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From Rob Hyde


Q -  Mike


The unfounded bitch flavor of the day seems to be Vernon and his perceived suckiness. Can that be refuted with stats?


I don’t subscribe to the mighty, and all powerful Pro Football Focus *PFF*, thankfully, because ALL they give us is what they think, and personally, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what they think!!  I’d like PFF to just quietly go away, and then football fans can watch the games and enjoy them, without the taint of blindly devouring whatever they write as the gospel.  Glad I got that off my chest, but that doesn’t answer your question.


Now, as far as LEGITIMATE NFL STATS, Olivier Vernon through 4 games, which he started all of them, has 6 tackles, 3 assists, and 1.5 sacks  The stats don’t say much here, and it’s a small sample.  I’m sure PFF has him rated as the 68th DE in the NFL with a -3.6 grade, or something along those lines, which then rightfully gives any reader to boast about how much he sucks.  Get it?


Vernon may be starting for 2 reasons.  He’s good enough to get the job done, and they want to bring rookie Dion Jordan along slowly, without overwhelming him physically, due to his shoulder injury, and mentally, due to the fact that he’s a rookie.  I think we will likely see more of Jordan incrementally as we get further along in the season.  I personally, do not think Vernon sucks, but I think he needs to get better, and learn more pass rush moves.  I think he’s a big, strong kid, with talent, but he needs to learn how to rush the passer.  I think he’ll improve, but we’ll have to wait and see.




From O Rob


Q – Mike, what’s the difference between a homer a hater and an over reactor? is an over reactor a polite term used on haters?


 LMAO!!!  It’s very complicated Rob, and I think it’s even more difficult than trying to walk on rice paper (Kung Fu) and not disturb it, to answer this question, and not disturb anyone.  Ahhhhhh WTF! – Here goes!


Disclaimer:  These are MY definitions of these terms, and I do not wish to influence anyone else on how they perceive these terms.


hater – (Hay-tuhr)  A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to disparage a player, coach or GM, or any official, including the Owner on the team they claim they are a fan of.  They usually have little logic in their hatred, and often sound childish and immature with their complaints.


homer – (Ho-muhr) A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to defend any player on the team they claim they are a fan of, whether or not that player is good, bad, or indifferent.  Due to their extreme loyalty to the team, they can’t really see deficiencies in any player or coach, or official, including the owner, or at least they won’t admit to such.  They usually have little logic, other than the fierce allegiance to their team


overreactor – (Ovuh-ree-ack-tuhr)  A fan, blogger who loses all logic and sanity, and temporarily, behaves like a hater. (see definition of hater above)  They lash out violently, and the players that they hate most feel the harshest wrath.  They seek homers (see definition of homer above) to engage them with their anger, which is twofold.  They are angry their team lost, and they are angry that the homers will defend their team after losing, which infuriates the overreactor (see definition of overreactor a few lines up dummy!)  An example of an overreactor (Sorry M!) is calling for a trade to get Branden Albert, moments after losing 38-17 to the Saints, and LT Jonathan Martin, (according to PFF) allowed 2 sacks.


I hope this clears things up for you Rob!




From Piggy


Q – Dear Human:


Monday night was squeal worthy.  


People have suggested Mike Wallace disappeared.  Currently Wallace is 4th on the Dolphins with 15 catches.  I’m sure no one expected him to be 4th.


But that draws my attention to a positive stat.  The fact that 3 other Phins have 20 or more catches.  


That means 3 guys are on pace for 80 catches and 1 is in pace for 60.  Can you recall the last time the Dolphins distributed the ball so well?  Must have been Dan Marino era…


Also if Wallace turns it up a little and has 80 catches, is that a successful season for him?  In my view it is.  I don’t want a 100 catch guy no matter how much he is paid.  


Oinks to you!


Wallace is best when used for the home run.  He’s not a possession type receiver, he’s the big play guy.  In his best years with the Steelers, Wallace caught 39, 60 and 72 passes, averaging 19.4, 21.0, and 16.6 YPR.  He had 6, 10 and 8 TD’s in those seasons.  That’s the type of guy he is.  We have Hartline and Gibson, and the TE’s to move the chains.  That’s why it’s imperative that Tannehill and Wallace develop a connection.  They need to get on the same page, where T-hill is very comfortable, and is familiar with Wallace’s speed.  We discussed ad nauseum the slight underthrow on MNF, but both guys need to do better.  Wallace must catch that, but if T-Hill throws it a couple of yards further, it’s a TD.


Wallace doesn’t have the best hands on the team, Hartline does.  Gibson is uncanny getting open, so keep using him in the middle of the field.  Gibson and Hartline seem to have a rapport with T-Hill, so it makes sense that they will be getting the ball.  It’s about time though, that Tannehill and Wallace become comfortable, and start hitting some big plays.  With Wallace, a short crossing pattern can be a big play if he gets a little separation.  Let’s hope this connection starts against the Ravens on Sunday!




From OD


Q – Our offensive line remains a “work in progress.” –They are NOT, in my estimation, a Top 15 offensive line at this time. –Is it time to consider replacing at least one of our 5 starters or should we simply stick it out with the players who are now starting?–AND, do you believe Miami will take an O-Lineman in the top 3 rounds of the next draft


It depends on who you want to replace, and with whom you want to replace them.  I think our best 5 are out there playing right now.  If the coaches felt otherwise, they would change it.  John Jerry was injured, missed a lot of time, and is still getting back into game shape.  Jonathan Martin (despite what PFF spews) has not been so bad.  I (the homer) recall at least 3 sacks that Tannehill should have gotten rid of the ball, but of course, PFF doesn’t account for that.  I think the coaches are happy with Martin’s play so far. Tyson Clabo is a bit disappointing, because he’s a solid veteran player, and I expected a little better from him.


My guess is we stay pat with what we have, and hope that they improve.  I definitely believe the O-line will be a focus in next years draft.  I would expect at least 1 or 2 early picks on the O-line, and then possibly a 3rd a bit later on in the draft.  We need to upgrade both the starters, and the depth.  I would expect a T, and maybe 2 G’s, or vice-versa.  We’re set at C for the next 10+ years hopefully.




From GDP


Q - Mike E,


I can’t understand why Wallace hasn’t been moved around. Didn’t Philbin say he wants all his receivers to be versatile, play in different spots.


Monday Nite’s game the announcers, I think Gruden said that he saw that Wallace has been exclusively lined up on the left/weak side of the line and Hartline on the right/strong side since week 1.


Don’t you think Wallace needs to be moved around to confuse opposing DC’s & the Defenses on the field.


I want to see Wallace in the slot, on the right, in a reverse, even some bubble screens. He needs to move and create better mismatches for himself and others subsequently don’t you think?


That’s an excellent point GDP, and I hadn’t really thought about that.  My best guess is, they’re happy with what Brandon Gibson gives them in the middle of the field, and that’s why they have been hesitant to change that.  Gibson has 20 receptions, for 208 yards.  They like the physical presence Gibson has, he fights for the ball, and that’s not a trait Mr. Wallace is known for.


I can’t say I know enough about our offensive schemes, but before the season, they definitely declared that all WR’s would be interchangeable.  Maybe losing Keller had a lot to do with it as well.  With Keller running patterns in the seam, he was a big target that ate up the middle, and perhaps with Keller out, they feel Gibson is the next best thing, but doesn’t draw the attention that Keller would have.  I wish I had a direct line to Sherman, I would ask him that question.  Good thinking GDP!




From David


Q - Hello Mike, hope this finds You well,  what do You think of our coaches? they seem to be much better than what we had, but are they better than what the NFL has?  where would You rank them? 


Thanks, David


I really like Philbin David.  I know we got beat down, and I also think Philbin got a beat down of his own.  So did Sherman, and Coyle.  We were unprepared for what they did, and on the flip side, Payton had his team quite ready for anything we did.  Sometimes you just need to tip your cap to the better man, and the Saints, and Payton were the better team and Payton was the better man.  I would say most of us knew that we had a tough assignment going into the Superdome on MNF, but I also think most of us thought we’d hang with the Saints.  It didn’t happen.  Important that we don’t lose perspective though, as we’re still 3-1, despite the stinging loss to the Saints.


I expect our team to be much better prepared against the Ravens, and I expect us to be 4-1 going into the BYE week.  At 4-1, there isn’t a heck of a lot to complain about, is there?  I think Philbin has created a culture, a player type, and I really like the players, and type of players he has brought in.  It’s much more about team, than any one individual.  I think that’s the way to win in the NFL today.  He’s an intelligent guy, and he, along with Sherman and Coyle will adjust.  I expect to see more of Dion Jordan as the season progresses, and I hope he’s up to the task.  Our defensive backfield will be healthier after the BYE week, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing.  I want to see Jamar Taylor, Will davis, and I want to see the Reshad Jones from last year.  Where is that guy?  Overall, I’m happy with the coaches, and I’m not going to kill Sherman over one game.  Look at how Tannehill has developed, and I think Sherman deserves credit for that.




And now for the babe of the week . . .  




593 comments on “Welcome to Ask Mike – Week 28

  1. SB7MVP on said:

    good stuff Mike E.

  2. ElephantRider on said:

    Kudos Mike E.
    Always a great read and perspective. Thanks.
    Go Phins!!

  3. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Thanks Mike E. – good stuff! Your contributions are always much appreciated. I can’t sleep so I decided I’d come on here and blabber on nonsensically…
    My personal take on the vanilla offense and not moving the receivers around: the offense is still rounding into form, and most importantly is the idea of holding onto your scheme ‘bag of tricks’ until you REALLY need them.
    I think that coaches/teams tend to see how long they can go with getting by without having to dig into their bag of tricks. Keep winning with vanilla schemes = keep using vanilla schemes until opponents start defeating those vanilla schemes.
    If they can get away with it, they want to save the really good stuff for when it really counts. ‘Really Counts’ is one of 3 things:
    1. Your team is losing games to the point you are in danger of heading towards losing the team’s focus and/or the season (and/or your job as a coach). Example: Employing the ‘Wildcat’ (ok a radical example) when they started 0-2 in 2008.
    2. Your team is playing another team in your division – particularly one that is predominant within the division. Example: Save the tricks for playing the Pats (conveniently also when they implemented the ‘Wildcat’ in 2008).
    3. Your team is fighting for a playoff spot and beyond.
    That doesn’t mean the coaches won’t dig into the bag in situations other than the above, but these scenarios are the ones they want to hold onto their tricks for. They are loath to have to use them for scenario 1, will use them if necessary for scenario 2, and really want to save them for scenario 3.
    So I predict that as the season progresses, one way or another, we will eventually see more wrinkles in our offensive and defensive schemes. At least I hope so, as that’s the mark of a well coached team.
    Ok I’m done blabbing lol

  4. ocalaHowie on said:

    Morning Update
    Howie 31-20 MIA
    Rhino 30-17 MIA
    MikeE 31-13 MIA
    OLD 23-17 MIA
    Piggy 31-0 MIA
    Cav 24-17 MIA
    Herd 30-23 MIA
    Rob 38-0 MIA
    RCR 24-21 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  5. Wyoming85 on said:

    Howie I think I am going to stick with
    28-24 Miami

  6. You are getting good at this Mike, lol and love a hot babe that wears nice underwear. nothing worse than a hottie with cheap raggy ill fitting underwear IMO. no one wants to see a hottie in granpas skivvies, lol

  7. Mike, i agree we got outcoached MN, these things will happen sometimes, and Payton has proven himself to be a great coach, we arent there yet.. this is the kind of stuff that concerns me though, if its only coachspeak, i can handle it, but if this guy is serious/ thats when doubt begins seeping in,,,,,,,,,

    Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman also said both backs will continue to get carries. He said no one has emerged yet as the true top back.
    “We’ll continue with the way we’ve been so far until someone really steps forward and makes that known to us,” Sherman said.
    - See more at: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2013/10/02/miami-dolphins-coach-joe-philbin-defends-rb-daniel-thomas-says-lamar-miller-has-had-better-opportunities/#sthash.l4bbEyab.dpuf

    Has he not seen Miller doing well and DT struggling? i cant imaging why he hasnt seen a clear cut favorite for top back. this is one of many things i see where i just have some lingering doubts. I know our guys are better than what we had, but how far can we go in the NFL is what id like to know. time will tell

  8. cmon Obama, pressure both sides harder, i need this shutdown over. my biggest fear is this going on for over two weeks. ill be somewhat ok if a week, but if longer than that, my losses are over $22,000 after that point. im not rich like Tim,(BB Tim ) so im really sweatin it,

    • Walker on said:

      I hear you, looks like I won’t be getting my Stafford Plus Loan anytime soon. Meanwhile, working under the table to make ends meet. Want to guess why I am Anti-government.
      Great job MikeE, will catch up with y’all later

    • SB7MVP on said:

      Really sweatin it? nice play on words

  9. Mike E. on said:

    Good Morning All !
    Thanks for the kind words guys!

  10. marlins fan on said:

    mike, not bad for a homer, LOL! damn good job!

  11. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Good job Mike E.
    Hey I sent you that pic of Mrs. son just so you could see what she looked like not so you could use her as Babe of the week.
    Mmmm, she’s nice

    • Mike E. on said:

      I felt the need to share with the crew. You can understand. ;)

    • marlins fan on said:

      son you are a (Ho-muhr)

      A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to defend any player on the team they claim they are a fan of, whether or not that player is good, bad, or indifferent. Due to their extreme loyalty to the team, they can’t really see deficiencies in any player or coach, or official, including the owner, or at least they won’t admit to such. They usually have little logic, other than the fierce allegiance to their team

  12. Marinofan13 on said:

    Mike E,
    WTF do you mean I’m an over-reactor? I can’t believe you just said that about me in this article. I mean, c’mon! Branden Albert walks on water! We should have won that game EASILY!
    I GLADLY admit that I’m an “over-reactor” on game day as I’m caught up in the emotion of the game… especially when we lose. It takes me about 20.5 hours to get back to my normal, level-headed self after a loss.
    Nice write as usual, man! PS- How do you really feel about PFF? LOL

  13. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Nice job Mike,
    I thought philbin had done a good job so far this year but was brought back to earth after I saw how he was outcoached by payton. Monday proved that we’re still far away from anything substantial like winning the division IMO. Maybe in a year or two when these guys have more experience playing in big games.
    It seemed to me that the Monday night game at the superdome was too big for both philbin and Tanny.

  14. Mike E. on said:

    “About 20.5 hours”? LMAO! That’s pretty specific. :)

  15. marlins fan on said:

    the reason we lost was due to mistakes, not sure how you can coach not throwing picks and fumbling the ball? I doubt it had to do with Xs and Os, every time you are making plays turnovers will be a possibility. I doubt with 1 loss at 3-1 i’m gonna OVER-REACT!

  16. Marinofan13 on said:

    Evan Silva ‏@evansilva 5m
    Daniel Thomas is the worst RB in the NFL who gets legit playing time & has been for a few years now. He does nothing well. Plz, plz go.

    • Mike E. on said:

      He’s just pissed that DT is stealing carries from MillerTime, who Silly Boy professed to be a great FF pick. Don’t you think?

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      Homer reply forthcoming:
      Bullshit asswipe. Sounds good when you say it fast. Their are shitty backs on a lot of teams, way shittier than Thomas who is called on in a lot of short yardage situations and gets awful blocking.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Yes a big back who gets 6+ carries and 1 reception per game is legit playing time. LOL

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Silly Boy is a POS. DT has 2 TDs… the same as his glory boy Lamar.

  17. SB7MVP on said:

    Over-reactors haters and homers are the same person IMO. Same with dems repubs and those who claim to be independents.

  18. marlins fan on said:

    Mike E.on October 3, 2013 at 9:37 am said:

    We had no answer for Sproles or Graham. You have to make adjustments It was too easy, don’t you think?

    I think after holding them to a 3 and out, if we don’t fumble, take it in and go up 10-7 early it’s a different game, instead we give up 14 pts off turnovers in a very short span prior to the half, that’s where we lost control.

  19. son of a son of a shula on said:

    On 3rd and .000004 when we tried the sweep, I was thinking they might try to chuck one into the endzone, that would have been awesome.

  20. Marinofan13 on said:

    While I didn’t like the play call on 3rd and .000004, everybody and their mother KNEW we were going to go with the QB sneak. That’s probably why Sherman decided to get cute and run the ball outside… hoping to catch them with their pants down.
    That’s not on DT… it’s on the O-Line (execution) and Sherman getting too cute. In all actuality, if it worked… Sherman is a genius and DT gets the credit for busting a potentially HUGE run. It just didn’t work. Silly Boy needs to suck DEEZ… NUTS.

  21. marlins fan on said:

    our running game has been stymied, you can’t say it’s DTs fault as miller hasn’t been doing anything either, it has to be blocking playcalling and execution, I highly doubt it’s due to a lack of skill or athleticism on DT od Millers part.

  22. Tim Knight on said:

    I find being called a homer of a team funny. That’s what being a fan is, they’re you’re team and you feel like you’re a part of them. If I was always pissed off at my team and everything they did making me angry all the time, I wouldn’t follow sports. I don’t get that sort of mentality but to each their own.
    That said, I get being realistic vs. a complete delusional view of your team.

    • marlins fan on said:

      King Ho-murh!

      • Tim Knight on said:

        Don’t care. You’re probably the biggest homer of Jeff Ireland which is real popular. LOL

    • TryPod on said:

      I understand what you ate saying externally, i.e. to people who are not fans of your team, but internally, I think you should be able to complain and criticize what you see as issues or barriers to your team being better, much like a family.

  23. marlins fan on said:

    all i’m saying is the game was lost due to mistakes not the lack of coaching ability, at 3-1 some are ready to concede defeat and pack it in as the earlier post read.

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      Let’s just say that the saints coaching staff exploited our weaknesses a lot better than we exploited theirs.

  24. Old Dolfan on said:

    Great effort, Mike! – - 2013 marks the 94th season of the National Football League. During its first two seasons, the NFL was known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA). It’s very first champion, the Akron Pros, compiled an 8-0-3 record. At an owners meeting of the APFA, the Pros were voted the league’s champions as there were NO playoffs at that time. In 1922 the league adopted the name National Football League and a championship game was instituted.
    During the previous 93 NFL seasons ONLY ONE TEAM has compiled A PERFECT SEASON in which they won every game on their schedule. As every reader of this site knows, the 1972 Miami Dolphins are the ONLY TEAM IN NFL HISTORY to achieve ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!! – - Every other team, at some point or points in their seasons, has suffered at least a tie or a loss, if not several of both. It is the nature of the beast. Teams, CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING TEAMS, have looked very average at some point in their championship season(s) and subsequently “gotten hot” and won a championship. – - Recently, a 7-loss Giants team defeated a favored New England team to claim the Lombardi Trophy.
    The point?? – - Just because your team “stinks it up” one week doesn’t mean they are NOT capable of getting to the playoffs that very same season and winning a championship. It’s happened dozens and dozens of times in the storied history of the NFL.
    It’s in human nature to over dramatize what happened during the last football game played. –Three weeks ago the Dolphins won at Indy and followed it up with a last minute win over a highly regarded Atlanta team. Dreams of Super Bowl 48 were floating in our minds as our beloved Fins started 3-0. – - Let me simply say “DON’T let one shitty performance put a total end to your dreams.” 5-loss, 6-loss and 7-loss teams HAVE WON SUPER BOWLS!!
    Personally, I do NOT think this team will get to the AFC Championship, much less the Super Bowl. –But I’ve been DEAD WRONG BEFORE AND I’LL BE DEAD WRONG AGAIN!! – - never IN MY WILDEST DREAMS did I believe a team quarterbacked by David Woodley would get to, and nearly win, a Super Bowl!! –how wrong I was. – - SO don’t give up hope, Dolfans!!- – NFL history says we still have a chance to make this a VERY MEMORABLE SEASON!! – - Me and Mrs. OD hope to see many of you this Sunday at the stadium!!

  25. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Tim, I just accept the homer term with a big dopey shit eating grin on my face. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I could possibly have a rational thought rolling around in my head.
    “I’m such a baby cause the Dolphins make me cry”

  26. Marinofan13 on said:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 45s
    69% of the country is picking Dolphins over Ravens in CBS Pick ‘em league

  27. marlins fan on said:

    BoulderPhinFanon October 3, 2013 at 9:58 am said:

    Let’s just say that the saints coaching staff exploited our weaknesses a lot better than we exploited theirs.

    talking about the pick, true they seen the film on the quick slant hartline and tanny have run the whole season however to make that play the DB positioned himself accordingly, the fact that hartline and tanny didn’t pick that up at the LOS I doubt was due to a lack of coaching, more to do with inexperience, i’m sure philbin has schooled tanny on the importance of a hook slide, maybe he was trying to tough out yardage, the thing is IMO it was not due to a lack of coaching and more to do with a lack of experience, all you can do is learn from it and move forward.

  28. Walker on said:

    We have a young team who I believe was overwhelmed when things got out of hand (Oline), or over compensated (Tannehill) and lost awareness. The coaches did not have either the correct scheme or the right personnel to stop Sproles and/or Graham. I also see where the Oline blocks better for Miller than for DT, much like they used to for Moore over Henne. I’m not saying it’s a conscious effort but it is what it is. Miller meanwhile has the ability to get through the holes faster but even the arch-wizard Reggie Bush would have failed to break away from the 3rd and inches home invasion on that play. Regardless, I fail to see how the Dolphins were exposed with a bad outing or how the tides of the season will rest on this one shitfest. I am fairly amused at those who are mired in the perception that we linger in limbo in the bowels of mediocrity and are inhibited in challenging for the division title

  29. Tim Knight on said:

    TryPod, being a homer doesn’t mean you can’t see that your team doesn’t have OL issues or whatever. I just don’t let an anger level take over my fandom.

  30. marlins fan on said:

    when a DB jumps the ball like that he has to position himself differently, he’s at your mercy, fake the slant and do a go, the thing is you have to realize they are reading film on you and going to try and take away your bread and butter, recognize the positioning and make them pay! that is very recognizable. the best thing out of that play was the experience, I believe tanny and hartline have learned from that play.

  31. stanger on said:

    “overreactor – (Ovuh-ree-ack-tuhr) ”
    LMAO — whoever said you can’t type with a Brooklyn accent?

  32. Brian in NY on said:


    I don’t believe our OL was overwhelmed due to lack of experience; they have 27 years between them. I think it was simply because they are not that good.

  33. Marinofan13 on said:

    Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington 8m
    Um, @68INCOGNITO and croquet? Must-see video played on Dolphins’ scoreboard during home games as fan conduct message: http://bit.ly/1c8FB3I

  34. Walker on said:

    I think the Oline gave up pure and simple, like one would do in a PS game. I think Tannehill was overwhelmed as he tried to win it by himself. I think the coaching staff was scrambling for answers they didn’t have. It’s the first time I’ve seen this team wave the white flag but I expect them to bounce back big on Sunday. I think they tucked their tails and ran off to fight another day

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Consciously or subconsciously?

      • Walker on said:

        Sometimes players play not to get hurt, sad and disgusting as it sounds. I think when the game got out of hand, subconsciously??? the effort gave way as well. I sat there saying, ok, one pick, an onsides we are back in it

    • Brian in NY on said:

      I hate to think of the OL, or any of our players quitting. Tannehill was definitely pressing. I didn’t expect to win this game, but I wanted to have a better showing than we did. We really need to win this Sunday- 4-1 would be more than we could have hoped for.

    • second time, gotta count the Titans game we personally witnessed, if that wasnt a white flag , i dont know what it was

  35. Brian in NY on said:

    marlins fan
    on October 3, 2013 at 10:24 am said:
    “not also, that is the case. it’s tough to prtect the QB being down 25 points!”


    That’s not the case. We weren’t down by 25 points in the first three games and Tannehill was sacked 14 times. True, it didnt help, but it’s not as if we were a brick wall before this game.

  36. convict on said:

    Stanger – the problem with the OL being the weakest unit is that its made worse by the rest of the past protecting personnel. Our RBs have struggled to pass protect. We don’t have good blocking TEs. Our QB is still developing his pocket awareness. Put those together and you have what has happened in this first month. When turnstile was here we could mitigate the issue by keeping Fasano in to help. It caused other issues – but at least we had better pass protection. We don’t have that sort of ability now.
    Its a personnel issue pure and simple – and its one that we have had since the start of camp. Unless Sherman changes his scheme (more roll outs, figure out how to execute an effective screen pass, draw plays, become more run oriented, etc), I think this is going to dog us all year. Its a damn shame cause it was avoidable.

    • stanger on said:

      Avoidable only in that they could have put more FA money or draft picks into the OL, but then we would have not been putting those to use elsewhere. It’s a cap world.
      OL is our biggest concern right now, but if it was the DL, WRS or LBs were our weakest link or Chad Henne was still our QB there be a bunch of things to worry about on those ends too.
      Guess you just have to hope for better play out of who you got or somebody to step up and make a difference.

  37. Tim Knight on said:

    Funny how now the Browns are 2-2 tied for 1st in their division and the 3rd ranked defense in the league. Some of us said they’re better than what we’ve seen in the past. So that win on opening day should not be discounted as some easy win.

  38. Marinofan13 on said:

    We still only have 52 players on our roster. I’ve gotta think we’re going to call up either Kovacs or McNutt. The other thing we could do is poach a player from another team’s PS.
    Just got done scanning every team’s PS and here’s some players I’d be interested in…
    - Reid Fragel, T, Bengals
    - Travis Long, LB, Eagles
    - Braxton Cave, C, Patsies*
    - AJ Francis, DL, Patsies*

  39. we need a legit FB IMO we have Miller, hes a speedy elusive guy, we need a Lousaka Polite guy, that can convert the lions share of third and shorts or goal line situations. i remember when lou had like damn near every one for a whole season, im not gonna rag on DT today, but i am questioning the decision to enter the season without a good FB. we knew going into the season that neither backs we have are FB’s. now we will have to win with what we have, but it seem like we did the same thing at LT. we let the all pro LT get away, and didnt bring in a veteran replacement, went with the inhouse option Martin. we will need a powerback and LT in the draft next year, this team can get better with what we have, but we still have some personell shortages where if filled we can be even better IMO

  40. Marinofan13 on said:

    Here’s the list of available FA FBs…
    Michael Robinson
    Peyton Hillis (RB)
    Lawrence Vickers
    Jacob Hester
    Jorvorskie Lane
    Corey McIntyre
    Ahmard Hall
    Ovie Mughelli
    Quinn Johnson
    Lousaka Polite
    Moran Norris
    Evan Rodriguez (TE)
    Chris Gronkowski
    Dorin Dickerson (TE)
    Brock Bolen
    Owen Schmitt
    Reagan Maui’a
    Mike Cox
    Brad Smelley (TE)
    Eddie Williams
    Zach Boren

    • to pick a guy from here reeks of desperation IMO. not saying we arent that, lol i wanted us to draft Leveon Bell after we got Jordan . he is a great combo back of power and speed, scored 2 TD’s in his first game ever for the woeful stealers. we didnt get him, but im hoping next year we get a back like him to help Miller out

  41. Marinofan13 on said:

    NFL: AroundTheLeague ‏@NFL_ATL 23s
    Report: Season-ending neck surgery a possibility for Ahmad Bradshaw: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000254795/article/report-seasonending-surgery-possible-for-bradshaw?campaign=Twitter_atl
    Damn, he’s a walking injury.

  42. Tim Knight on said:

    Did anyone think heading into this season that we were strong in every phase and should be a juggernaut championship contender? Or did you think we’ve made some strides and should compete for a playoff spot?

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I thought we could win the World Series this year…

    • Brian in NY on said:

      If we don’t get more consistency on both sides of the ball Tim I don’t think that we will be a contender come December. We need to strengthen some of our weaknesses of teams will continue to exploit them. JMO.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        Not every team has Brees, Sproles and Graham. I wouldn’t let that loss to the Saints have you too concerned.

        • Brian in NY on said:

          That’s true Tim, but I have been concerned with this OL for the past 6 years. We jsut have to roll with what we have and hope it is enought to get by for this year.

        • stanger on said:

          We ain’t elite yet. We’re good, but not one of the five to seven teams that have a legit chance for the ring.

    • convict on said:

      Of course there are weaknesses on every roster – and team philosophy and scheme drive where you choose to make investments – from a financial and time standpoint. I thought this at the time, and I think it now – I would have spent the time and money on overhauling our OL vs. our LBs (assuming you have to pick, which is a bit of a fallacy). That’s just my opinion of course, but I think its incredibly important to have a strong OL when developing a young QB. We chose not to do that. That’s all I am saying.

  43. Old Dolfan on said:

    WALKER: Got a feelin’ Cam Wake in full pads won’t let ANYBODY on his team “quit.” – - Expecting the “eye of the tiger” from Miami on sunday.

  44. Tim, good point, I didnt think we were loaded at every position, but i did think we made vast improveents in many areas. a couple moves the jury is still out on, like Wheeler, Grimes, Clabo, Patterson, etc these guys could make us look good or bad . we started the season with 4 WR’s, and one young promising rb in Miller. We brought in Clabo and moved Martin to LT. now we see we needed more than that for Tannehill, I was hoping We could give him everything he needed this year, but obviously, we are a few players away IMO

    • stanger on said:

      But everybody said Tanny needed stronger options to go to too. Not necessarily to make us happy, but they brought in Wallace, Gibson, Keller and Simms. Only so much you can do.
      Sometimes I think the only way to keep everyone happy is for the NFL to do away with the cap and to have Steinbrenner rise from the dead to buy the team.

  45. Jahndoh on said:

    Convict, I think that’s fair except for we actually SAVED money by overhauling our LB core and making it younger, at most it was a wash on salary cap space, so it wasn’t exactly a resource suck. The resources went towards the WRs and Keller.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      The secondary too.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        right, although that was only 2 contracts, and Grimes was a 1 year deal, but you’re right. Those two contracts and 2 high draft picks is indeed where lots of resources went.

  46. Tim Knight on said:

    It’s not like the team hasn’t tried to address the OL. The draft picks and signings are there. Getting them to all gel and be what you want them to be is another thing. If you look around the league, there are not many stud Olines in the game. All QBs are being chased around, hit and sacked.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Agreed, the coaches choose the roster eventually, and they chose this group. Maybe there was no Albert, but seriously to those who think they didn’t do enough, besides Albert, what would you have had them do? Draft Johnson after trading up? Sign Winston? How about Clabo?…oh wait, we did sign Clabo and so far he’s not playing all that great. It’s not like the line was totally ignored.

    • Until pretty much the Tanny fumble the OL was looking pretty solid. I thought to myself, a bit early ill admit, we finally are startng to look like our OLine is gel’ing. When we hit that first snag it started an unraveling process, and then after the misplay by Carroll on the pass to Sproles, it was full on undone. I liked the fact (and ill admit had a little homer level hope) when we scored that final TD we might be turning things around, but we just feel victim as many do to the bright lights, crown noise and national spotlight of playing Monday night in the dome.

  47. Al in NJ on said:

    You totally redeemed yourself this week with your pic choice lol.

  48. Jahndoh on said:

    Tim/Stanger, I’ve always been this way, but I don’t believe there’s some magical 5-7 teams who are clear cut contenders ( I believe there’s 3 right now, but the number changes) and then everybody else. I believe if you make it into the 12, it’s anyone’s game, and the fact that teams go to and win the Superbowl from the WC slot is good evidence to that effect.
    It’s a homer deal, but I get weary of reading how we’re not a contender yet. It’s the NFL, if we’re not a contender yet, then why will we be next year, or the year after or the year after? Go out 3 years and you don’t have any of our current players under contract, so you’d better contend now, rather then some magical time in the future.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Agreed. My point was heading into the season nobody should have had us pegged as a championship contender. Make the playoffs and play real well and anything is possible.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        Yeah, I didn’t mean to detract from that point either, because it’s a good one that I totally agree with.

  49. The NFL defenses are on pace for a record sack season, everyone is having protection issues

  50. convict on said:

    Stanger, I think my response to Tim touches a bit on what you are saying. We made FA decisions on all the positions, and the OL decision are what they are. If it were me (and to make Jahndoh happy, I recognize that Ireland knows more about personnel than I ever will), my #1 priority would have been winning the trenches on the offensive side. We already had a playoff caliber defense. Instead, we made the investments where we did – and we ended up with some glaring holes. Would Keller have helped? Perhaps… but I’m not sure he was ever known to be a good pass blocker.
    It is what it is now, we’ll see how it develops over the next few months.

  51. Tim Knight on said:

    If we don’t turn it over late 1st half and go up 17-14, get it to 14-13 or keep it at 14-10, I think the game is entirely different and we have a different view of everything. Sometimes a mistake or TO at the wrong spot changes everything.

    • Fumble by Tanny followed by playing the ball instead of Sproles by Carroll. If the fumble doesn’t happen and Carroll picks that ball, that game is WAY different.

  52. convict on said:

    Jahndoh – fair point on the $$$. I actually think the $$$ is irrelevant – aren’t we still significantly under the cap? To be very specific, I think Martin is developing as expected… he’s a decent tackle who is young and will make mistakes. My issue is the right side, where we have just been awful for years now. I don’t know why this is the case – but I believe we go cheap. We bring in cheap solutions, and for some reason hold on to the hope that Jerry will improve. Its all made even worse by the issues with pass blocking at TE and RB.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      I’m curious Convict, what specifically you would’ve done on the OL? Because other then trade for Albert or sign Winston (which easily could’ve been seen as a comparable move to signing Clabo IMHO), I just don’t know what else “make them my #1 priority” means? Drafting Johnson? Because Joekel and Fisher were both off the board.

  53. Brian in NY on said:


    The line wasn’t totally ignored because we had to replace what we lost. Long left, Martin slid to LT and we had to fill his spot. Maybe it will jell in time, but right now five sacks per game ain’t cutting it. It’s going to lead to more turnovers and eventually Tanny getting hurt.

  54. convict on said:

    Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington 11m
    Productive tight ends are biggest steals in football. GMs pay them based on outdated definition while coaches use them in modernized ways.
    Completely agree. Its a great point. I would give Graham a contract equal to Calvin Johnson. He just transforms what you can do on offense.

  55. The Flying Pig on said:

    Great Ask Mike

    But you forgot one class of fan
    The Oinker

    The Oinker is extremely good looking, has superior intelligence and knows the capial of all 50 states. The Oinker will fart on command. The Oinker loves the Dolphins and will set fire to anyone who does not.

  56. convict on said:

    An underrated perspective on our start is that we have been able to do this with our draft class having minimal impact except for on special teams. If those guys get healthy and on to the field, we should see even more improvement from the team as the season goes on.

  57. The Flying Pig on said:

    Tim Knight on October 3, 2013 at 10:42 am said:
    Funny how now the Browns are 2-2 tied for 1st in their division and the 3rd ranked defense in the league. Some of us said they’re better than what we’ve seen in the past. So that win on opening day should not be discounted as some easy win.
    Some of us Oinked about the possibility of the Browns bein good before the season began

  58. Tim Knight on said:

    Jahn, signing Grimes, keeping Patterson and his contract, and re-signing Jones was quite an investment. Also drafting CBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds was an additional investment.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      Good points Tim.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      But “keeping” a player is not making a new investment, and Grimes’ contract was a single year.
      But you’re right to point out that we used resources there this offseason because we did, and I did kinda leave them out of my analysis.

      • Brian in NY on said:

        I think Tim’s point on Patterson is that we could have cut him with zero cap hit.

        • Tim Knight on said:

          That’s right. I’m just saying we invested heavily in the secondary. Hey if Don Jones pans out as a DB and not just STs there’s another one though not a big financial investment.

          • Brian in NY on said:

            If our draft picks can develop into good players, then our secondary should be pretty good in a few years. Sgining Grimes to a three year extension would help greatly in that scnario.

        • Jahndoh on said:

          Yeah, I definitely got his point. The conversation is getting a bit off the mark from where I started it, but that’s ok….

  59. The Flying Pig on said:

    Marinofan13 on October 3, 2013 at 9:39 am said:
    Evan Silva ‏@evansilva 5m
    Daniel Thomas is the worst RB in the NFL who gets legit playing time & has been for a few years now. He does nothing well. Plz, plz go.

    He has 25 carries ont he year and they are almost all around the goal line or short yardage
    legit playing time my ass!

  60. Tim Knight on said:

    D, I agree with what you said about certain plays in the game changes everything. Most games are a few plays that change everything. I’m sure the Browns were saying the same thing when we beat them. We were down 7-6 at the half and beat them by 13 due to some sacks and TOs.

  61. Tim Knight on said:

    Does everyone forget that our 1st and 2nd rd picks from Philbin’s first season both started all 16 games as rookies? Vernon also played a lot of snaps on defense. Dion Jordan has been brought along slowly due to coming off of his shoulder injury. Taylor and Davis have both been banged up or they might have been playing a lot more.

  62. Jahndoh on said:

    posted a question to you in the reply above. If you care to answer, I’d be glad to read it. The options for what to do at OL were very limited. Only Winston and Albert are the “woulda coulda”, and to many, Clabo over Winston was a viable option.

  63. The Flying Pig on said:

    The Flying Pig ‏@TheFlyingPig44 5s @JaredOdrick98 I have been doing some research. I have learned ravens taste just like chicken…Go get ‘em!

  64. Jahndoh on said:

    BTW: Shout out to Mike E. Nice work on this one my man. You’re getting good at this!

  65. Marinofan13 on said:

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 17m
    That quote from Richie Incognito about OL being fired if they allow 72 sacks. Couple of those guys getting fired after the season anyway.

  66. Tim Knight on said:

    Jahn, going back to who is and isn’t a championship contender, nobody picked the Giants in 2007/2008 or 2011/12. They made the playoffs, got hot and won it all.

    • stanger on said:

      You can get hot (and this goes to Jahn as well) but you don’t plan for a miracle playoff run. You plan for the time when your chances are maximized. While you can’t guarantee a ring, You shoot for “we got a by and are looking real good time.”
      But maybe that is just me. I don’t split tens either.

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      TIM: DID you read my lengthy comments way up the page on teams with 6-7 losses who’ve WON the Super Bowl?

  67. Marinofan13 on said:

    Michael Signora ‏@NFLfootballinfo 55s
    NFL Offensive & Defensive Rookies of Month for Sept…WR DeAndre Hopkins, Hou; LB Kiko Alonso, Buf

  68. stanger on said:

    “We already had a playoff caliber defense. Instead, we made the investments where we did – and we ended up with some glaring holes.”
    Convict — to my mind when you talk what you could have done to support the O-Line, the main places to go are either not re-signing Long or using the 1st and 2nd for Jordan.
    Might we better team right now with either Long or Lane Johnson at T and a G picked high in the 2nd?…….probably. But even putting aside the play of Long this year (which was unknown….or maybe not), I think these guys were planning to make a serious push next year or the one after that. I put it down to long range planning.

  69. Wyoming85 on said:

    Nice work Mike E

  70. Brian in NY on said:

    You are dead on regarding those Giants teams. The biggest reason for those Super Bowl runs? Superior line play on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. They could protect their QB and disrupt the other teams QB on a consistent basis.

  71. Marinofan13 on said:

    According to PFF, Olivier Vernon is ranked #20 in Pass Rushing Productivity… one behind Jared Allen. THAT is impressive.
    Vernon is getting it done… getting after the passer. But his overall grade is tainted by his inability to play against the run and his coverage skills when asked to drop back.
    I think people need to have a better understanding of how PFF grades.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Vernon’s PRP is better than that of Chris Long, JPP, Julius Peppers, Osi, and Tuck.

  72. On that INT in front of Hartline. First, the defender gets to line up where they want….the WR doesn’t. Once the WR is set…the defender gets to position himself anywhere….so Hartline doesn’t get to change his alignment. Second, a WR usually doesn’t have carte blanche to just run any route he likes dependent on the defensive alignment. For example, if Hartline decided on that play to adjust his route and go down field…Tanny would probably have STILL thrown the INT b/c it’s a timing play and the ball would’ve been out. Tanny has to read inside leverage and SIMPLY NOT THROW THE DAMN BALL THERE. It was all on him. The only thing Hartline could’ve done differently would’ve been to be a little more physical with the corner and HOPE he prevented the INT. Good play by a veteran CB…bad read by an inexperienced QB.
    What really disappointed me though was we never used that alignment/situation and tried to do something off of it…such as having Hartline fake the in route and break it up field…Tanny pump fakes the short throw and hits Hartline deep. Why not? That’s how you adjust during the game and make plays. I don’t recall seeing that happen as the game progressed.
    Ya bunch of homerites.

  73. professorlou on said:

    WTF is this? No nipple Thursday?

    • stanger on said:

      Be nice Lou. Given that I believe everything that is on the internet……..that is Son’s wife. Hear she’s French too. :)

  74. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Wallace does have a point but he should just keep this inside the lockerroom.
    “I’m definitely worried about it because it’s game four,” Wallace said Wednesday, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “I’m not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it’s not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. I’m pretty sure it’s not the way anybody imagined it going. So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work.”

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Except the media brings it up and asks him about it constantly while they mention $65M everyday.

  75. Marinofan13 on said:

    Matty I ‏@TheMattyI 1m
    On 1st down, Tannehill’s YPA is 6.2 and rating of 72.5. On 2nd, 8.4 YPA and 96.2 rating. On 3rd, 8.6 YPA and 90.5. Comp % also increases.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Matty I ‏@TheMattyI 33s
      And FWIW, Lamar Miller is 12th in NFL in yards per carry on 1st & 10 (5.3 ypc). So…any ideas, Mike Sherman?

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        Matty I ‏@TheMattyI 21s
        The other interesting split? When there is pre-snap motion, Tannehill is 17/24 for 189 yds (7.9 ypa), 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 121.7 rating.

  76. Walker on said:

    I agree with that assessment. Everyone knows that part of the chess game is to make plays to set up other ones. You keep running the same plays to make the defense bite. The only ingenious play I saw us run was the one to Thigpen that took NO off guard

  77. All three of the highly touted LTs in this year’s draft are getting whooped. They would not have come to this team and made any sort of immediate impact. None of them are having better years than Martin. It’s still too early to suggest any of them will be top tier tackles in this league. Long is done as a premier LT…and simply not worth the money.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Pig and I were HIGH on the Branden Albert bandwagon.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        And I think Albert is still playing at a high level
        AND he is an UFA next year

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        I can’t fault the FO for not acquiring Albert
        Andy Reid was being a greedy human about the trade value

  78. convict on said:

    Jahndoh – sorry, went out to do some yard work. To answer your question, I would have gone after a guard in FA – Levitre would have topped my list, and then drafted a tackle in the 1st or 2nd round. The FA OT group was weak – as bad as long was last year he was probably the best available.
    Look, for all I know Ireland may have tried – who knows. Jordan may end up being an elite pass rusher which would make my approach foolish. I am of the opinion that a below average offensive line with a 2nd year QB can prove to be fatal to our playoff chances, so that’s why I would have made it the priority.

    • convict on said:

      Oh, and once Keller went down, I would have signed a pass-blocking TE. We can still do that… and should.

  79. M13,
    I like Albert…mostly b/c he’s a proven commodity. But, I also understand the logic behind developing your young players. I wasn’t a big proponent of going after Albert. Martin isn’t progressing as well as I would like, but I think folks are getting a little ahead of themselves on assessing the sort of player he COULD be in another year or so. I think he’d look better with an experienced QB behind him…but he definitely still has work to do. Just for me…I think it’s too early to throw in the towel on him.

    • convict on said:

      To be clear – I wouldn’t throw in the towel on Martin either. I would have on Jerry, and Clabo has not played well at all. Those are the 2 positions I would have invested more in.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I agree with you on Martin. He still needs time to maturate and his ceiling is still high. But… he’s let me down by and large so far this year. Here’s to hoping the light goes on very soon for him.

  80. The Flying Pig on said:


    what do you think of the idea of going after Albert in the offseason to play LT and moving Martin to RT?

  81. Jahndoh on said:

    Stanger, if you count cards you’ll know, there IS a time when splitting 10s makes sense. Other then that, I don’t see that as relateable in anyway to building a football team for a championship. I’m not sure what you mean by “plan for a miracle playoff run”, but I don’t think anyone does that.
    You plan to make the playoffs then you work to win every game you play. Every team has goals that they prioritize, Win superbowl is the ultimate, Get first round bye is the penultimate, win division is next, and make playoffs is next. Once you make the playoffs, every teams’ goal is exactly the same, win the next game.
    Maybe getting a first round bye is something that you or I didn’t peg the fins to do, but I’ll bet my house that the team players and it’s leadership haven’t crossed that off their list of possibilities.

    • stanger on said:

      Jahn — was just using it as an extreme of example of how I play the percentages (but for the record I have counted cards and would never split tens because it is about as quick and invite to exit the place you can get if you are otherwise playing your cards right).
      And I never said you shouldn’t shoot for the bowl every year…….unless you are in the front office. We saw back in the last days of Shula what happens when you try to go for it all each year. Have to plan for the future, and sometimes that means backing down from a fight (in the draft and FA) that you know you can’t win…..extreme example of that right now is the Richardson trade.

  82. Tim Knight on said:

    M13, the reason why the PFF rankings don’t hold much merit with me is because games are all different, they’re against different opponents and there are too many variables with play scenarios. That’s why I don’t see the rankings as comparable.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      The same can be said about stats and even wins and losses; everything changes from week to week. I understand where you’re coming from, but understand PFF is just another tool that can be added to your toolbox. It is NOT the NFL “Bible”.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        Except people are running with it like it is the bible. It’s become rather annoying. It’s being used in almost every article I read now.

  83. professorlou on said:

    I don’t understand how a player who was a wide receiver in college, and a pretty decent one at that, could have so much trouble holding onto the ball. Did he forget how to carry the ball when he became a qb?

  84. Jahndoh on said:

    Thanks for the response. Which tackle would you have drafted in the first or 2nd round? That’s the real question. Because it was Johnson or nobody at 3. Do you think we should’ve selected Johnson? Ultimately that next tier of tackles was really OT/Guards, and Dallas Thomas was certainly in it. So we kinda did that..even if we got him in the early 3rd rather then the 2nd.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      PS, legit on the guard thing. I really like Levitre, but confess I don’t know what he would’ve (or did) cost.

  85. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    The luckiest guy in NFL has to be matt flynn. Getting $8m/year to warm the bench the last 2 years. I’d take that job.

  86. Marinofan13 on said:

    James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL 1m
    Miami Dolphins Stock Watch http://espn.go.com/blog/miami-dolphins/post/_/id/1476/miami-dolphins-stock-watch-6

  87. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    mf13, I think tyson clabo has been a bigger disappointment that Martin. I knew martin would struggle because he’s young but clabo?

  88. Jahndoh on said:

    Randy, rather then use the reply, I’ll just say this:
    This: http://www.finsmob-exoduss.com/2013/10/02/welcome-to-ask-mike-week-28-2/comment-page-1/#comment-319358
    Was really great analysis. Thanks for sharing it.

  89. Marinofan13 on said:

    The way I study the game is three-fold: my eyes, the stats, and the likes of PFF, Football Outsiders, etc. Between those three elements, it’s pretty difficult to miss anything. And, I put no ONE above the other.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      I’d say since the film is not on your list, it’s really really easy to miss something with that regimen. The fact that players seem to go from the top to the bottom of their rankings with great frequency tells me there’s an element of consistency that PFF isn’t capable of.
      I’m with Tim and Mike E nowadays, I’m sick of it. It was an interesting tool, but I know longer trust them as an authority.

  90. stanger on said:

    Randy, M13 or anybody — any feeling on who strong the OL draft class will be next year? Throw the FAs in there too.

  91. Tim Knight on said:

    OD, yes I did see your post about 6 and 7 loss teams winning the SB.

  92. Jahndoh on said:

    “Jahn — was just using it as an extreme of example of how I play the percentages (but for the record I have counted cards and would never split tens because it is about as quick and invite to exit the place you can get if you are otherwise playing your cards right).”

    So you’ll like this story. I don’t think having “superbowl contention” as a goal dimishes your chances of merely winning a divisional round game in any way shape or form, thus the not relating on the 10s…but here’s a story:
    I was in college and thought I was smarter then everyone else on earth. Learned to count cards and went to Reno (lived in NorCal at the time) where I went on quite a tear. The best table I was sitting at had this annoying gum chewing woman wearing leapard print pants and chain smoking. She and I were at the table for hours while she played 1st base and I played 3rd. She relentlessly belittled other players, but generally stayed away from me. She ran several really nice people off the table including a really hot girl who had sat down next to me.
    Soon after, the count was +8 on a 2 deck deal. I got 20 and was either naive to think nobody was paying attention to me because I was at the low limit table, or just cocky. I split them. She went ballistic. I didn’t say a thing while she just went off. The dealer warned her that she was going to be asked to leave if she didn’t stop, he had a 5 showing, turned over 15, busted out and everybody won. The lady points to me and says “this dumbfuck would split a 12 inch dick in half if he had one”. To which I replied, only if I was trying to fit it in your tight ass lady.
    That was the first time I ever got asked to leave a casino…she lost it and we both got thrown out. :-)

    • Jahndoh on said:

      PS, upon rereading your post above, I think I see it from your perspective a bit more. You do have to build in windows, but then again, this is a what have you done for me lately-kinda league, so HCs and players don’t get the luxury of a long time period to build a team. Win now, or get fired.

    • stanger on said:

      LMAO — We’ll never know if it was the split or the comment that got you yanked…..probably a combo of both.
      But since we are on casino stories. I’m in the Dominican Republic and drunk as shit and I go on a little roll. So drunk that they see me as the biggest mark they ever saw (but somehow I am able to keep my numbers going even when shit faced).
      They clear out a whole table for me even though there are lines behind seats waiting for a spot. And I’m not even betting all that much…..they just wanted to get their money back.
      At one point I go to the bathroom and can’t find my way back to the table. I’m stumbling and a security guard is about to kick me out. My Pit Boss comes all the way across the casino to say…….”OH no you don’t” and leads me back to the table.
      Set my drunken ass sits back down…….and then I took them for even more.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        Awesome. Hard Rock? I took a table full of locals to the cleaners playing hold ‘em there. They weren’t happy. I just plain got lucky. They had a scam going where they’d multi call any big raise from me so one of them would take down the pot.
        My last 3 hands were all ins, and I got called by 2, 3 and 2 players respectively, and won them all! I got the f out of there as quickly as possible. Saw one of the players in the resort the next day (the only other tourist) and asked if he was going to play poker that night, he laughed and said, “Not with you!”, looked at his wife and said “this is the guy I told you about”. LOL!
        PS, I’ve also lost plenty in the casinos in my day. I don’t gamble much anymore. Hate the losing more then I like the winning.

        • stanger on said:

          LOL…….taking them down against the odds. But that is also why I never even tried to learn about hold’em, least not going to a casino.
          If I want poker (and it paid me nicely for many a year)……I’ll find my home town game with people who don’t travel to play. Much better playing the casual set — talk about maximizing percentages. :)

  93. Piggy,
    I’m not really sure on going after Albert. I guess I’d wanna wait and see how Martin matures this season. If he’s still struggling with his technique by then…maybe. In today’s NFL you usually have really good pass rushers from both sides, so I don’t think moving him back to RT is the answer either. If his technique doesn’t improve, he’s gonna struggle no matter where he is.
    I also think folks are overreacting on Jerry. He has not been great, but he hasn’t been horrible by any stretch of the imagination. The guy missed a ton of camp and needs to get his feet under him. I still don’t think he’s a great fit for our scheme, but he’s not the problem. People only see the bad plays for the OL and then think they’re playing horribly….same old story.
    If we had a Manning or Brees playing behind this line… I would be willing to bet nobody would be talking about them.

  94. Marinofan13 on said:

    Another guy I’ve got my eyes on is Zack Martin of Notre Dame. I could see him replacing Dark Richie if we allow him to walk after the season.

  95. Marinofan13 on said:

    I also fundamentally believe that A&M’s JAKE MATTHEWS will be the 1st overall player taken in the 2014 NFL Draft. Write… that… down… in pen.

  96. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Too Funny, you can’t even make this crap up…lol. Yet sadly for most people this is so true, so screwed…SMH

  97. marlins fan on said:

    I think it’s a combination of a pass happy league where sacks are more common and the lack of a running threat, having a running threat is a pass protecting tackles best friend, I think we’ll see improvement in the running game, we saw glimpses MN. most of the sacks were in garbage time and tanny does hold the ball way too long, in fact I rarely see him throw it away, that and circumstance plays a big role in the problem, I feel it’s not all on the OL. JMO

  98. convict on said:

    Jahndoh – There were a group of 2nd tier OTs in the draft that I would have looked at. Fluker, Pugh, etc. Not sure I would have traded up to 3 for a RT.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      LOL…I’m not looking for a fight over Johnson…I just wanted to know who. Because Dallas Thomas was at the top of that 2nd tier for me.

  99. Marinofan13 on said:

    on October 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm said:
    I’d say since the film is not on your list, it’s really really easy to miss something with that regimen. The fact that players seem to go from the top to the bottom of their rankings with great frequency tells me there’s an element of consistency that PFF isn’t capable of.
    I’m with Tim and Mike E nowadays, I’m sick of it. It was an interesting tool, but I know longer trust them as an authority.
    Yes, DEFINITELY film. I should have stated us much under EYES: live/replay/film.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      But you KNOW I watch film, Bro! I link to it a LOT.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        TBH, in college scouting you do. But I think actual film study of the games we’re critiquing on this site is painfully lacking. I have spent a lot of time breaking down plays and doing screengrabs ala Volin for the PBP last year, but it seems I’m the only one who appreciates such things so I don’t waste the time anymore and just judge for myself.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      A simple reason you can’t compare player to player rankings is – say a SOLB the first 3 weeks plays against a weak blocking TE and sub par running game in general, his run defending numbers right be really good, yet another SOLB who played against strong blocking TEs and quality run teams during that same time will have lesser numbers. So what does that tell me when I see the player rankings? Nothing!

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        I hear ya, and you’ll get no argument from me there! Everything must be taken for what it’s worth.

      • Jahndoh on said:

        I think M13 has a point that this logic means you can’t use any other stats to back your argument either. They’re all subjected to the opponents. I have my issues with PFF, but this one is a slippery slope that leaves you in a position where if your defense is the best in the league at something, you can’t argue it because the data is confounded by the opponents the defense played.

  100. Jahndoh on said:

    Tit for tat, here’s an interesting little Jimmy Kimmel bit that illustrates some of the sheeple the American electorate consists of:

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      That’s funny, I always liked the JayWalking street interviews with Jay Leno too. People are tards man….lol

      • Jahndoh on said:

        I really appreciated the first/last lady on the video. She was humble about it all and handled it well. She even came to the show and sat in the audience!

  101. convict on said:

    Randy, you said: “If we had a Manning or Brees playing behind this line… I would be willing to bet nobody would be talking about them.”
    That’s exactly my point. We don’t, so pass protection is a bigger issue for us. Again, I agree with the consensus that its not just the OL – its everyone involved in pass protection. However, when all you have is youth at QB, RB, TE… it makes the OL play that much more important.

  102. stanger,
    Draft talk already? LOL
    There are some pretty good tackle prospects this year. I’ve always like Matthews from A&M. I think he could be really good. Then there’s Lewan(who I think will be solid but might not be really good), Richardson out of Tennessee is a good prospect. I watched him a lot when I watched Dallas Thomas last year…solid player. Hurst is a guy who will get more and more attention as the year goes on b/c he looked good against Clowney. He looked good last year playing alongside Johnathan Cooper…but I’m not really sure he’s as good as some think. He’s got a long, athletic(relatively) frame though.
    The guard class isn’t a strong one, but it’s hard to tell this early b/c some tackle prospects will become guard prospects by year’s end. I like Yankey out of Standford as a guard. Cyril Richardson from Baylor is a big man with some talent. But, most of my knowledge is of these guys last year.

    • stanger on said:

      Thanks Randy. I’m sorry to hear it ain’t a good guard class though. Figuring we will need at least one.
      Never too early to gather great info like than. But truthfully, was more than anything trying to say you can’t criticize what the FO does unless you have as big a picture as them. Have to look at a team in year chunks, with all pieces involved.

  103. convict on said:

    I don’t know what Dallas Thomas is… guard or tackle. All I know is that he was pretty poor in the preseason. He may turn out to be good, but they need to figure out his position. I actually forgot about him until you mentioned him.

  104. Tim Knight on said:

    It’s very funny that some of you are talking about which OL you like in the draft. Seriously, after 4 games and a 3-1 record? LOL

    • GetterDone Phins on said:

      +1000000000000000000000000 :)

    • marlins fan on said:

      I was thinking the same thing, way too early to start talking draft, and it’s highly unlikely anyone we draft will come in start and fix our perceived problems anyway.
      only playing time and gelling as ateam can cure these problems

  105. Marinofan13 on said:

    on October 3, 2013 at 12:54 pm said:
    TBH, in college scouting you do. But I think actual film study of the games we’re critiquing on this site is painfully lacking. I have spent a lot of time breaking down plays and doing screengrabs ala Volin for the PBP last year, but it seems I’m the only one who appreciates such things so I don’t waste the time anymore and just judge for myself.
    I have no idea how much time you have on your hands or your willingness to do so, but I’d ENCOURAGE you… or anyone for that matter… to DO THIS! I really liked Volin doing that last year and found it to be GRAND!
    As for me, I’m REALLY big into scouting the college ranks to help our team in the future… that’s just who I am and my love.
    Seriously, I think it would be AWESOME if you or anyone else would do what you suggest! EXCELLENT idea, Bro!

  106. I’ve always felt Thomas is a guard b/c of his feet. He’s good enough to be a pulling guard but gets exposed as a tackle on an island. He needs to get stronger…as most young OL do…but I think he’s our future at LG. That said…if Clabo doesn’t step up his game, we might see him at RT before the year’s over.
    My early lunch is done…..catch you fellas later.

  107. Jahndoh on said:

    Stanger, one more casino story for you above in our thread. This one was also in the DR.

    • stanger on said:

      Replied to — but I didn’t realize that was in the DR. Rumor is that some of the places there take 10′s out of the deck in blackjack……..which makes your gang fight poker story make all the more sense.

  108. Tim Knight on said:

    Jahn, I hear you on stats in general. Total tackles is a very cloudy stat. It does not mean the guy made game changing tackles, just a lot of them in scheme and many of them could be 5+ yards down the field.
    With all stats I think you need a large body of work to show consistency.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      EXACTLY. Gotta take things for what they are worth.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      “With all stats I think you need a large body of work to show consistency.”
      This is universally true. The larger the dataset, the more reliable the statistical results you can tease out of it.

  109. marlins fan on said:

    real good to see jamar taylor getting his first playing time this year

  110. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Mike E. – In addition to the “Oinkers” you also forgot the Eeyore category of fan. They’re the ones who slay the team with faint praise followed by a qualifier such as “It’s great that we barely squeeked into a 3-1 record, but we’re not that good and probably won’t make the playoffs or beat the Patriots.”

    • marlins fan on said:

      hater – (Hay-tuhr) A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to disparage a player, coach or GM, or any official, including the Owner on the team they claim they are a fan of. They usually have little logic in their hatred, and often sound childish and immature with their complaints.

  111. Old Dolfan on said:

    GONNA HAVE at least TWO chow-downs to attend in the parking lot of the Ravens @ Fins game. –Been told Young Stanger’s buddy is a gourmet chef of the highest order. Can’t turn down invite by guy wearing Fields’ jersey to partake of excellence. —THEN there’s one of MY BOYZ, Master Chef John who, for a small fee, will get the food, cook it to ORDER perfectly, and fill you to the gills before EVERY GAME! – - His gastronomical excellence produced one of the best NY strip steaks I have EVER HAD, including Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s of Chicago, prior to the Atlanta Falcons game! —With noodle dish, all the trimmings, desert and an adult beverage the tab was $10 PER PERSON!!! – - Thank goodness football season only includes 8 home games during the regular season. Otherwise all of us would be the size of NFL linemen!! – - One of “MY BOYZ” is actually a lady. Miss Joan, our most knowledgeable Dolphin fan, brings her own healthy and lo-cal food to each game and has done so for decades. –She is the ONLY ONE OF US below 200 pounds!!
    FUN at the old football game!! – - Worth every mile I have flown or driven since 1966!!

    • stanger on said:

      OD — those steaks looked about as good as you get. Testament was that I came a bit after they were served and I couldn’t even get you to talk to me. :)
      No competition — but yeah, Warren puts down good stuff. We ain’t putting down a grill, but believe he is doing filet mignon sandwiches with his special sauce and toppings and a bunch of spreads. And no charge to anyone who has ever posted here.

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        My apologies for talking less and eating more!! – - The crazy thing was Chef John offered medium, large or extra large steaks done to order PERFECTLY!! – - Some time I’ll tell you about the huge steaming pot full of lobsters, shrimp, fresh grouper, scallops and mussels and King Crab that John did about 3 years ago. “INSIDE THE NFL” carried about 30-45 seconds of info about it that included Yours’ truly, Chef John, and most of MY BOYZ eating and guzzling to our heart’s delight!

  112. Phelonius Phish on said:

    M – Don’t point out things that make Vernon look good…he’s sucky, dammit!

  113. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Mike E., Piggy, Et al,
    The October game may not be out of the question. We’re awaiting the official word, but looks like we won the contract, so I will be spending some quality time at Slattery’s for the next few months.

  114. marlins fan on said:

    I liked the way they implemented the read option the other night, that may pay big down the road.

  115. marlins fan on said:

    there’s more to playing DE than rushing the passer, there’s a thing called setting the edge in run support, Vernon starts for a reason.

  116. Old Dolfan on said:

    PIGGY: NEXT time you are at the stadium I’ll intro you to MY BOYZ. – - You’ll like the fact that our meals each game are “PORK FREE.”

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I’m in the stadium his Sunday OD
      I’m goign to the game with Stanger

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        Mrs. OD says “I just think little piggies are SO CUTE!” – - I’ll get you over to the Big DOLPHINS TENT where my BOYZ hang. We’ll try to spoil you!!

  117. Marinofan13 on said:

    Still no word on who are 53rd man is…

    • Marinofan13 on said:


    • The Flying Pig on said:

      We are probably getting worked up for nothing
      It might not be particulalry notable

      but what’s with the suspense…lol
      Is their a tactical advtage here?
      I doubt are concered about the 53rd man

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        PIGGY; Maybe YOU could be the 53rd man! – - The plan is to feed you 3 orders of Master Chef John’s chili, force 2-3 beers down your gullet, and have you walk by the Ravens’ bench downwind.

  118. Marinofan13 on said:

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 14s
    New blog post up. Some #Dolphins Olinemen getting fired after this season anyway: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/

  119. Old Dolfan on said:

    MF-13; Some day I’ll get yer ass down to the stadium. –I PROMISE YOU you’ll NOT leave the stadium hungry or thirsty!!

  120. Phelonius Phish on said:

    OD – Tell Missus OD that I think little piggies are cute too. Just harder to hit.

  121. Marinofan13 on said:

    Poach Reid Fragle from the Bengals!!!

    • Jahndoh on said:

      And do what with him? He’s not going to play unless we see like 3-4 injuries on the OL all of the sudden. The thing about all these in season churnings: Almost NONE of them make any contribution to the on field product. Fragle wouldn’t be any different, but maybe if the coaches liked him coming out like you did they’d consider poaching him as a developmental prospect. But you have to remember, being held all year on the 53 just as a developmental prospect takes a very unique situation..either a guy with Probowl athleticism and upside, or a guy who a team spent a lot of draft compensation to get. Is Fragle the former?

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        I was just having fun with “Fraggle Rock”! LOL

        • Jahndoh on said:

          No worries, I was trying to get a bit more from you on if you thought he was truly that guy who was worth developing while keeping on the 53.

          • Marinofan13 on said:

            No… I can’t see it happening, man. Reid needs more time to develop as he’s converting from TE to Pro LT. We already have someone WAY ahead of him in Will Yeatman.

  122. Old Dolfan on said:

    YOUNG STANGER: –Answer back at you just below your comments up the page. –One of my BOYZ said “that’s how we get Randy to shut up – - serve him FOOD!!

    • stanger on said:

      Looking forward to hearing your story. Fair warning — I will counter with Lobster fests back from growing up. Sorta a New England proud kinda thing. And don’t even get me started on steamers. :)

  123. Marinofan13 on said:

    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 2m
    NFC Players of the Month: Jimmy Graham, Richard Sherman, Cordarrelle Patterson

    • Jahndoh on said:

      Not sure I see it from Patterson TBH, watched him play last weekend, was unimpressed. But I admit I didn’t see the first 3 weeks, only the boxscores. I know the kid isn’t playing any WR, which was my concern with him all along. He’s a return specialist (currently, and in my mind).

      • Jahndoh on said:

        PS, but clearly getting named an NFC player of the month is very impressive, hats off to that accomplishment regardless of my thoughts. ;-)

  124. Marinofan13 on said:

    Pig and I ROCK!!!
    NUK gets NFC Rookie of the Month, and Cordarrelle gets STs Player of the Month!!!

  125. ocalaHowie on said:

    Afternoon Update
    Howie 31-20 MIA
    Rhino 30-17 MIA
    MikeE 31-13 MIA
    OLD 23-17 MIA
    Piggy 31-0 MIA
    Cav 24-17 MIA
    Herd 30-23 MIA
    Rob 38-0 MIA
    RCR 24-21 MIA
    D 24-13 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  126. marlins fan on said:

    Wake said he’s gonna do what he can to be ready on sunday but it’s up to the coach if he plays.

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      Looks like birth control devices in the Pittsburgh area were in short supply 9 months ago.
      I hope every wife of a husband who is a big Dolphin fan takes notes on this incident.

  127. Tim Knight on said:

    I don’t get Patterson being player of the month either. He had a big KR for a TD and his average per KR is very good, but he’s done little as a WR. I have him on my FF team and don’t see getting him in my lineup any time soon.

  128. Marinofan13 on said:

    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 27s
    Not practicing: Deonte Thompson, Marlon Brown, Terrence Cody, Ryan Jensen, Albert McClellan, Lardarius Webb

  129. Marinofan13 on said:

    Speaking of Samurai… just realized that Justin Hunter only has two catches all year… both for TDs!

  130. Marinofan13 on said:

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m
    Filed to ESPN: Bucs have released QB Josh Freeman. Bucs tried to trade him but couldn’t.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      LOL trying to trade him
      No one wanted him

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        In the RIGHT system, he’ll be good once again. This schmuck known as Greg Schiano is losing the Tampa Bay locker room VERY quickly.
        By the way… I REALLY like Mike Glennon.

  131. The Flying Pig on said:

    Robert Woods is playing pretty well too
    He is playing a lot for the Bills
    Terrence Williams is on track for nearly 50 catches
    I think Allen and Austin are probably brinign up the rear among Samurai
    I bet Allen turns it on soon
    Austin is bein releid on way to early in his career
    he has a ton of targets for a rookie

    • stanger on said:

      Pig — no push, but give me a call/e-mail on logistics when you get the chance. No serious rush, but her friends are coming in so I’d like to bat around. Thanks.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        I’m flying in tonight
        I figure I meet with you Sunday morning
        does that sound good?
        Do you have a suggestion?

        • stanger on said:

          Sunday morn for sure. More than anything was going to what time makes sense. From here with stadium traffic, maybe 35 minutes (20 normally).
          Bad news is there are two women involved. Good news is there are two cars and two passes. So even if I’d like the side by side two car set…….all stuff to talk about.
          And hey — if I go early with tailgate master Warren you can catch the 2nd car. Depends on what you want.

  132. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Wow 14 million people tuned in to watch the game on Monday night. helluva time to lay an egg phins.

  133. Marinofan13 on said:

    Prediction: Josh Freeman will be a Jag in a matter of a couple of days.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl 1m
      Because there’s no offset language in Freeman’s contract, the Bucs still owe him the remainder of his contract.
      YUP. He’ll be picked up VERY quickly.

  134. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    23-20 Ravens.
    I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see our o-line being able to handle the ravens D-line. The march to 76 sacks continues.

  135. GetterDone Phins on said:
  136. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Seahawks would be smart to sign Freeman.

  137. Tim Knight on said:

    Justin Hunter needs to add some strength and weight before he’s a regular contributing WR. He’s very thin.

  138. Tim Knight on said:

    Freeman has talent. He needs to get his shit together. He will get picked up soon by some team.

  139. Marinofan13 on said:

    Thanks for the GIF of Justin Hunter, Bro!!!
    My highest rated receivers entering the Draft were Cordarrelle, NUK, and then Hunter.

  140. Mike E. on said:

    Good afternoon folks! Damn! Been a busy day today. Tough one too. Definitely some people that deserved to go missing this morning. Ugh! lol

  141. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Schiano is gonna get the boot soon, he looks to be in the same frazzled mental state as Tony before his ouster.

  142. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    Tim Knight
    on October 3, 2013 at 9:44 am said:
    Yes a big back who gets 6+ carries and 1 reception per game is legit playing time. LOL
    Tim- That makes no sense, the playing time split has been about 60/40 regardless of the stats. In fact, DT played almost the entire 2nd half against the Saints, as stated by Philbin. Regardless of whether he is getting carries or not, he is still playing a LOT. DT just isn’t trusted by the coaching staff as much more than a pass blocker, and that speaks to his talent unfortunately. To boot, when given the chances he has stunk.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Big backs usually need to carry the rock man, not get it a couple of times a quarter. I know you don’t like DT so I take that with a grain of salt. LOL

  143. The Flying Pig on said:

    I don;t think its been 60/40
    the carries are almost double by Miller
    but DT is a much better receiver than Miller
    So when we are behind (and we have been a lot this year) Dt makes sense ont he field
    but I really don;t think the plan is to have him with the offense 40% of the time
    and It appears to be like they want to give Miller more than 15 carries in a game
    they just can;t when they are trailing or in the case of the Browns when they can;t run at all no matter who has the ball

    • YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

      Not talking carries, talking PT. Even still, it is 43 carries to 25 on the year. Pretty close to 60/40.

  144. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    Marinofan13 on October 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm said:
    I also fundamentally believe that A&M’s JAKE MATTHEWS will be the 1st overall player taken in the 2014 NFL Draft. Write… that… down… in pen.
    How could the Jags even remotely consider passing on Clowney or a QB? Assuming they don’t trade down which is possible.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      IF the Jags end up picking R1P1, they could KILL by trading down a couple of spots to the suitor who wants to land Jake Matthews.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I tend to agree
      its hard to justify passing on a Qb or an elite defender in favor of an OT
      A team like the Jags are desperate for a QB

  145. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Howie – 31-13 Miami

  146. GetterDone Phins on said:

    DT3 needs a foot up his azz!!!!

  147. Mike E. on said:

    Lou – Gotta tell you, I LMFAO with your no nipple Thursday comment!
    I was looking for ‘em for about 5 minutes, and then realized, much to my dismay, they were airbrushed out. :)

  148. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    richie on nfl network next.

  149. Mike E. on said:

    Did anyone bring up the Fest dates to you? Possibly 10/27 NE, or 11/17 SD, or 11/25 CAR

  150. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Are the phins practicing today? I thought they had the day off but richie just said that he got off the practice field and the interview was supposedly live.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      No practice today, Boulder.

      • BoulderPhinFan on said:

        so nfl network must have recorded that interview yesterday and pretended it was live today.
        It’s funny because the guy said. We have Richie incognito live at the phins today. Wave at the people richie and he waved.

  151. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    MF13- The 2014 draft has been referred to as “the Clowney sweepstakes” all summer long. I don’t know how you think the #1 overall is anyone other than him, unless the Jags go for a QB of which they couldn’t be blamed.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Funny how my man (even prior to week #1) James Hurst contained Clowney… who seems to have taken this year “off” thus far.

  152. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    I was wondering why we don’t have more quick releases. Hopefully it’s coming. Philbin is probably getting on sherman’s ass more
    Baltimore media asked Joe Philbin today about the Dolphins’ deplorable pass protection — only Jacksonville has allowed as many sacks as Miami’s 18 – and Philbin said it has reached the point where “we are going to have to consider every option. There are a lot of things we can do – more three-step drops, sprint out pass, you name it…. The whole spectrum of things have gone wrong.”

  153. Tim Knight on said:

    M13, Clowney is playing with a foot injury that needs surgery in the offseason, though it’s not considered serious. He’s playing through the pain.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I don’t buy into “hype”. One mere play last year seems to have defined Clowney as a “GOD”. And we all know the play I’m talking about.

      • YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

        I don’t think that the Andrew Luck of this draft will have his stock fall much considering his circumstances MF, unless the injury is more serious and becomes a concern. Just MHO.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        I’ve been hearing he’ll be the #1 pick this year since last year. That’s all I’m going by. I’m not looking at the draft at this time.

  154. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    Mike- I’m not an overreactor, I’m a bitcher/venter. If there is overreactor though, where is underreactor? :) There are LOTS of classifications we could’ve gone with, as the ultra-patience brigade is a form of homer too. ;)

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I admit to being in the homer category. Though I can see the team for what it is as well. :)

  155. YouJustBeenJoeMommad on said:

    Mike- Actually, I don’t think those nips were airbrushed, lol. I think that is one of those push up type bras that are flesh colored with the padding. I know about the. Only because my wife has about 5 of them! :D

  156. The Flying Pig on said:

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 3m RT @Gary_Daniels: why isn’t Gillislee getting carries? –> My question would be why isn’t Lamar Miller getting more carries.

    Those of you that despise DT are not the only ones^^^
    My take on it is not so much abotu the qaulity of the RBs
    I think when we get in passing situations DT makes more sense than the other RBs
    Miller hasnt been very good
    Maybe if he made some of those catches this would change
    In theory Dt is a better blocker…in theory
    but he is defiantely a better receiver
    I would not trust Gillessse in this point as a major factor in the passing game
    i we get ahead, I’m not sure you see DT as much as we have seen
    but we haben;t been ahead
    I tend to thinK DT is an asset on the team
    I don’t think he is the most beneficial to the offense though
    but circumstances of the game are having a huge affect on playing time IMO

  157. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Kate Moss, Eww…her face looks all broke out in that link…

  158. GetterDone Phins on said:

    This kid has to be ecstatic being able to receive passes from Marsha.
    Patriots signed WR Austin Collie.
    Danny Amendola (groin), Aaron Dobson (neck), Kenbrell Thompkins (shoulder) and Matt Slater (wrist) were all on the injury report Wednesday.

  159. Mike E. on said:

    Slattery’s is the Home of Dolfans NYC. It’s totally a Dolphins bar. Very cool!

  160. Marinofan13 on said:

    JUST to keep things honest, y’all…
    David Tyree made one of the GREATEST catches in Super Bowl HISTORY (“Helmet Catch” vs Rodney Harrison). That just so happened to also be the very last catch of his NFL career. ONE PLAY does not equal GREATNESS… even on the GREATEST of stages.
    I find the Clowney hype to be disturbing, but that’s just me. EVERYONE and their mother is all about him due to ONE MERE PLAY last year. I’ll remind y’all of one COURTNEY BROWN… taken #1 overall out of PSU. LOL, didn’t work out so well now… did it?

  161. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Hope Ellerbe finally has a statement game Sunday, and what better time than against his former team!

  162. The Flying Pig on said:


    You can see pics of Sltterys from MNF here


    Slatterys replaced 3rd and Long which closed in the offseason

  163. shooting at the capital, congress is on lockdown

  164. The Flying Pig on said:

    I donl;t think Clowney is hyped up
    I think he is the real deal and desrving of the #1 overral pic
    To me, he is the rare defensive player that probably comes into the league twice in a decade

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Like Old Dolfan would say… “SHOW ME”! Clowney hasn’t done much this year at ALL.

      • The Flying Pig on said:

        his is going 2013 light…lol
        He was good last year
        all season
        it wasn;t just one play in 2012

  165. Marinofan13 on said:

    With ALL of this Clowney hype, people are dropping the ball on my man Anthony Barr. Perhaps that’s a good thing! It’s FUNNY how the media works… and how many people buy into the “talking heads”. LOL

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      Barr should be a top 5 pick
      I think he is rathed higher as a porspect than Jordan was

  166. GetterDone Phins on said:

    With all this team RB talk here lately, Did I miss you guys talking about Thigpen’s big play on Monday Nite?
    He turned a short pass in the flat into a 50yd jaunt. After seeing that, and seeing how Sproles of similar build & speed tore us up, I’d now like to see Thiggy involved more on offense. I think it’s a new key to slowing the pass rush on Tanny for sure!!!

  167. patsiees signed Austin Collie, dont know if he has much left does he?

  168. week 6 matchup, Denver at Jax, dont reckon Vegas will go with Jax because of the home field advantage do ya? lmao should be a 50 point spread IMO< but i dont see Vegas going past 30

  169. TwiceTheThe on said:

    I think maybe Clowney is taking it easy and trying to avoid any serious injury before his big payday – although that can backfire, not just in dropped draft status but in that sometimes taking it easy leads to an injury because your head isn’t completely in the moment to moment of a game.
    I know that’s purely speculation but if even remotely true, then it would make me hesitate as a GM to draft him high. Once he gets paid, is he going to coast?

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      MUCH has been made of the fact that Clowney could have/should have sat out this year. Interesting, is it not?

      • Tim Knight on said:

        But he’s playing through a foot injury that will require surgery in the offseason.

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        That’s true – in his defense he was in a difficult situation on all that. I think he was advised to play rather than not as not playing might drop his draft stock even further.

  170. lol they said on the sports talk radio, that Collie has a job until Amendola is fully healed, i thought, wow, that could be 20 years! lol

  171. TwiceTheThe on said:

    No disrespect to Thiggy, but he’s a poor man’s Sproles.

    • a really poor man, like homeless living under a bridge, lol thiggy made a nice play, sproles has made hundreds of nice plays

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I agree
      Sproles is unique
      probably the only player in that mold int he NFL today

      In Thiggys defense he is porbably a bit more durable b/c he is bigger
      I am surprised about how much the Saints get out of Sproles

  172. This guy reminds me a bit of Sproles, exellent in open space , very fast and elusive. incredible highlight from last week,,,,,,,,,,,


  173. Old Dolfan on said:

    ABC reports woman attacker in Washington DC has been shot dead. –There’s a report she had a child in the car with her. –Wonder if she was just wacko OR if her actions had anything to do with govt shutdown?? – - Maybe a little of both.
    Expect significant upgrade to security checks at sporting events this weekend.

  174. the government shutdown PROVES that politicians will put their own self interests ahead of the American people, even if it harms the country. huh, but that sounds like a conspiracy theory right? nope, its the truth

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Don’t try to bring me to the table on this. My views have already been stated. IMO, anyone who can’t see what’s going on is a fucking idiot or communist.
      I’m not talking politics here.

      • me either, im talking about people, you and me and everyone here getting screwed without a kiss . the government needs to reopen, and raise the debt ceiling so our credit rating doesnt go down, again. we funded this country, and many of us have given our sons, daughters, fathers, etc to this country’s wars. its time our government respected us instead of giving us the self centered shaft. there are 316 million Americans, we will be heard! lol

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      Imagine the irony if several politicians had been shot today because the capitol hill guards were laid off due to the govt shutdown.

  175. The Flying Pig on said:

    I’m heading to the airport now to fly to FLA

  176. Tim Knight on said:

    David, I’m not getting into your conspiracy stuff. I think your point there was pretty silly.

    • really Tim? ever hear of 19 suicide hijackers? think it was all their idea? or did soemone use them? there is a long history of people being used. we supported Bin Ladin against the RUssians, then hes the enemy, now we support the rebels in Syria, many of them smypathetic to alquaida. but yea, its a silly idea to suggest people get used as pawns? research a bit more bro, happens all the time, in damn near every country of the world

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        +1000 to David, but I’m not talking politics here.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        That has nothing to do with I said and how you responded. But keep making everything that happens in life be some conspiracy until you end up pacing back and forth talking to yourself in an asylum. LOL

        • or keep ignoring everything around You and you end up a subject of the state. Our rights were fought for, and looks like we may have to fight to hold onto them. our government in shutdown shows us all they arent thinking about the people, but themselves. I like you as a friend and wouldnt wish that on anyone

  177. son of a son of a shula on said:

    I saw Clowney in person last Saturday, the guy first of all looks the part, he looks big. He’s faster and stronger than everyone else and UCF ran everything away from him. They occasionally ran right at him with a double team but the guy is impressive.

  178. son of a son of a shula on said:

    See ya Sunday Piggs, looking forward to it.

  179. Phelonius Phish on said:

    I’m in the DC area. Local reports so far haven’t even determined if the woman did any shooting. So far they say she was stopped by the White House, tried to run a barrier (crushed a police car), was next to the Capitol when shot by the police.

  180. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Y’all need to wait until all the facts are known before breaking out the tinfoil and unlocking the survival shelters.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I agree, I just went by what OD posted about a woman and a baby in a car firing shots at the capitol. I said nothing about the connection to anything.

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        I just quoted ABC news. –I’m sure we’re all surprised that some in the media apparently got their facts wrong.

  181. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Piggy, don’t forget to power down your little word game! You know how those stewardesses can be.

  182. son of a son of a shula on said:

    “Expect significant upgrade to security checks at sporting events this weekend.”
    Can my wife just use a clear storage bag for the game Sunday? No, she needs something clear with a handle or strap. Forget it guys saying just don’t bring so much shit argument didn’t work.

  183. Mike E. on said:

    Maybe it was Harry “Baby Face” Finster.

  184. Tim, for the reccord, love ya buddy, and dont want to argue. all i can say is i look at government like the front door of my house. not everyone that knocks on it is a bad person, but the ones that are, could do immense harm to You and Your family, So i keep it locked, and try to determine who is at the door, before i just let everyone in by faith. in other words, i view everything with skeptical eyes, until i know what is really the intent behind the bluffed words

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I get all that. Also don’t think I don’t think anything sinister ever goes on. I just feel too much is over the top and speculation runs wild. I believe/know there are plenty of evil and psychotic people in the world. Even children. I just don’t think they’re all intertwined in some grand plan.

  185. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Piggstah – I agree on being surprised how Sproles holds up for how much they use him. Every time Sproles had the ball I was thinking “CRUSH HIM!”, but he’s so quick it’s hard to get a good clean shot on him.
    The more I think of it, the more he reminds me a little of Warrick Dunn in this respect. Everyone said he was too small and wouldn’t hold up, but Dunn proved them wrong.

  186. GetterDone Phins on said:

    Guys, of course Thiggy is no Sproles ….because he is barely into his 2nd year. Sproles was a nobody early in his career too.
    My point was to start using Thiggy along the same lines in the offense, not as many reps, but more snaps than he’s gotten so far.
    The short screens, dump passes will give Tanny the quick release that he needs to start slowing everyone’s pass rush and cut down on his sacks & fumbles!

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Good points – it certainly couldn’t hurt. Maybe after the coaches saw the success of that play they’ll scheme up some more looks for him.

  187. alright, if we can get past the Ravens, we are 4-1 going into the bye. we should be very happy there, then we come back and play the bills and pats, time to get some division wins. these games are very important, then we have the relatively easy part of the schedule at 7-1 or maybe 6-2 if we dont take the Ravens or Pats game.

    the schedule after the pats game, we should rack wins up, , Bengals, Bucs, Chargers, panthers Jets, Stealers, all winnjable games. then we host the pats, and finish up with bills and jests.

    We already have 3 wins, i see no reason why we cant get 9-10 more IMO

  188. Wyoming85 on said:

    ” Look at that little Megget go”

  189. Marinofan13 on said:

    I don’t want to be Bat’s “official spokesman”, but he’s doing fine and well. I, too, hope he comes back to the blog.
    I respect the HELL out of that cat!!!
    BAT ROCKS!!!

  190. after the Ravens game, the only really good teams we have left of the schedule is NE, twice. rest of the gams are in our should win category. we win the games we should win, and split with the pats, we should be in the playoffs at least with wild card

  191. Tim Knight on said:

    Warrick Dunn was very unique. What was he 5-8 175 and he was the workload back for the Bucs and Falcons during a physical era of football for like 10 years.

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Yeah I still don’t know how he did it. Must have had eyes in the back of his head. Although I guess that wouldn’t help with a helmet on lol

      • Tim Knight on said:

        He had excellent quickness and feet to makes his cuts and he ran very low. He seemed to avoid big hits doing that.

  192. You guys think we can win 10 more games this year? Ravens and NE, twice, and the rest are should wins

    ”9 out of 12 are winnable, then beat either Ravens or NE once

    • marlins fan on said:

      we may split 3-3 with the division, 4-2 would be exceptional!

      • if we go 3-3 in our division, we are going nowhere, we have to sweep jests and bills, and a home win against the pats should be doable IMO

        • marlins fan on said:

          that must be the HO-Muhr in you, I can’t remember when we went 5-1 in the division, it doesn’t happen.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      I picked us for 10 wins and would be very excited if we won 11. The playoffs is still my main hope regardless of record.

  193. marlins fan on said:

    2 of the 5 road games are away, that would include pitt and the bucs. 3-3 division 5-2 the rest of the way puts us at 10-6, could be 9-7, could be 11-5.

  194. pitt and the bucs are gonna beat us? then we should forget the playoffs if that happens, these are must win games IMO

  195. GetterDone Phins on said:

    I really like Richie Incognito, this guy makes being a fan fun with his condor and humor!
    Great short video.

  196. marlins fan on said:

    we may sweep the jets or the bills, and split with one of them then get swept by the pats, that would put us at 3-3, anytime you are >500 or better in the division that is good.

  197. marlins fan, last year, if we swept the jills and jets, and split with the Pats, that would have been a 10 win season. not sure if that would have qualified or not, but we would have had a chance, 7 wins isnt enough to do jack shit. i honestly feel the key to the season is to go 5-1 minimum,

    still not convinced? what does the AFC east champions do every year in divisional games? nuff said

    • marlins fan on said:

      read above, it’s unrealistic to think we can go 5-1 in the division, division games are different, we play each other twice a year, we know each other, they are tough! when was the last time we went 5-1 in the division? 4-2 and i’ll be very happy!

      • i hear, ya, then we might not make the playoffs. i am looking at the math part of the equation, until we win 5 or more, we most likely wont win the east. pats win the division almost every year with 5 or 6 divisional wins

  198. marlins fan on said:

    if we go 4-2 in the division we are playoff bound for sure!

  199. marlins fan on said:

    we were 2-4 last year

  200. marlins fan on said:

    I heard they are thinking of only having 3 pre season games and adding 2 extra playoff teams in the future.

  201. Jahndoh on said:

    David, I’ll bet ya right now that we’ll go to the playoffs if we’re 4-2 in the division. Your math might have to do with winning the AFC East, but there’s another route into the playoffs if the Pats don’t stumble……..

  202. Jahndoh on said:

    That Richie interview was pretty cool. Tks for sharing GDP.

  203. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Neighbor just got FOMOF’ed, she brought home a redbox video. And she makin’ him watch. LOL

  204. Mike E. on said:

    Son – What is FOMOF’ed?

  205. Not that it was really unexpected, cutting of Josh Freeman is kinda crazy. $k+ yards passing last year and gone the next.

  206. son of a son of a shula on said:

    They had to get rid of him, that was an ugly benching. Everyone handled it wrong.

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      It was disastrous
      Remember when the 49ers benched Alex smith (not in divorce of Kaep the first time around before harbaugh)
      Contrast that with freeman
      Plenty of players are benched and come back as solid pros
      Wtf happened with Tampa and freeman
      That escalated fast…(I’m quoting anchorman)

  207. Tim Knight on said:

    Go Browns tonight. Best for us in playoff implications. We already beat the Browns, the Bills are in our division and we haven’t played them yet.

    • Mike E. on said:

      I’m rooting for Jordan Cameron, so I’ll root for the rest of the team with him.

    • Yes, anyone in our division needs to be beaten down under all circumstances.
      I honestly think the Browns and their stingy D will surprise a lot of teams this year. They’re not getting respect and are playing with nothing to lose and that makes them VERY DANGEROUS!
      Props to the HC who’s keeping them playing hard amidst the distrations.

  208. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Yeah go Browns! Just saw Jim Brown with Marshall and LT (and that’s the order they go in), image them as your Csonka, Kiick and Morris – wow. Jim Brown sounded good, he’s always been a good interview. Humble guy but he knows he could kill you, lol.

  209. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Mike E, you didn’t see those commercials for FOMOF a million times Monday Night?

    • Mike E. on said:

      I probably don’t watch ‘em Son.

      • Mike E. on said:

        Come to think of it, last MNF was probably the first MNF game I actually watched the whole game, but I was blogging while watching it, so during the commercials, I tuned it out to blog.

  210. Tim Knight on said:

    Did anyone see the Motorcycle gang vs. couple and child in an SUV on the West Side highway in NYC? What the fuck is that all about?

  211. Tim Knight on said:

    I know David thinks we must go 5-1 in our division meaning splitting with the Pats, but I think 4-2 is more realistic unless the Jets and Bills really tank it and they’re both 2-2 now. We’ll see more with the Bills tonight.
    We all know that no matter where the Phins and Jets are at in any given season, those games are unpredictable.
    If we go 4-2 in our division with our current 3-1 that’s 7-3. It’s then all about what we did in the other 6 games – 4 AFC (BAL, CIN, SD and PIT) and 2 NFC (TB and CAR).

    • Mike E. on said:

      We better start this out by beating BAL this weekend. I’ll be very pleased at 4-1 heading into a much needed BYE. I remember being upset about how early it is, but I think it’s a good thing for us this year. Wake, Soliai, Davis , Taylor all get to get healthy to finish out the season

      • Tim Knight on said:

        Soliai looked good Monday night but I agree with what you’re saying as far as getting healthy. Patterson and Ellerbe too. Jordan may be ready to take the next step too.
        It’s also a good week of to re-evaluate what you’ve done and need to work on.

  212. Wyoming85 on said:

    WTF is going on blog?
    Getting jealous of you fuckers going to the game this weekend!
    I hope you get stuck in traffic, have shitty food, classless people setting in your section,
    And watch Miami kick the shit out of the Ravens ;-)

    • son of a son of a shula on said:

      Don’t forget $10 beers and huge crowds I can’t wait to have the whole experience!
      Good tailgating though.

  213. Mike E. on said:

    Forgot about Patterson. Ellerbe will be alright. He’s gonna have that rib injury all season. How can they heal when you’re hitting every Sunday, and in practice?

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Patterson has a groin injury that has kept him out of 3 straight games.
      Ellerbe needs the bye week to get some rest and healing. He’s more banged up than Soliai at this point. Big Paul looked very good on MNF. Ellerbe is dealing with a rib and pectoral injury. That will hamper what you can do. Especially for a guy playing MLB in an aggressive 4-3 for the first time. He has to do a lot of things.

  214. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Brad Nessler is good to listen to, sometimes I hear a little Pat Summerall in him. RIP Pat.

  215. Walker on said:

    I saw the motorcycle story a couple of days ago. The wife of the motorcyclist paralyzed blames the SUV driver saying he wasn’t paying attention but there is so much more to the story. First they all surrounded the SUV and made him stop, he panicked and ran the one dude over. Reminds me of the time coming back from Cocoa and a huge group of crotch-rocket riders slowed down the entire interstate and started catwalking while filming and would not let traffic through, causing a traffic jam. Not only was I pissed but got to thinking what would happen if an emergency ensued. They want to sue if you bump them but will cut between vehicles doing 3 figures

    • Tim Knight on said:

      It looks to me as if the bikers started this shit unless the SUV did something to start the road rage. Even then, you can’t attack people.
      That said, sorry, bikers can’t take up the whole road, every type of bike you can think of, trikes, dirt bikes, riding on the shoulder etc. Cutting through traffic left, right and middle. Fuck that, I’m personally tired of the different rules for bicycles and motorcycles. You can’t cut me just because you fit. Fuck off!!!!
      I have a cousin who races bikes and cruises the roads. He told me when he was a cocky 20 year old him and his friends would retaliate with drivers who don’t respect bikers by knocking their side view mirrors off and then speeding away. The average driver can’t keep up with a speed bike so that was the end of it. 0-60 in 3 seconds is no match for the doofus in some regular vehicle. And even then not many cars can match bikes that can go 140-150.

  216. ocalaHowie on said:

    Nightly Update
    Howie 31-20 MIA
    Rhino 30-17 MIA
    MikeE 31-13 MIA
    OLD 23-17 MIA
    Piggy 31-0 MIA
    Cav 24-17 MIA
    Herd 30-23 MIA
    Rob 38-0 MIA
    RCR 24-21 MIA
    D 24-13 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Okay, I see a nail biting game this week yet I hope we win it better than that. Some people have mentioned that we will be facing a pissed off Ravens team after a bad loss. Don’t forget they’re also facing a pissed off Dolphins team. We have struggled with the Ravens in the recent past. I just want to win the game.
      20-17 MIA.

  217. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Tim – the guy who was run over had his license suspended years ago up here in Massachusetts, and has had multiple driving infractions before and since. That’s not to suggest that he deserved what he got or anything, but it just means he was no saint at least in regards to the roads and the laws that govern them.
    If the guy in the SUV is surrounded and they are starting to slash his tires, etc. and he has his wife and 2 year old child in the SUV with him, then I can certainly understand his willingness to protect his family at all costs when a perceived threat is imminent.
    I chalk it up as a wrong place at the wrong time for him. That, and choose who you associate with wisely.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Ditto! But on the road you don’t get to associate with anyone wisely. That’s my issue with this. Sorry, bikers and cyclists think they have extra rules. No you don’t. If you’re behind me, then you’re behind me. And you can’t take over all the lanes. Fuck off!!!

  218. Tim Knight on said:

    Walker, my cousin didn’t do that to peeps innocently driving. He was talking about the ones who have no regard for bikers. Unless you’re one of those, they would have never done that to you. Sure they drew possible bad scenarios, but that’s what the young folk do. You probably would not hit one of those guys unless you had the sniper skills in ‘The Wanted’. LOL

  219. ocalaHowie on said:

    Watch for Motorcycles!
    MY ASS!!!
    Those fuckers piss me off sometimes.
    You’ll be driving along and then one will zoom on around you doing 90 and never even see him coming.
    Hell, I check my mirror about every 2-3 seconds but most the time you never even see these fucks till they blow by.
    It’ no wonder they get killed all the time…

  220. stanger on said:

    Maybe I’m a softie…..but I love the jump into the stands after the score.

  221. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Dude should have turned around and ran back through them a few more times.

  222. Mike E. on said:

    I got out of my car, and it was 10-3 BUF. WTF happened?

  223. Marinofan13 on said:

    Motorcyclists have this sense of entitlement and usually (not always) run in gangs. That generally doesn’t end very well.

  224. Krishna on said:

    Nice answers Mike and good questions, too.
    Had to laugh about the hater, homer, overreactor definitions. I guess I’m not really a homer and thought I was. I think I’m critical in my assessments of players and the team and…if you’re bad, I’ll say you’re bad and need to be fired. Columbo was bad, for example.
    I wanted to be a homer and now I feel left out. :-(

  225. Walker on said:

    Strafing a motorcyclist isn’t that difficult, especially if he took the passenger side mirror and the left the driver’s side. With the right hand on the steering wheel, place left hand with firearm on driver side mirror, aim, fire, adjust if you miss. I don’t carry hand cannons in the vehicle so it’s really not that hard to do, lol. You may have to chamber a round while driving with your knees

    • Tim Knight on said:

      My cousin is a sick rider. You’d have to be an elite sniper. He’d be gone in a flash, take the shoulder or even off-road if he had too and distance himself from you that you couldn’t do anything except shoot innocent people. Seriously! He’s smart, a mechanic and a racer. He knows his shit. Would he have died some day if he didn’t grow up? Probably.
      Good thing he didn’t engage you Mr. Warrior man. LOL

  226. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Tim – agreed for the most part – to clarify I was suggesting that if this guy hadn’t been running with this particular bike crowd, he wouldn’t be in a hospital today.
    I do ride my bicycle on some streets sometimes – I try to avoid it as many drivers suck (texting, not paying attention in general) and I’m thus putting my life in their hands, but sometimes there is no other option. But when I do I always follow the road rules, as for one it drives me @#$% crazy when someone else on a bike is doing stupid sheet when I happen to be behind the wheel. I can appreciate both sides. But what this guy and his gang did was completely in the wrong.

  227. Tim Knight on said:

    I don’t know about some of you who are between 46-50, but I was one of those moped dudes back in the day. It was our source of communication. Before beepers and well before cell phones. We had home phones, pay phones, bicycles and mopeds back in the late 70s and early 80s to travel, communicate and get shit done. LOL
    I would ride with no helmet on mopeds 35-40 MPH all over town speeding around and being all crazy. I knew then there were a lot of bad drivers. We couldn’t go on highways. But main and side roads we were all over. I think it was between 14-16 years old. Seemed like a long time but it really wasn’t. It was such a different time. People drove around with beers between their legs, no seat belts and multiple people in the back of pickups.
    Those days are long gone.

    • Walker on said:

      That’s just crazy driving with no seat belt and multiple people in the back of pickups

      • Krishna on said:

        Yeah it is….personal witness of kid sitting in back of landscape trailer on highway…truck whipped steering and trailer jack-knifed right in front of me and saw kid thrown to side of road. Came conscious, that was good, but leg compound fracture, then EMT arrived.

      • TwiceTheThe on said:

        lol so the beer thing wasn’t so bad…

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Did it have a sidecar on it and were you speeding all over your neighborhood?

  228. Tim Knight on said:

    I’ve conformed to the NWO of seat belts and feel insecure without it on. But that’s just me. ;)

  229. Krishna on said:

    Bicycles in Austin have sense of entitlement big time. Dude, your going 10-20 and I’m doing 30-40 in a 30-40 mile zone. You need to stay right or shoulder and not believe you can and do break every road rule AND then ride down the middle of the road at your speed. Seriously?

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Yeah I totally agree – I don’t do those things when I ride because it’s douchy.
      That, and also because I value my life lol

      • Krishna on said:

        Lot’s of white crosses all over Austin. We have a huge bicycling community and I respect that, but…… When, your on a 4 lane divided hill-country road with 55-60MPH speed limit riding the shoulder on the white line when you have a 5-6 foot shoulder to cruise you’re asking for trouble. They love to ride on the white line rather than to the right of it.

        • TwiceTheThe on said:

          In their defense there’s often a lot of crap on the shoulder (broken glass, hubcaps, metal bits, rocks, etc.) and it’s often cracked/potholed and poorly maintained.
          In your defense they are insane to be riding on a road with a 44-60MPH speed limit. That’s just plain stupid on that part and they have no business being on that road.

          • Krishna on said:

            I agree to some extent, but it’s a Lance Armstrong town….most feel entitled to the road under EVERY circumstance.

  230. The Flying Pig on said:

    Just landed and boy are my wings tired

  231. Tim Knight on said:

    Twice, I got the Sol reference. I started it. LOL
    “I would ride with no helmet on mopeds 35-40 MPH all over town speeding around and being all crazy.” LOL

    • TwiceTheThe on said:

      Ah I must have not gotten it after the concussion I got riding in in the sidecar when it crashed into the pole. But no one was hurt badly.

  232. Mike E. on said:

    You should sue Tim! Punitive damages!

  233. Mike E. on said:

    I’m tired people – Goodnight all! Catch ya tomorrow!

  234. TwiceTheThe on said:

    Sweet – looks like the Bills have lost this one…

  235. Jahndoh on said:

    Starting to look like 3 quality wins with one bad loss. I guess I don’t know who we are for certain, but the next game is an opportunity to show me. Nice work Cleveland. Stanger, any change of heart yet on them or you need more time? I’ll be patient. ;-)

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