Hickey Hired as New GM

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Dennis Hickey says “yes” to the Dolphins



The Dolphins finally have a General Manager.  And the team can confidently say he wasn’t their second choice.  He was their third.  And perhaps lower.  Regardless, Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey has accepted the position, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.An 18-year employee of the Buccaneers, he became the director of player personnel under G.M. Mark Dominik in 2011. Hickey wasn’t considered for the team’s recently-filled G.M. job.  Hickey gets a clean slate with the Dolphins, and his job will entail more than merely finding players via the draft and free agency.  He’ll now have to navigate a potential mine field in Miami, tiptoeing around established relationships, finding a way to coexist with assistant G.M. Brian Gaine (who was a finalist for the job) and trying to enhance the reputation and perception of the football operation after a string of embarrassments.  Like many General Managers, Hickey may want to hire his own coach, eventually.  The better approach for owner Stephen Ross would be to tell Hickey, coach Joe Philbin, and executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte that they’re all in this equally — and that if the team continues to struggle, everyone is getting fired the next time.





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615 comments on “Hickey Hired as New GM

  1. Wyoming85 on said:

    that is great!!
    I like their running game!
    Pass Pro wasn’t very good at times.

  2. TryPod on said:

    on a somewhat related note, RIP Pete Seeger.

  3. Mike E. on said:

    I got a little upset this morning, I heard on the news that Pete Seeger passed away, I thought they said Bob Seger. Nothing against Pete, but Bob is just a lot younger.
    RIP Pete Seeger

  4. SixThree0ne on said:


    Call me crazy but I’d think that Turner should Benton’s asst. Not the other way around. Maybe this is Philbin’s way of keeping his buddy around longer.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing, 631. This is very strange.

    • Depends on how it is setup. The OL coach looks at the unit as a whole and the assistant tends to work more individually on the fundamentals with the players and the nuances…..if that made any sense :)

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I don;t think there was an assistant last year
      So its one more person to help

  5. TryPod on said:

    victim of the page turn:
     Tim, Lou, whomever else,Elton John is probably my favorite solo artist of all time. I think the stuff he and taupin did in the 70′s while under his original contract is some of the best stuff ever written. he still had has voice and he still had range. there were somewhere around 10 albums produced and released during that time period, and every one of them has at least one #1 hit on it. amazing string and incredible talent. I have never been to see him live, and at this point I am afraid he is a shell of himself; I’m afraid I would leave the show disappointed. not a big Joel fan, but I certainly respect his talent.

  6. Marinofan13 on said:

    cover32 Dolphins ‏@cover32_MIA 27m
    Do not be shocked if recently hired John Benton replaces OL coach Jim Turner after the Ted Wells report comes out #Dolphins

    • Have no clue who cover 32 Dolphins, but this could be true. Once again though from my own personal experiences the assistant coaches are typically the guys who drive home the technique details and do most of the on-field teaching while the head guy handles the classroom instruction period.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I can see that
      would be nice to finally get that wells report and move on

  7. The Flying Pig on said:

    Here is some stuff about Marino joining the Dolphins in some capacity int he future


  8. Marinofan13 on said:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 37s
    Tom Gamble’s father, former Philly GM Harry Gamble, died this morning. Father’s illness was apparently big reason Tom was in Philly.

  9. marlins fan on said:

    Elton John was the best, growing up, my friend and I use to drive down Lauderdale strip in his starsky and hutch looking grand torino, hanging out the window hooting at chicks and listening to funeral for a friend, we would replay it over and over.
    you’re a bluebird on a telegraph line I hope you’re happy nowwww da-da-da-daaaaa

  10. Mike E. on said:

    I saw Elton John in the Sheep Meadow at Central Park, if you can call it “seeing him”. I was about half a mile away, but I heard him pretty well. I also saw Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band later that night at MSG. Crazy day!

  11. What’s up FMers? Cold as a snowman’s ass this morning. Not that I would know what that’s like.

  12. Marinofan13 on said:

    IMO, the John Benton hire is OUTSTANDING. He and Kubiak have been working together since 2006… and Kubiak learned the ZBS under the “godfather of the ZBS”: Alex Gibbs.
    This is certainly an indication that we’ll be running the ZBS this year instead of going to a variation or total change of as much. I VERY much believe that Philbin/Lazor/Benton can be a WINNER.
    Now lets see if Hickey can deliver the goods.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      And the timing of this hire is no coincidence as Kubiak was hired as the Ravens’ OC just yesterday. We didn’t want Kubiak to take Benton with him to Baltimore, clearly.


  14. Old Dolfan on said:

    60 degrees on the drive into work in Tampa Bay. –Should top out in the mid-70′s. Meanwhile the geniuses who run the NFL decided to put the Super Bowl in Ice-and-Snow-friendly Meadowlands, the home of high taxes and low temperatures. We’ll be in the 70′s this weekend at empty Raymond James Stadium while SB XLVIII attendees will be freezing their balls off with temps falling into the 20′s.
    Long range forecast calling for clearing and temps in the 30′s for kickoff. –NFL got LUCKY on this one!! — A Super Bowl played in a blinding snowstorm or a “Wintry Mix” would be a fiasco of the highest order!! –Passing would be near impossible and the game would revert to a 1940′s scenario of running the ball and hoping to recover a fumble to win a 7-3 game.
    Meanwhile hotels in south Florida are filled for the weekend. IF NFL/Steve Ross thinks taxpayers are going to pay one cent to refurbish a PRIVATELY OWNED STADIUM they are sadly mistaken. Ross’s underling, Mike Dee, insulted this state’s Republican hierarchy and absolutely KILLED any chance at the liegislature approving a partial public funding of Sun-Baked Stadium.!! – - Just another example proving that Steve Ross and the Dolphins’ franchise ARE NOT A GOOD MIX. –STADIUM will ONLY get much-needed dome with air conditioning ONLY IF Dolphins’ ownership pays for it. –Failing that, be sure to bring lots of sun-screen to all home games as long as Ross owns the team.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      But they’ve paid MANY red cents. It’s ridiculous to be saying that. That stadium and nearly every other football stadium in the nation has had taxpayer dollars contributed to it. Not hosting a superbowl is not good, no matter how you spin it, and the outdoor stadium in the tropics will always be outdoors. Sorry, I know your issues with the heat and all, but it is what it is. An outdoor stadium in the tropics.
      It’s amazing to me that you think the owner should pay for an AC dome for your comfort while you rail against his effort to get some public funding to put some shade over a good portion of the stadium.
      I love ya though OD, but you’re talking from both sides of your mouth here gotta pick something. The dome, or the tax payer support. Something has to give.

  15. SteveCCNV on said:

    There’s a misconception about BPA at all cost that I’ve been reading on here for yrs, and there really is no such thing. No team has ever put together a draft board and just drafted players from it regardless of position.

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