & Martin all have to pay something. It will teach them all a lesson that you can’t behave the way they have in this whole process (Martin not trying to communicate appropriately with the team, the team ignoring things going on with other employees not just Martin, and the NFL for thinking they are impervious to these kind of things).

    • Tim Knight on said:

      LMAO!!!!! Now that’s a biga vagina!

  96. Mike E. on said:

    I’m watching the Hickey presser, and LMAO! The dude looks like he needs a quaalude badly, or maybe a paper bag to breathe into. lol

  97. Al in MIA on said:

    Someone in the media just needs to be up front with Hickey and tell him,
    “You know that if you don’t find 2 starters on the offensive line, you will likely be canned, right? Thanks for coming to Miami”.

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      He better find 4 or Tanny will really get killed

      • Al in MIA on said:

        Agree. As bad as the OT positions have been (along with OG), i think fixing the OG problem on both sides of the center will go along way into making both OT more effective in their assignments.
        I saw last year alot of issues where the OT would chip someone to the inside (between the OG & OT) and then high to cover the edge rusher going over the top only to see the OG go inside with his assignment and completely let the rusher go through without even putting a hand on him.

        • Al in MIA on said:

          Especially on stunts, you would see the OG sitting there checking the same guy as Pouncey and then someone comes in over that OG-OT gap and gets to Tanny and I’m like “WTF? cover your damn zone!”

  98. son of a son of a shula on said:

    I think we’ll get a couple of FA starters for the O-line and take the pressure off of having to draft immediate starters. If we draft guys that do start then great but if 3/5 of the line is in place going to the draft we still have Gardner and Brenner and Thomas. Hickey said he uses BPA over drafting for need which could be exciting during the draft, we could end up with a big/speedy receiver or a back like Seastrunk.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      BPA is kinda a loose term. Some positions are worth more than others and it’s possible (like many teams), the RB position doesn’t carry much of a premium as other positions. You can find productive backs later in the draft and their success is tied directly to the OL in front of them.

      • son of a son of a shula on said:

        I agree but if his evaluations tell him Seastrunk is a top tier player like a Rice or Charles or Forte you know that type then his value may be considered much higher than plugging in (for lack of a better term) any old back.

  99. Al in MIA on said:

    Anybody else getting sick at the idea that the Patriots will target Jace Amaro?

  100. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Al, in regards to the oline problems you were outlining that’s where Benton should help considerably along with Lazor just having and overall better scheme or approach.

    • Al in MIA on said:

      That’s the hope at least. Lazor should focus on Tannehill and Benton on technique of linemen. Hopefully Benton can help identify which OL have the skillset to do what he typically wants them to do technique wise.

  101. Tim Knight on said:

    It will be interesting to see how Hickey views our roster, which UFAs he’ll let walk and which ones he’d want back, as well as other players under contract like Egnew etc.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Sounds like Dungy thinks Martin is a victim
      Maybe we might get value for Martin at the end of the day in a trade

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Its not difficult
      I think some people want to beleife there is a top dog below Ross over everyone
      I guess a structure can work liek that but many do not
      The reality is its just drama
      It waqs stupid to give this so much attention

  102. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Tim, Unless he’s wrapped up in the Martin stuff then I think Turner will be here.

  103. son of a son of a shula on said:

    A Sonny mock:
    1. Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech
    2. Xavier Su’a-Filo G UCLA
    3. Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina
    4. Max Bullough ILB Michigan State
    5. Storm Johnson RB UCF
    6. Vinnie Sunseri S Alabama
    7. Martavis Bryant WR Clemson

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I think this mock must presumes that we added a couple of OL in free agency, correct?
      Amaro is interesting
      the reality is the first round might be a good place to add a weapon like a TE or a WR
      If we do that IO kind of have Filo slotted to us int he 2nd as well and a DT int he 3rd
      my plan is to trade down and get that extra 2nd though – that way we can add 2 weapons
      I probably want to add at least one more OL in rounds 4-7
      I don;t know much about sunseri or Bryant
      Stom Johnson is a quality big back
      Doens;t Boullough have off the filed issues

  104. Tim Knight on said:

    Son, we have no 6th rd pick, we traded it for McKinnie.

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      Did we, everyone is assuming that but I haven’t seen it officially yet have you? Maybe we swapped spots or something.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      At the end of the day we willprobably get a comp pick anyway
      6th round sounds right….lol

  105. Jahndoh on said:

    I think Turner is going to be out after the Wallace report findings get released. Martin has said a lot of things that aren’t true, but he said in that Dungy interview that he told several of the coaches but stopped short of telling the HC. To me there’s only a few coaches he’d even be close enough to talk to about something like that and Turner is #1 on the list.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      it sort of smells that way to me too

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      I thought he said “people in the organization” and not specifically coaches. I could be mistaken.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        I guess it’s a little vague, but I think it’s a reach not to think he’d have gone to the OL coach first, since, it, allegedly, involves two starting O-lineman.
        ” That he talked to members of the team’s coaching staff about the situation, but stopped short of meeting with Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. ”Members of the organization knew I was struggling,” Martin said.”
        Also, PS, if ANYONE deserved to be fired this year IMHO, it was the guy who’s unit set a franchise record for sacks allowed. Personally, I like what I saw of Turner in HK., but in a performance based business, his unit’s performance was atrocious.

        • son of a son of a shula on said:

          Thanks Jahn I only remembered the last sentence, so it would seem Turner is the guy he talked to.

  106. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Bullough was suspended for the Rose bowl and I don’t know why but he’s a two All American and two time Academic All American, I don’t know what he did to get suspended.
    Yes Piggs I think we get 2 Oline in FA .

  107. The Flying Pig on said:

    I didn;t hear the intervew
    what do you think he said that wasnot true?

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Not in the interview, mine was a reference to things he and his representatives have said all along…prime example being that he was forced to go to Tootsies for OL meetings…against his will.

  108. Tim Knight on said:

    Jahn, did Martin show Dungy what kind of douche he uses?

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      No but there was a tampon in his shirt pocket

    • The Flying Pig on said:


    • Jahndoh on said:

      I don’t want to misrepresent, I merely read the article linked above..I didn’t actually see the interview. I spent enough time defending Martin early on, I’m not wasting any more energy on that dude. You can’t play it both ways…I’m a victim of bullying, but I fully embraced and enjoyed that lifestyle.

  109. Tim Knight on said:

    Son, it was rumored to be a 6th rd pick but it’s listed as a late round conditional pick. Being that McKinnie started every game for us once he got here I’d say we’re definitely giving up a 6th or 7th.

  110. stanger on said:

    Mando just tees off on Martin, including:
    “At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, Jon Martin, your weak act is officially old. Go away. Just do what you did best as an offensive lineman on the field and back away. Just do what you did when you left your teammates unexpectedly during the season and simply disappear.
    Every single step taken by you in this saga feels manufactured and authored by a lawyer as a step torward a suit. And that makes sense because you definitely have gotten excellent legal advice from your family and the lawyer you added to represent you in this matter. And I, for one, would be surprised if your legal team isn’t preparing a suit.
    “The well-timed and slow leaks of allegations of wrong-doing, all of them done anonymously by your camp? Classic. They slimed the parties you intended be slimed and it was done with plausible deniability that you had nothing to do with it. It’s brilliant, actually, using a media hungry for a story to feed the narrative of Martin as victim. You did it through the national media, of course, because you wanted to get your “story” out to as many as possible as quickly as possible. But you also wanted to use that vehicle because the national media wasn’t going to question your motives. The national media wasn’t going to form an opinion that is politically incorrect. And the national media wasn’t in the locker room the week before you left when you were stewing and clearly unhappy about getting moved from left tackle to right tackle — which in hindsight seems like another reason you left the team.”
    Full at

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Wow. I’m less then impressed with ‘Mando’s seeming inability to stay objective, but I don’t disagree with him at all in these quotes.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Glad to see Mando ripping Martin
      I guess we should be skeptical of anything he writes though….lol

  111. Stanger …Armando nailed it on little Johnelle Martin …Good piece…

  112. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Piggs, Martavis Bennett is Watkins running mate on Clemson. Tall with good speed, nice hands.
    Check him out and oh by the way look at Boyd, mmm I like his game

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I will when I have a chance
      I’ve seen oyd plenty being obsessed with Hopkins and Watkins over the last 2 years

  113. Tim Knight on said:

    Little Johnelle Martin’s mommy bought him one of these in case he’s being bullied so he can blow the whistle on them.

  114. stanger on said:

    Best thing about Martin finally “spilling all” is that the best he could do was get the interview on the fledgling NBC sports channel, with a couple excerpts on NBC News and Today.
    You know he offered it to The Superbowl pre-game show, 60 minutes and ESPN first…….and the response was “so all you are going to say is that they said bad words to you”?

  115. mando will be sued next

  116. Props to Armando on that piece on Martin. I think he did a shoddy job on the Aponte piece but he made up for it on this one.

  117. Tim Knight on said:

    Weather forecast for Sunday’s big game at the moment is 41 degrees, cloudy, no rain, 9 MPH winds. It will drop into the high 20s at game time but that’s not too bad if you dress properly.

  118. The Flying Pig on said:

    I know I was previosuly tough on my judgment of Martin – Piggy Tough
    As I recall a few people here were at least sympathetic towards Martin
    Sound slike the tone has ahcnaged a bit
    Just curious if anyone feels there opinion chnaged recently on martin and why?

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      I felt along he handled the entire thing poorly but I was tough on Richie based on the accounts we heard but it seems he was really nothing more than just another guy, a guy with a big mouth but nonetheless just another meathead jock.

      • stanger on said:

        Richie was in the wrong, but my guess is he did nothing you couldn’t find in any NFL locker room. He’s like a guy that is not real drunk but still over the legal limit and got stopped at a DUI checkpoint by officer JMart with breathalyzer in hand.

  119. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Bye Bye Gaine…See YA!

  120. SB7MVP on said:

    My opinion was the same all along. Nothing passed the smell test from the beginning.

  121. So now Armando is credible again? LOL unreal.

    • SB7MVP on said:

      depends on if someone agrees with it or not. you know how it goes.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Its only unreal bc you used thr word credible
      Did you see a post calling him credible today or are you just in the mood to instigate an argument based on mythical implication?

    • stanger on said:

      But in this piece he sets it out as his opinion and goes into columnist mode. And he looks at the whole picture instead of going by the latest leaked report. Big difference.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        Armando posted a story about how a source revelaed that Dungy interviewed Martin. This information was not available elsewhere, you were not able to witness the interview yourself by watching it. So you can see that this is identical to teh story about Aponte casuing Ireland to be fored and held to the same standard – WHAT A DOUBLE STANDARD!

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Sorry, I’m the only one who changed directions (however minutely) on Mando today, and the fact is this: What’s credible is credible, what’s not is not. Deal with it. Why are you fuckin’ railing on the subject when you’re doing the exact same thing you have incessantly bitched about…choosing what you deem credible and running with it? Let it go already.

  122. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Martin says he wasn’t the only victim of bullying in the Dolphins’ locker room. And Martin also says Richie Incognito, the teammate who was suspended for his role in the bullying, was not the only bully on the team. But Martin does say that he believes he was picked on more than the rest of his teammates, for reasons he never understood.

    “There were other people that got it, too,” Martin said. “I can’t say why I may have gotten more.”

    Cause you’re a big fat Puzzy Martin, that’s why!!! Go try ballroom dancing….SMH

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Maybe he means I can’t say why I tool it worse than anyone else, except for the fact that I have no spine

  123. The Flying Pig on said:

    Today the Dolphins settle all family business
    (Piggy shoost Mo green inthe eye)
    Brian Gaine has parted ways with the Dolphins
    (Piggy shoots Tatallia in the back)
    Hickey is in place as the new GM
    (Piggy shoots Barzini)
    Martin confirmed he is a dbag on national tv

  124. Jahndoh on said:

    My opinion changed when the preponderance of the evidence pointed to a guy who was disgruntled about a position change, who is still manufacturing a lawsuit. He DID leave his team midseason and it wasn’t because he was bullied into burying his face into stripper tits at tootsies like he claimed.
    Bullying exists at all ages though, I maintain that belief and I think it’s clearly at odds with what you believe Piggy.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Yeah, I get the distinction you made
      our debate was mostly about whether an adult can be bullied
      So we are both still hold the same opinion on that subject, and one has nothing to do with the other in terms of the deatils of the Martin case

      • Jahndoh on said:

        Agreed…to disagree, and agree, at the same time-LOL!

        • Jahndoh on said:

          Ultimately the picture at Toostsie’s ruined what little credibility he had left with me. I guess that’s the Stevenson moment for me…so to speak.

  125. SixThree0ne on said:

    Martin’s a pussy angling for a lawsuit, blah blah blah……some of us knew right away. Just go away already. He hasn’t even sat down with Ross because he’s only allowed to sit with those people who will follow his lawyer’s standard operating procedures of no hard questions.

  126. SixThree0ne on said:

    Hickey took one look at Gaine’s previous scouting reports and said, “you seriously thought Daniel Thomas was a 2nd rd pick? WTF!?!?!”

  127. My opinion hasn’t changed one bit. There have been many, many players and coaches who’ve said the stuff that was going on in the Miami Dolphins locker room should never take place in a locker room and, in fact, does not take place in the locker rooms they worked in. Lots of folks wanna rationalize it by saying “That’s just football players being football players” as if somehow that makes it right or justifies it. The reality is that Martin was the subject of workplace harassment…that’s undeniable…how people feel he handled it or how they think he SHOULD’VE handled it is irrelevant. Did he handle it in a “manly” fashion? Was he honest and forthright? How the hell do any of us here know? None of us were in his shoes.
    Personally, I would’ve handled it completely different and think Martin could’ve handled it better. But, my opinion doesn’t matter…and neither does anybody else’s…b/c he has every right to handle it in whatever fashion he chooses to.
    Frankly, I’m as big a jock as anybody on this blog…maybe bigger b/c I actually, you know, played sports for many years…but I’m shocked at how demeaning and childish people have been around here in how they’ve responded to this. I’ll knock the fok out of any guy calling my mom a bitch or saying they’re gonna fok my sister…but I’m not gonna stand in judgement over some guy who chose not to. How small minded are we that we need to belittle this man?
    Everyone’s entitled to form their own opinion and judge things as they see fit. I’m just kind of…hell, i don’t even know…disheartened maybe…at how people have responded to this situation. Oh well…it’s not my life.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      That is pretty conistent with what you said a few months ago as I recall
      lol…Did you just say you have the biggest jock ont his blog?

    • SB7MVP on said:

      have to disagree with a lot of stuff you said here

  128. SixThree0ne on said:

    ATL is one big clusterfuck. People slept in grocery stores or pharmacies over night. Kids were stranded at school overnight. “Rush hour” extended until at least 3am, news coverage lapsed until about 6am, with the highways ending up parking lots this morning as people just abandoned cars to seek shelter overnight. Absolute clusterfuck with the Gov and Mayor thumbing each other’s ass and not taking responsibility with the Mayor actually saying “This storm was unexpected”. Ridiculous that 2″ of snow can gridlock a major city because of political incompetence.

    • stanger on said:

      I was there for the Titans/Rams Superbowl when they had the ice storm. Pretty sure enough time has gone by that there are different mayors and governor. Not a state that handles cold stuff falling from the sky well. Still laughing at all the cars that were piled into the concrete walls many yards from the highway……freak out and slam the brakes on ice and bad things happen.

  129. My position on Martin has been all over the place. Initially I didn’t see how a 6’5′ 315 man could be bullied. I also thought Dark Richie was a Neanderthal. I thought the coaching staff probably knew that Martin was having issues and I would not be surprised if it comes out that someone on the staff told Richie to toughen up Martin. All that said the whole situation was F’d up but Martin is still a vag imo.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      I hear ya. Some here think changing your mind (aka: assimilating new information and changing your perspective on a situation) is a sin. I think they’re closed minded.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        I knew this caterpillar once that used to drive me crazy
        One day he is a caterpillar…whatever that’s cool
        then the next he is a coccoon, I guess some chicks dig that
        Then all the sudden he is a butterfly – I was like WTF!
        That dude pisses me off

  130. Briane Gaine is deep sixed. Talk about a reversal of fortune. He went from front runner for GM to unemployed in about 48 hours.

    • SixThree0ne on said:

      They’ll be doing a 2man show in Vegas. “Pinky and Brain”

    • Brian in NY on said:

      It was inevitable. Most don’t go from potentially being the GM to settling for their old job. One way or the other, he was gone.

  131. Jahn,
    You don’t know what the hell I’m doing so don’t presume to tell me so or tell me to let anything go. My post had nothing to do with you. I hadn’t read a single post of yours. ALL of us pick and chose what we want to believe or find credible or not…it is what it is. Nobody here knows what Martin did or intends to do or what his motivations are…but lots seem to feel that they know. I wonder how they know these things…or are they just speculating just like reporters do and get ripped for repeatedly? Lots of folks appear to be completely comfortable in judging this young man based on their assumptions…but have a problem when someone else does the same thing.

  132. stanger on said:

    The Flying Pigon January 29, 2014 at 1:10 pm said:
    LOL Pig — I’m neither as cold insulated by bacon fat as you or as proud of what I got down there. Still can’t figure out how they let you into Metlife with no pants either……maybe they were so thrown off by the wings they never looked farther down. :)

  133. herdfan on said:

    I haven’t changed my opinion on Martin. Always felt like he was weak, he was getting replaced, couldn’t handle it, and he quit. I believe his parents, namely his mother caused a lot of this. If he didn’t like what was being said to him, be it racial, or sexual banter about his mom or sister, then he needs to man up and say hey, I’m not cool with that. Instead, he PARTICIPATES in it, and then tries to turn it into as an excuse as ‘I was just trying my hardest to fit in’. Complete bullshit, IMO.

  134. Wyoming85 on said:

    Son I liked your mock a lot :-)
    I think Amaro is going to be good player
    I just don’t see us taking him in the first
    BIG UGLY guys !!!!
    If you ain’t 300+ don’t apply :-)

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      Thanks. Amaro probably isn’t even the 19th best player but he’ll most certainly be gone before the 50th pick. And if we took an Olineman there it would be ok unless he couldn’t start then that would be bad.

    • Wyoming85 on said:

      Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State is one of my crushes this year
      I still haven’t heard why he was suspended for the Rose bowl?

  135. herd,
    I understand your views and how people can look at the Martin situation and come to those same conclusions. I get it…and I’m not even saying the way you and others see it isn’t actually true. But, I have worked with lots of “kids” some of whom were only a couple years younger than Martin….and they did exactly what Martin did…tried to get along, took part in things they found repugnant…and at times even went over the top in trying to “fit in”. That part of it doesn’t surprise me at all…and I can’t blame the kid for that. I don’t think that’s being disingenuous…I see it as being part of being bullied….b/c most people who are have a strong need to fit in…to be liked and accepted. IF…IF that is truly what was going on in his head…but I don’t know what was going on.

    • herdfan on said:

      My opinion is if he had said something to ANYONE about what was going on, he didn’t like the language used and the things said about his mom and sister, and they persisted in doing it anyway, then yes, he was being bullied. He didn’t. He himself said he didn’t tell anyone specifically what his issue was. People aren’t mind readers, and he was participating and seemingly enjoying the very things he is now saying was bullying. I’m not buying it. It’s a convenient excuse.

  136. stanger on said:

    “But, my opinion doesn’t matter…and neither does anybody else’s…b/c he has every right to handle it in whatever fashion he chooses to.”
    Randy — he has a right to act how he acts, but I figure I have a right to form my own judgment and share it based on his actions. Matter of fact I do the same about people who don’t play or work for the Phins every day.
    In his case, my opinion has always been this doesn’t make sense unless there is more….even when I heard the damning yet unspecific allegations leaked by his camp. And as it turns out, instead of getting more I have gotten less. The torture of being forced strip clubs, the physical abuse, Richie’s texts at least put in context of similar from Martin, him saying he has no problem with the pranks and actually participated in them…….most of the items that made headlines months ago seem to be unsupportable, or at least he did the same.
    So all I’m left with is mean words and a whole lot of cry baby. Maybe he’s just keeping the good stuff for later, but until then…….yeah I have an opinion, whether it matters or not.

  137. Wyoming85 on said:

    I wasn’t a team sport guy
    But the wrestling locker room was pretty harsh place to be!
    Now I’m in construction ( which isn’t for the meek of heart )
    All I can tell you is that certain people smell blood in the water and it’s on from there!
    I deal with it about once a month.
    It’s not as cut and dry as some would think!
    Workplace harassment ( unfair labor laws ) is a big business for some ( cough / cough ) Lawyers!
    just my 2 pennies

  138. stanger,
    I just need to shut up about this whole issue b/c it’s just not worth it. People are going to judge it for themselves. I wasn’t trying to convince people to see it differently…just surprised at how some folks chose to respond to it. That doesn’t mean I think they’re dumb asses for doing it…just surprised is all. I deal with this sort of thing every day…I should’ve known better and didn’t. Mea Culpa! LOL

    • stanger on said:

      Randy — and maybe we are both biased cause of our own experience. Yours was with people who were damaged by bullying. Mine was with people who made up all sorts of stuff once they smelled lawsuit money.
      I’ve seen pictures of guys who claimed they will be barely hobbling for life only with the help of a cane, lifting their new fridge with another guy through the front door of their house.

  139. Son,
    Nice mock. I’m all aboard with taking either Amaro or Ebron in round 1 if they are there. My o-line pick in round 2 probably would’ve been Billy Turner, but it depends on FA. Overall you got some highly intelligent players for the defense also in Sunseri and Bullough.

  140. TryPod on said:

    I don’t know what I think about this situation or how it has been portrayed and viewed by others. I do think he is being coached ( Martin) and that his side. is being told now to get ahead of the wells report which is supposed to be released after the super bowl; further, this leads me to believe his camp knows he is not going come across as clean and soft hatred as he had tried to portray himself up to this point.

    • TryPod on said:

      damn typos:
      he is being coached by his side and they are trying to get in front of the wells report
      soft hearted, not hatred

  141. herd,
    More often than not…people who are the objects of bullying DON’T speak up. And, I believe he said he did say something to a coach…what that was I have no idea…and what was done from there by that person I have no idea of either. Like I said countless times…I would not have handled it as he did either…but I’m not gonna stand in judgement over him as to how he did it. That’s just me…if others chose to…that’s up to them.

    • herdfan on said:

      I believe in the interview with Dungy, JM said he told them he was struggling, but he didn’t say anything specific. That could have meant anything.

    • During the interview I believe he told “a coach directly above him” he was struggling. My problem with that line was that during practice after OV planted him? The coach stood above Martin “What the hell is wrong with you?”
      Martin “Coach, I’m struggling!”

  142. Wyoming85 on said:

    I hear you buddy
    We all deal with that sort of thing all the time.
    Maybe no one ever taught him how to handle it?
    Maybe because of his size he had never been put in that situation before?
    Nobody knows yet what he did about it truly!

    • stanger on said:

      That’s an interesting point Wyoming. Maybe as big as he is, coming from a privileged lifestyle, and going to private schools and Stanford that he never had to stand up for himself. And then he met the guys from the inner city and wannabes like Richie who were just as big as him and grew up tough……he was completely unprepared.

  143. Tim Knight on said:

    It is interesting the timing of when Martin quit. It was a game after being replaced by McKinnie and being moved back to the right side.

  144. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Mark Schlereth and Merril Hoge discuss Jonathan Martin’s desire to play in the NFL.

    Who’d want him, but maybe a desperate team decimated with injuries. My only hope is that him and Richie somehow end up on the same team again.

    • stanger on said:

      I figure we can still trade Martin, which would be great since it would let us avoid the cap hit. For Martin, his baggage and his contract figure we could give another team say our 5th or 6th in the draft.
      Yeah….process for him will be “waiver wire” and then “free agent.”

  145. Wyoming85 on said:

    I actually take a DT in the first
    It all depends on FA
    I think we get a LT in FA then draft a OG and RT
    which should put or biggest need as a DT in the first :-)
    At least that is what my little crystal ball says ;-)

  146. herdfan on said:

    Randy, if you’re still around, I’ll clarify my thoughts. If he didn’t like the language used in the locker room or in the texts, if he felt that was bullying, he wouldn’t have been using it himself. If he didn’t like going to the strip clubs but felt forced to, would he have been pictured smiling ear to ear with a stripper straddling each leg? Had there been a photo instead of him sitting at a table, away from the action so to speak, that would fit his story. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • I don’t remember the whole article, but didn’t the owner say Martin frequented tootsies without teammates?

  147. Old Dolfan on said:

    ESPN’s report of Hickey firing Gaine comes as no surprise. However, talk of Gaine hiring Mark Dominic, his former boss at Tampa Bay, should send shivers down the spines of all Dolfans!!–Dominik is the ONLY NFL GM who rivaled Ireland for the title of WORST GM IN THE NFL over the last 4 years!!
    Simply put, trading Dominik for Gaine is a LOSS!!

    • convict on said:

      Whats interesting is the Bucs record during their time together – which is pretty poor. I guess people will point to the coaching to excuse it.

  148. herd,
    Obviously you’ve never had strippers straddling each leg(or maybe you have…do tell). I don’t think it’s physically possible for a man in that situation NOT to be smiling. LOL
    Seriously now…yes, if someone is the object of bullying they could very easily engage in activities they didn’t want to engage in and look like they were enjoying it…it’s peer pressure…and a desire to be liked and be part of the team or one of the guys. But, again, I have no idea if that was what Martin was doing or if he actually was doing it b/c he wanted to and is now trying to say something different. I have no idea what was really going on in the young man’s mind. I am just unwilling to complete ignore the possibility that it MIGHT be the case b/c I’ve seen it over and over.

    • convict on said:

      Randy – just want to say that reading through your posts on this subject – I couldn’t have come close to saying it better myself.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      At some point you’re no longer a victim of the shenanigans, you’re a an accessory to them. That’s when you forfeit your right to ruin careers and teams over them-IMHO.

  149. stanger,
    I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with people trying to defraud the government…so I’ve been on both sides of this, actually. I am NOT saying that Martin isn’t trying to manipulate this whole thing to his benefit. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he is….but that doesn’t mean there might not have been something “wrong” going on to begin with and it’s morphed into what it is now.

  150. Jahndoh on said:

    Stanger, whether a trade or a cut, any dead money is still eaten by the team.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      PS, Martin’s cap ramifications aren’t TOO onerous…about 1M. There’s 2M of dead money, but he’s on the books for 1M of salary so net cap hit would be about 1M.

      • stanger on said:

        Just checked that out too……looks like guarantees are an issue. My take is we get circa a mil in dead money but that is a cap savings of like $350 grand next year……but then we don’t get the player either. Off the books after that unless they wait till the June cuts…..wouldn’t that be payback.

    • stanger on said:

      True on pro-rated bonus (which is different than total dead money), but my impression is that you get off the hook for guaranteed money you owe if the other team pays the guy enough to take that out of the picture so long as their is an offset clause in the contract. But I don’t know that is the case with Martin specifically either…..will check. And not claiming I have it all down either.

  151. convict on said:

    Got to say that I am surprised at the timing of Gaine being let go. Would have thought he would be kept through the draft.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Me too, but I’m guessing after hearing Ross say that Philbin and Ireland were not on the same page, Hickey needed to remove Gaine who was hired by Ireland.

      • convict on said:

        Yeah – and I’m sure Gaine is unhappy about not getting the job. Hopefully there is minimal negative impact on our scouting.

  152. The Flying Pig on said:

    Old Dolfan on January 29, 2014 at 2:26 pm said:
    ESPN’s report of Hickey firing Gaine comes as no surprise. However, talk of Gaine hiring Mark Dominic, his former boss at Tampa Bay, should send shivers down the spines of all Dolfans!!–Dominik is the ONLY NFL GM who rivaled Ireland for the title of WORST GM IN THE NFL over the last 4 years!!
    Simply put, trading Dominik for Gaine is a LOSS!!

    Gaine hired Dominik?
    I don;t get it OD
    Why mention dominik at all

  153. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Andrew Abramson @AbramsonPBP
    Obviously Dominik had final say in TB. But Hickey said “I was in charge of free agency and also the draft.”
    Andrew Abramson @AbramsonPBP
    The way Hickey describes it, you’d almost think he was GM & Dominik was assistant in TB. Hickey said he was in charge of draft & free agency

    • Tim Knight on said:

      He probably did all the leg work and put together the draft board like Ireland did in Dallas.

  154. I think in regards to Hickey, because he already had his board set and if he goes by best player available theory then really nothing changed for him except teams.

  155. herdfan on said:

    Randy, if what you say is true, he was bullied, he is unhappy, how in the hell is anyone supposed to know it and in turn do something to help him or correct the situation? It wasn’t until the legal wheels started turning that we heard the bullying thing. That speaks volumes to me. We’re going to have to disagree on this one. As usghe! lol

  156. Dbolt,
    I am not a fan of BPA at all costs…really hope that isn’t how Hickey makes picks all the time. Does that mean he will take a QB if he’s the BPA on the board at #19, for instance? I’d like to hear him expand on that a little more.

  157. herd,
    Hey now…the only thing we’ve ever disagreed on was Pennington and his noodle arm. lol

  158. Jahndoh on said:

    I’m not sure I’m following you Stanger. The protocol is that ALL guaranteed money is accelerated vs. the cap. It’s an accounting measure…and obviously doesn’t mean we actually PAY that money, but if you know something I don’t please set me straight.
    Are you saying his dead money of 2M contains both guaranteed money and prorated bonus? So far I follow, but I’ve always understood the ramifications of a trade to be exactly as the ramifications of cutting a other words, dead money is dead money.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Oh…I gotcha now. I was looking at his 2013 numbers and not 2014. Yeah, I’m with ya. Would be a net 350k savings vs. the cap.

    • stanger on said:

      My impression was that if you trade a guy you are on the hook for all pro-rated bonus money right then, but if there is remaining guarantee money on top of what you have paid out that you get a credit against that for salary paid by the new team. But if the dude never plays again you are on the hook for the remaining guaranteed as it plays out, both in real life and versus the cap.
      Very well could be wrong and Martin is over his guarantee money, but that is what I thought the rule was.

  159. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Jimma speaks bout my boy Tanny.
    Speaking to, Johnson was asked his thoughts of current Fins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and how he’s grown and progressed in his first two seasons in the NFL. Tannehill improved greatly on his rookie season of 2012, throwing for seven more touchdowns (24), 619 more yards (3,913, the most by a Dolphins QB since 1994), and at a higher completion rate in 2013.

    “I’ve been impressed with Tannehill. I think he’s very athletic, and you know we’ve got to realize that he hasn’t been playing quarterback for a long period of time,” said Johnson.

    Now Tannehill hasn’t had as much success as some of the quarterbacks in his draft class such as Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, but Johnson attributes that some to the supporting cast around him, and he doesn’t believe it will hinder him in the long run.

    “So much of the success of a quarterback depends on his supporting cast,” said Johnson. “I think one of the problems with Tannehill, is that he’s had a little bit of a problem with the offensive line and the protection. But I think Tannehill has shown that he can be an outstanding quarterback in this league.”

  160. Dbolt,
    As long as he doesn’t use 3 picks for a run-of-the-mill RB, he should be fine. lol

  161. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly
    Hell, it has probably been 2-3 months since someone called me the N-word on twitter. That’s progress!
    I guess he blocked his Mom. j/k folks, I couldn’t resist. ;)

  162. Old Dolfan on said:

    PIGGY: My comments on trading Dominik for Gaine being a loss refers to Hickey considering hiring Dominik (Hickey’s boss at Tampa Bay) to be Hickey’s assistant GM (the same job Gaine was fired from) would be a loss for Miami. I’m sorry if I did not make that clear enough. –Truth is Mark Dominick left the Tampa coaching staff with too many misses and not enough hits. –Sound Familiar??

  163. professorlou on said:

    Hickey just relieved us of the last pimple on the ass of the team and with that he has my full and complete respect.

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      LOU; But who is going to relieve us of our inept owner??

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      C’mon, he had to do that, Ross was talking about everyone being on the same page as Philbin, etc. It was a no brainer move and one that was probably ultimately suggested by Ross himself.

  164. stanger on said:

    You know you are the shiot in the NFL when…..
    “Every time Peyton Manning sets foot in the locker room lately, he comes across No. 18 jerseys that other members of the Denver Broncos left for him to sign.
    Nothing out of the ordinary. Happens all season. Except nowadays, instead of asking him to donate an autograph for some sort of fundraising endeavor, teammates are eyeing a personal keepsake – as if they’re worried they won’t get another chance.”

  165. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Bringing the bucs talent acquisition team to miami is a mistake IMO. What have they done? I don’t get what Ross is thinking.

    • convict on said:

      IMO – this is all about who would work best with Philbin – not who was the best at identifying and acquiring talent.

      • BoulderPhinFan on said:

        I agree, hence the 2 year contract for the GM.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        Ross basically stated so much in the PC yesterday
        although a little less pointed
        he wants people who can work together and doesn;t think ireland was able to work here with the others

    • professorlou on said:

      Like I stated in the last blog, look at what Tampa has done over the past 3 yrs when Hickey was promoted vs what we’ve done over the same period of time.

      • BoulderPhinFan on said:

        4-12, 7-9, 4-12 for tampa.

        • professorlou on said:

          I understand what you’re saying but look at the guys they drafted over the past 3 seasons and look at the contribution they have gotten from each as compared to what we’ve gotten from our past 3 drafts. Most of their picks have contributed in a positive way and that’s including the later round guys too. In addition, they are picking players that I’d rather have had on our team but Ireland kept picking guys who either don’t make the team or who are cut and then brought back and then cut again and are so bad nobody else picks them up.

  166. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Ravens NT Haloti Ngata is scheduled to count a team-high $16 million against the 2014 salary cap.
    Ngata has two years left on his five-year, $61 million deal and is a prime candidate for an extension in order to lower that astronomical cap hit. The 30-year-old didn’t put up the sack numbers we’d grown accustomed to seeing the previous three seasons, but Ngata still graded out as a top-eight run defender in Pro Football Focus’ end-of-season defensive tackle ratings.
    …and we thought we had it tough trying to figure out Starks & Soliai…lol

  167. convict on said:

    Classy organization.
    Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 4m
    The Dolphins escorted 6-year employee/ast. GM Brian Gaine out of the building today after firing him, per our Adam Beasley.
    Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley 4m
    Also in my story: Gaine found out that he didn’t get the job from media accounts

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      SMH. I think this is hickey not feeling confident about his position.

    • professorlou on said:

      story is when Gaine found out he didn’t get the job he went into the copier room and made copies of his bare ass and distributed them throughout the building and on it he wrote, “kiss this”

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        Then he left a faliming bag of poop in fornt of Ross’ door and knocked
        …..who knew Ross didn;t wear shoes int he office

  168. phindog on said:

    UH-OOH… Stanger Danger…. Local news story in So Cal about Stanger. Now I know why you always seem positive and happy… LOL Stanger’s alleged crimes came to light when officials discovered that local drug dealers were getting their supply from Stanger. Officials also traced back several fatal overdoses to the doctor’s prescriptions.

    Stanger is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 19.

    • stanger on said:

      LMAO…..never claimed I was able to retire legally. But don’t worry, I’m in Florida. Before the extradition writs are served I’ll be able to figure out whether I can beat the charges or simply post from Cuba in the future. :)

  169. The Flying Pig on said:

    Old Dolfan on January 29, 2014 at 3:01 pm said:
    PIGGY: My comments on trading Dominik for Gaine being a loss refers to Hickey considering hiring Dominik (Hickey’s boss at Tampa Bay) to be Hickey’s assistant GM (the same job Gaine was fired from) would be a loss for Miami. I’m sorry if I did not make that clear enough. –Truth is Mark Dominick left the Tampa coaching staff with too many misses and not enough hits. –Sound Familiar??

    I get it
    That is just a rumor
    I don;t know if you are hearing it on local Tampa radio/TV/newspapers but I’ve haven;t heard a thing about
    I don;t really care to get worked up over rumors

  170. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    At this point I guess it doesn’t matter. The fate of all these guys is going to be tied to Philbin anyway (or at least I hope).

    • professorlou on said:

      I’m not going to pull any homer shit again this time around but if Hickey can acquire talent for this team equivalent to what Tampa has done over the past 3 seasons we could start to head in the right direction.
      As far as Philbin goes, I have no problem with him. He made a mistake with his hiring and trusting of Sherman but that’s now a done deal. With Lazor here and now having a new GM plus the hiring of Benton the team is not sitting on it’s ass and saying, “I don’t understand why we can’t win.” They are making changes and what I see, anyway, is a step in the right direction.
      It will have to be seen of course, because it means nothing on paper, but I’m feeling a bit better about the situation with this team than I’ve felt over the past 6 years anyway.

  171. Classy organization.
    Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 4m
    The Dolphins escorted 6-year employee/ast. GM Brian Gaine out of the building today after firing him, per our Adam Beasley.
    Convict, who did Beasley hear this from? From Beasleys recent posts he is in New York City.

  172. stanger on said:

    So the initial reports have Gaine “escorted out of the building.”
    Would be curious to whether that meant people that liked him saying goodbye.
    Even if they had security uniforms on, were they carrying boxes to help him pack his car?
    Amazing how 2nd and 3rd-hand reports can be turned around. And Gaine throwing a hissy fit would be career suicide.

  173. The Flying Pig on said:

    Does anyoen remember if the players we cut on hard knocks were escorted out of the building?
    I beleive they may have been
    maybe just team policy
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @ overeaction

  174. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    I’m with Mike e regarding philbin. We should have never gotten blown out the last 2 games of the year with playoffs on the line and I don’t care about any excuses about the o-line or martin saga or whatever. We were good enough to beat the steelers and the pats the weeks prior, then we were good enough to beat the fucking bills or the jets to get in the dance.
    But we’re stuck with philbin and hickey now so it is what it is. I’m not optimistic like you are. I think we’re gonna be firing all these guys and starting over in a year or 2.

    • stanger on said:

      I owe you a beer. What did you find of interest in that. Big thing for me is either that Hickey had the leeway to bring his #2 off the start or Gaine didn’t have much support from Ross, Philbin and Aponte.

      • convict on said:

        The only part I found particularly interesting was that Gaine was willing to stay in his current position.
        I would hope that Hickey had the leeway to change his team. I don’t have an issue at all that Gaine was let go – I just thought the timing was curious.

        • stanger on said:

          Like I said above, if Hickey knew he was gone he was doing Gaine a favor. And if it was really Gaine’s choice…..his choice.

  175. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Jimmy Johnson on Tannehill;
    “I’ve been impressed with Tannehill. I think he’s very athletic, and you know we’ve got to realize that he hasn’t been playing quarterback for a long period of time,” said Johnson.
    Now Tannehill hasn’t had as much success as some of the quarterbacks in his draft class such as Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, but Johnson attributes that some to the supporting cast around him, and he doesn’t believe it will hinder him in the long run.
    “So much of the success of a quarterback depends on his supporting cast,” said Johnson. “I think one of the problems with Tannehill, is that he’s had a little bit of a problem with the offensive line and the protection. But I think Tannehill has shown that he can be an outstanding quarterback in this league.”
    Hickey now needs to get him an OL & RB!!!

  176. The Flying Pig on said:

    this guys is reporting what OD mentioned earlier

    Max Luckan ‏@MaxLuckan 28m Former Bucs GM Mark Dominik has not decided if he wants to join Hickey’s staff just yet, but he’s leaning that way, per sources.Reply
    Retweet Retweeted
    Favorite Favorited
    More Share via email Embed Tweet Report Tweet Details Expand Collapse Max Luckan ‏@MaxLuckan 30m Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey has plans to bring in former Bucs GM Mark Dominik as assistant GM, per sources.

  177. Randy is correct, a victim of bullying will often go along with it, to try to fit in and end the bullying. This doesnt mean the victim,s enjoying it, it means whoever doesnt see this, maybe hasnt the same experience in the matter.

    Having said all that, from day one i blasted Martin for quitting before an important game. Quitters dont get free passes because they were bullied imo

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      Maybe Martin should have just smoked some Green Arches with Richie & the gang and all would be otay!

  178. SB7MVP on said:

    I’d encourage people to get off twitter or at least stop posting it here

  179. stanger on said:

    Herald has come up with a pic of Gaine as he left the building. Looks like the initial reports were accurate this time.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      that is right before they shot him and put him in a dumpster

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      So Aponte & Ross are radical Islamic Muslim extremist? Looks like Gaine is gonna get beheaded ;)

      • stanger on said:

        LOL — latest reports say that the beheading will happen tomorrow at sunrise. A number of reports repeating the same first tweet are convinced that Aponte’s plan is to shrink Gaine’s head and put it on her mantle right next to Ireland’s (I’m sure you caught the articles on that one). :)

  180. Rockphin on said:

    I haven’t read the comments section yet. is there celebration going on? The last vestigial “stink” of Ireland has left the building? Escorted out by security I hear tell.

  181. “SB7MVP on January 29, 2014 at 3:48 pm said:
    I’d encourage people to get off twitter or at least stop posting it here”
    I’d encourage people to frequent whatever sites they choose and post whatever they like here. Other people can judge for themselves what value to give it.

  182. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    I thought it was more like this LOL

    • stanger on said:

      LOL…..he had a roll of those stickers and put them on all his snacks in the locker room fridge. It all went downhill from there.

  183. son of a son of a shula on said:

    They probably escorted Gaine out just to make sure he wasn’t leaving with any of the scouting info he’s been overseeing.

  184. Jahndoh on said:

    Why does it seem like every piece I’ve read this offseason from the Herald seeks to impugn the organization?
    That piece on Gaine wasn’t as blatant as others, but I didn’t have to read very deeply into the tone to see what they were getting at: The Dolphins are dysfunctional, they can’t hire anybody the right way and they can’t fire anybody the right way. Oy!

  185. Interesting tidbit on Hickey from James Walker ESPN
    •Something under the radar that was interesting was Hickey buys into draft analytics. This is a growing fad in NFL circles where some teams are using computer metrics to help with talent evaluation. Scouts and GMs must still trust their eyes and the game tape. However, it appears Hickey and the Dolphins’ front office will tap into computer analytics as a supplemental tool moving forward.

  186. son of a son of a shula on said:

    The mitigating factor in the Martin deal is money, he’s paid to be a professional so if he is having trouble in the work place he has at the very least an agent who can speak to the team on his behalf. It’s not like a kid in school or Joe Blow at the warehouse getting picked on like they do to everyone. He’s a paid professional with “people”.

  187. Tim Knight on said:

    Bat, the use of analytics might have been what Ross meant when he said he’s looking for a GM who is creative.

  188. Tim …Could be, but more likely just a coincidence .. I’m not knocking it, as a matter of fact, I’m kind of intrigued by it …

  189. son …Excellent point on wee Jonny Martin

  190. Tim Knight on said:

    Bat, Jahn is a big fan of it and there’s a 26 year old guy working for the Eagles that brought this to their organization.

  191. Tim ..Is that the Halaby guy that he was shilling for? …I’m all for trying something like that ..we can be on the cutting edge …lol

  192. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Prisco: The Julius Thomas project in Denver has turned an ex-hoops player into an elite target who overwhelms defenders. Blocking? That’s still a work in progress.

    No sweat, we got Eggonourface, I mean Egnew. :shock:

  193. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Bat, that’s him Halaby the wiz kid.

  194. son of a son of a shula on said:

    GDP, hopefully that’s what Lazor means when he says he wants to build to the players strengths so instead of taking a guy who goes out catches passes all over the middle of the field and making him play fullback he might have him catch passes all over the middle of the field. Novel idea! I didn’t even need one of those Halaby gizmos to figure that out.

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      LOL, no doubt…sometimes coaches/teams make the simplest of things the hardest by over analyzing!

  195. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Hey Philbin, try going a lil Walsh for us fans will ya. ;)
    Former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski and his wife, Julie, joined Jim Rome on radio row at the Super Bowl Tuesday. The topics? Football, intensity, craziness, elk, intimidation, and Jim Everett, but also players’ sexual restrictions leading up to games week to week.
    “The big joke every Thursday was ‘green light-red light,’” Romanowski said. “You just don’t know how much fun we had as a group of grown men when Bill Walsh talked about red light or green light. Green light – it was go time for sex. Red light – it was off.
    “If we were playing the Giants, it was red light. We knew we had to be on. We had to be mean and nasty, with a lot of build-up.”
    That’s kind of gross.

    Regardless, Romanowski claims he also researched the, shall we say, pseudoscience behind the notion that sex could weaken one’s performance.
    “I can’t find any study that is actually legit and real,” Romanowski said. “I just know that there are always references to boxers and Bill Walsh was big on that. So if a boxer did it, guess what? He tried to make us do it.”

  196. Jahndoh on said:

    Bat/Tim, yep, that’s exactly what I liked about Halaby. Unfortunately I haven’t the foggiest if either of those guys is using garbage-in garbage-out analytics, but I know I like what Billy Beane did with them for my Oakland A’s, and I think this sort of analysis is going to be mandatory at some point in the future of all sports personnel offices.
    Also, I agree it should be used as an ancillary tool, not the end all be all determinant of who you draft.

  197. herdfan on said:

    Referring to GDP’s post above….a lot of you guys on here say you have played football, or other sports for that matter in your lives. Have any of you passed up sex for sake of the game? Just curious and might be a more fun topic for discussion than some others of late. :)

  198. “Dan Marino: I’d throw for 6,000 yards in today’s NFL.”
    Hard to argue with that ….

  199. Tim Knight on said:

    I think Egnew playing FB was because they felt he was better at it then anyone else they had, and Clay was better running routes so he played TE in those situations. Why Egnew didn’t get more targets as a receiver overall I’m not sure.

  200. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Herd, I didn’t play beyond HS but I certainly at that age wasn’t Red lighting anything. Constant green light!

  201. Tim ..I’m starting to believe that the Eggster being jerked around was in no small measure a by product of the petty spitefulness between Jeffy and Philbin.

  202. son of a son of a shula on said:

    LOL Bat, Imagine Ireland jumping up and down and cussing up in the box every time Philbin trotted Eggs out to the backfield.
    He’s my prize mutherphucking pass catcher you asshole, ras’n fras’n butt sucking no good SOB dammit…

  203. Tim Knight on said:

    Boomer Esiason has said a few times he thought Marino would throw for 6,000+ and over 60 TDs in today’s NFL. He threw 48 and 44 when not many were even throwing 30.

  204. son …LOL …and Aponte carefully taking notes so she could report to Joey later on ….

  205. Tim Knight on said:

    Bat, I don’t think Sherman was a big fan of Egnew.

  206. Tim ..Judging from HK, I’d agree …but clearly Philbin wasn’t too fond of him either or he could have stepped in…IMO

  207. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Joe, let’s see, he called you the
    A word
    used the S word
    plenty of F bombs
    the D word
    the C word, which I frankly don’t understand
    a few words I couldn’t figure out
    wished you dead several times
    and he broke three coffee mugs

    Thanks, Dawn

  208. LOL @ son

  209. OK …out for now ..Later haters ….

  210. Tim Knight on said:

    Bat, maybe Jeff was the ego saying okay Mr. Rookie Coach, I’ll get you the players you need to be successful, don’t you worry about it. You’ll know how to use them. And maybe Philbin was like okay, yes, no, no, maybe, yes, no no, no, maybe, definitely not, well see. LOL

  211. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Later Bat

  212. new blog up

  213. GetterDone Phins on said:

    herdfan on January 29, 2014 at 5:05 pm said:
    Referring to GDP’s post above….a lot of you guys on here say you have played football, or other sports for that matter in your lives. Have any of you passed up sex for sake of the game? Just curious and might be a more fun topic for discussion than some others of late. :)

    Herd, sorry I couldn’t reply to your post earlier…I was in the middle of somebody! :)

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