AFC East top 25, No. 2: Dolphins DE Cameron Wake



Posted by Erik Frenz – Jim Davis/Globe Staff


Counting down the top 25 players in the AFC East, one player at a time, one day at a time.


Why Cameron Wake?


I think the better question is “why doesn’t Cameron Wake get the attention he deserves?”


The answer to that is relatively simple: he plays for a losing team, the Miami Dolphins, a team that hasn’t been relevant since 2008 — the year before Wake joined the team.


Other than that caveat, Wake has it all going for him. Wake plays one of the defensive “glamour” positions as a pass-rushing edge defender, and is one of the best at it in the game right now. He’s put up monstrous numbers, with 43 sacks in his first four seasons, and is one of just seven players in NFL history to have two seasons of over 14 sacks in his first four seasons in the league.


He’s also incredibly scheme flexible, having lined up in the 3-4 as an outside linebacker, and last year in the 4-3 as a defensive end. His versatility gives the Dolphins a world of options in how to execute their defensive scheme next season.


cam wake.png


Stats website Pro Football Focus rated him among the best pass-rushers in the league at either spot, so the Dolphins would be getting bang for their buck without question.


The Dolphins made it a priority to improve their pass-rush by drafting DE/OLB hybrid Dion Jordan. How he fits in the defense remains to be seen, but if the two are feeding off one another, the possibilities are frightening for opposing quarterbacks. Wake could be headed for another huge season, and maybe then, he’ll finally get the attention he deserves.


Did you know?


According to, the New York Jets nearly signed Wake out of the CFL, before general manager Mike Tannenbaum said he didn’t want him, which allowed the Dolphins to swoop in.


Bonus reading


Ben Stockwell of Pro Football Focus delivers a profile on Wake’s strengths and weaknesses as a pass-rusher.




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114 comments on “FINS NEWS

  1. SteveCCNV on said:

    We all know Wake is a beast, but without some help on the other end and the Fins being relevant he’ll continue to be under the radar, just the way it is.

  2. Walker on said:

    Cameron Wake is the reason I believe the NFL is RIGGED. When a ref is standing there and watching Wake get held and doesn’t call it, bullshit. The guy could have had an extra 10 sacks last season and the year before that was even worse, especially against the pats. Unfortunately, he blossomed or we discovered him late in his career and hopefully Jordan is the man who helps him break Strahans sack record before he gets too old

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      I agree. he gets held on most plays. especially against the pats. the refs do nothing

  3. Rhino on said:

    the stats from PFF say it all. Wake and SF’s Smith are both currently playing at a level with some of the all time greats!! His ‘under the radar’ shows how superficial the masses of sports fans in this country are. All they try to know is what headlines the network televisions. I love the way PFF showed his success in both 4-3 and 3-4….. how many players have been able to do that at such a high level?

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      I can’t believe wake was only no 81 in the top 100. he’s a top 20 player in this league imo.

  4. Mike E. on said:

    Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bac-eee . . . .

  5. Rockphin on said:

    Do you guys remember when we got Cameron Wake that it was because Ireland was a moron and over paid for him? LOL

    THERE WAS NO WAY THAT THIS GUY WAS GOING TO PERFORM ON THE LEVEL HE DID IN CANADA HERE IN THE NFL. The tackles are smaller. They start 5 yards of the line. The level of competition is much less. Blah blah blah, Etc Etc. He is my favorite player.

  6. Rockphin on said:

    I would love to see an episode of sports science Featuring Cameron Wake. He is just such a physical freak.

  7. Rockphin on said:

    The way he can sprint Bent over sideways a foot off the ground with a 300 pound man trying to push him down and still keep his balance is incredible! He is freaking awesome.

    • stanger on said:

      Yep…’s like the laws of gravity don’t apply to him when he’s going around the edge.

  8. Rockphin on said:

    He is way underrated n run support as well.

  9. stanger on said:

    When is the last time we had a better add to this team than Wake? It’s not just what he does but at the price. First he was a FA and then they signed him at way below his market price (sorry for Wake but good for us). He was like hitting big on a high first rounder without using the pick.
    Think you have to go back to drafting Zach and JT for when the Phins got such value in a player.

    • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

      Great post stanger
      Saw a great special the other day on these two Jimmy Johnson draft picks one that was way too short and the other way too skinny that looked like a basket ball player
      Zack leads the franchise in tackles and Taylor leads the franchise in sacks

      • stanger on said:

        Yep Home……those are the players that give you the edge. Missing on a high pick sets you back, hitting on one moves you forward, getting a star for close to nothing is the biggest jump you can take.
        You’ll probably like it when I mention the ultimate example of that…….Brady (glad he’s getting older).

        • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

          The greatest and most admired QB of all time !
          Brady will play for like 3 more seasons and be rated the best QB of all time
          Good sports fans will agree

          • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

            Stanger did u notice the low hapless Carolina Panthers (7-9) have been hitting on all their 1st round picks
            1) 2011 – Cam Newton
            2) 2012 – Luke Kuechly
            3) 2013 – Star

            Home believes the Carolina Panthers will be a better team than the Dolphins this season
            and despite what Mike E thinks
            … the Panthers were better than the Dolphins last season, … cuz the picked an elite impact 2 #9 after the Dolphins reached @ #8

          • stanger on said:

            We’ll see Home, but after last season I’ll take Tanny over Newton long-term in a second.

  10. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    The only reason the Pats kick the shit out of us all the time is cuz the darn tootin refs are letting Wake get held
    Wake is also the only one in the NFL getting tangled and held back a LIL w his one and only signature move- get low and speed rush.
    Oh yeah
    The Patriots cheat too
    The used cameras b4 too peak at us!
    Boo Fucken Hoo!
    Butch It Up and Play Some Damn Winning Football, BITCHES !!!
    j/k ;)
    Oh ya
    Good Morning MF’Es

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      go re-watch the Solder’s first game against wake during his rookie season and tell me wake wasn’t held by the rookie on almost every play. he got called for holding twice. The refs could have called holding on so many of those plays.

      • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

        cry me a river
        every team does it
        At least Wake got two holding calls
        Seriously there are what fans perceive as holding on EVERY play by offensive linemen
        What’s a girl to do !

        • BoulderPhinFan on said:

          The refs give brady more calls than most other QBs. And for good reason. Brady playing in the NFL is good for business.
          To say that the refs treat brady similar to any other QB in the league is a bit naive.

          • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

            Only u said that.
            The “Tuck” rule against Grudens Raidas was ridiculous and many “late hits” on Brady were overprotective
            We were talking bout Wake and Solder

  11. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Wake is very good
    Most of it comes from intangibles
    The absolute Will to Win
    Refuse To be Denied
    The Heart Of A Lion
    Although sometimes he disappears for 3-4 game stretches
    Believe the skinny rookie w the bad shoulder will help out the aging Wake and his ten sacks ;)

  12. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    JJ Watt had 20.5 sacks last season
    plus a 16 Passes Defended or SWATTS
    4 Forced fumbles
    2 fumble recoveries and
    81 tackles

    definitely amazing
    but David w “Catfish Logic” while sitting on the toilet read that Wake was the best defensive player of the year

    Oy Vey !

    LOL @ the Dolphin Homerism and blinders to the other 31 teams and 1696 players

  13. TOP SECRET on said:

    home still gargling that boston man goo…….(smh)……..damn dude, get that new england cock out of your mouth……..haven’t you had enough boston throat babies? :-)

  14. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Nate Solder may have held Wake (got called for it twice) a bit
    Maybe a lil more than other linemen
    But the fact is
    Home also watch the towering Solder bury Wake face first in the dirt, play after play after play and
    simply out muscle and out play Wake
    Solder would push Wake’s face all the way down in the mud and lay on top of him w his giant body
    negating any play that Wake could make
    Yes watched the game over and over and
    only saw a few holds and mostly the towering powerful Nate Solder out play & out muscle Cam Wake
    Jaded Dolfans were crying bout nothin as usghe
    Dolphins had a chance to sign Solder this season and had many weeks to do so
    and they fucked up
    Finally the Patriots resigned him fro much less than he was seeking
    Home would have signed Solder in a NY Minute !
    and Wake would have shook Home’s hand and thanked him

  15. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Top all this time and still has homosexual sex on his mind.
    SHEEZ ! ;)

  16. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Sun finally back out in south Florida after a week of monsoon rain and more on the way
    Heading to the beach
    Maybe get some pictures for queer as a three dollar bill -Top of men in banana hammocks w a twinkle in their eye
    Top -Kicked out of the Marines for homosexuality

    have a HAARPy day !

    • TOP SECRET on said:

      too funny…..HOME wasn’t allowed to serve his country because his lust for boston cock :-)

  17. stanger on said:

    Nothing like the latest episode of Top and Home starring in the “No….You like Cock More” show. :)

  18. What’s up FMers? LOL @ Home’s man love for Brady. Whether or not he will go down as the best QB of all time is irrelevant. This is a phins’ blog. Brady man love is not allowed around here. In terms of him being the greatest of all time, I think he needs 1 more SB win to get that. He had a great start to his career but too many years with not enough success in the playoffs of late. It kind of takes away from the argument of him being the best ever.

    • stanger on said:

      I actually got Home going for mentioning Brady as one of the best value gets ever in reference to how much we got in Wake for so little. I knew it would put him into a frenzy of Mr. Bunchen love, but hard to argue the point on that.

    • TOP SECRET on said:

      not much success after the CHEATING SCANDAL……….hmm…..telling.

  19. TOP SECRET on said:

    STANGER….just calling out that fake ass fan HOME-O…….dude just can’t get enough of that boston man goo :-)

    • stanger on said:

      Top — to tell the truth, I’d rather have him loving Brady than hating on Tanny. Much as I am waiting for every little sign of his arm getting weaker…..Brady is a great QB.

      • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

        Bradys hot super model chic wife and mother of his child
        brings Home
        even more $ Money than he does
        Ignorant Miami Dolphin fans that cannot control their jealousy
        over the best QB in their fav sport watch w extreme jealousy every week
        and can come up w nothing else but calling him or astute NFL fans
        Cuz of their limited intelligence, bad sportsmanship, jealousy and most of all the fact that the uneducated loser making the comment
        cannot get laid,
        never mind get laid by the worlds top supermodel
        that earns even more than the best NFL QB for the past decade
        U can only feel sorry for the jealous, ignorant blogger w no control over their own life and 0 happiness in their own non existent sex life.
        When things get better in the loser bloggers life
        They will look back @ what @sshole statements they’ve made about the best QB in the NFL,… EVER
        as he got wildly phucked by the hottest, highest paid supermodel in the world and she dumped more stacks of money on the table each year,
        than he could even earn in a year
        Maybe some intelligent NFL convo is in order
        Go Phins!
        Home thinks we
        The Miami Dolphin team & fans
        can def come in second
        If not first
        In the AFC EAST this year
        Go Phins !
        and may ….
        ***** The Dynasty Be Fins ! *****

  20. Walker on said:

    LMAO at Top,
    Thanks for protecting the camp from insurgents while I’m AWOL. Gotta run a few errands, keep them bahston cocksuckers at bey

  21. TOP SECRET on said:

    STANGER……..bro, the pats are the current team to beat in the AFC east……..i recognize that, but i refuse to blow them because of that fact…….HOME-O has one love (boston cock)….and his dolphin comments consist of pot shots at our favorite players (tannyreach, skinny rookie with bad shoulder)…….you know it, i know it, and even that retard knows it :-)

    • stanger on said:

      Top — Home is what he is. He just tries to get reactions with that stuff. You give it to him, and he’s happy. And I know you like the hunt on such. So if you both enjoy it, whom am I to step in the way?

  22. stanger on said:

    I missed is when it came out, but Dansby’s one-year with the Cards is for $2.25 million. His base this year with the Phins was scheduled to be over six million. The market is saying the front office made the right move.

    • Mike E. on said:

      On Dansby, yes, but not necessarily on Ellerbe and Wheeler. They may have overpaid those 2. Time will tell. If they play well, I couldn’t care less.

      • stanger on said:

        And Burnett too…..he signed for 2 years and $5.25 million, but no doubt on Wheeler and Ellerbe. They’ll have to show it.
        Is interesting though that cutting the two came as a shock to us while the rest of the league showed it was not. Guess it was on the film.

        • Mike E. on said:

          It was a tough year for for high priced free agents. We have no idea what Wheeler or Ellerbe would have got somewhere else, because the Dolphins signed them pretty quickly. They were the targets, and regardless of whether they were overpaid or not, they were still cheaper than Dansby and Burnett.

  23. TOP SECRET on said:

    i like the link above (PFT: Dolphins sign 7 of top 100 free agents)……..but the REAL story is that miami signed 6 of the top 50 !

    • Rhino on said:

      With 32 teams, signing 6 of top 50 is refreshing from previous years when we were the ‘bait’ that FA’s used against the teams they really wanted to play for. This year.. done. I think that is where some of the confidence in the fan base is coming from right now.

  24. CavalierKong on said:

    Interesting bit about the Jest passing on Wake. At the time we signed him I seem to recall hearing that the Pets were also looking at him and that we outbid them (one of the reasons why we paid a bit more than many people thought we should). Never heard anything about the Jest. That makes our acquisition of Wake all the sweeter, lol.

  25. Rhino on said:

    Heat fans,
    Spurs are getting lots of rest or rust… should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  26. son of a son of a shula on said:

    There’s no question Wake is one of the best players in the AFC East besides friggin Brady its tough to think of another player. Guess you have to give some credit to Sancheesy after all he is the player every opponent uses against the stej.

  27. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    I keep reading that gibson is lining up in the slot. I don’t get why we got gibson if he was gonna be a slot WR because we already have bess.
    Maybe it’s only for the OTAs. I think philbin did say that he’s going to be all over the place and all the WRs will get reps at all positions.

  28. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Nice day in south Florida
    Home of the Miami Dolphins and the other great players Home mentioned
    like Watt in comparison the delusion ed ones like David
    that thought somehow Wake is measly 10 sacks and not much of anything else
    was somehow defensive player of the year over Watt
    Keep the Tampa ghetto cocksucker dudes w no GFs @ bay. lol
    Believe the Texans r located in Texas and the Panthers r in Carolina or
    the south where Home was born
    Wake is a good player but that’s it w ten measly sacks
    Clearly Thomas & Taylor were better players for our beloved Dolphins
    Lot of good players in the NFL worth mentioning
    Best way to silence a critic is to improve & prove success
    Not just mouth off w sophomoric tude or add weird gay hating labels to heteros
    and vial gay speak
    only hoping 4 gay speak back at them
    Cuz u aint got no Tel a Gence and enjoy this same sex dementia
    So many frustrated males pullin it & bloggin on here
    Cuz they dont know the rest of the NFL
    It should be ok to talk bout the superior competition regardless of what state they come from
    compare the two
    hope we see the prob
    & upgrade

    Weird male bloggers enjoy soooo much jumpin into their desired odd gay speak and slandering bloggers
    instead of talkin NFL football

    Watts, Kuechly,Star,Luck all good players worth matching our guys up against and conversing

  29. TOP SECRET on said:

    HOME-O…….yes, there are MANY talented players throughout the entire NFL……but please use your noggin, numbnuts……this here is a DOLPHINS FAN SITE…….if you want to suck on some boston cock while taking shots at dolphin players…….GOOGLE “new england patriots fan site”…….hop over there and enjoy the boston man goo, but don’t forget to wipe your chin……..and you’ll fit in there quite nicely…….now grab your bucket and squeegee and head over to the off ramp :-)

  30. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Actually Top,
    Was talkin mostly bout Watt in regards to Wake or
    the bitch whining bout poor lil Wake only got two holding calls against his opponent instead of three or more for the jaded fans.
    Would be nice if u even had a semblance of NFL intelligence and could converse on such
    U dont really understand football or follow the NFL at all
    That’s ok
    Understand your limited intelligence and lack of football knowledge
    So u have the same old BIM statement from two loser players
    that were kicked off the team
    If u eve have ANY football speak would be refreshing but obv dont expect anything or
    want to upset u for challenging ur extremely limited NFL football knowledge
    frankly u bore Home
    Cuz u bring nothin
    Aint got much to work with
    that’s Ok
    U can keep repeating the same statement of two abysmally bad players that were thrown off the old team after making some loser joke t-shirts
    Gay Marine Top… OMG
    another great fan lost in Wisconsin
    j/k ASSWIPE

    • TOP SECRET on said:

      whatever you say knob gobbler……everyone here knows you’re full of shit…’re a fake ass fan………your many back handed compliments are nothing more than veiled shots at dolphin players………now run along and take care of those pregnant tonsils :-)

  31. Marinofan13 on said:
    • stanger on said:

      What’up M13. Interesting how Ireland did that. Makes you wonder whether he (or Aponte) is smarter than the other GM’s and is taking an advantage of a new rule the others weren’t used to yet or it just fit into to our cap situation somehow.

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        What up, Stanger. I too find it interesting for the same reasons. Was it done intentionally?
        All I know is that we’re sitting pretty with our cap situation… and Ireland still must win this year to save his hide, IMO. Ms. Aponte may be coming up in the world very shortly if this doesn’t translate to success.

        • stanger on said:

          I actually think they are going to go with a huge carryover into next year. Lots of the contracts we signed are going to “ramp up” in 2014. Think it all part of compensating for that.

          • Marinofan13 on said:

            Possibly… that shoe does fit. Whatever the case/plan/vision, it looks GRAND on paper! And if it all works out, we’re primed to become a perennial contender once again.

  32. TOP SECRET on said:

    great QB…..or one that takes it up the ass?………have a peek at HOME’s dance partner…

  33. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Fact is Home is a Super Miami Dolphin Football fan
    Home studies the game and the competition fiercely
    Not afraid to address and upgrade the weakest link or point out the obvious need for improvement
    U Can’t Handle The Truth
    Ur constant gay speak is disturbing and shows limited intelligence
    Would love to converse w u on another level on the NFL and Miami Dolphins
    Frankly Soldier
    dont think u have the intelligence or smarts to break out of ur current mold of gay bashing homophobic activity esp where it is not at all warranted or makes no sense w astute hetero NFL football fans
    Hope we can help u w ur Major Malfunction and resorting to ur interest in male gay sex speak
    Are u capable of talking/dissecting NFL football and gauging the competition or enemy ?
    Or are u too much of dumb grunt w lil knowledge other than follow someone smarter/stronger/superior?
    Frankly Top,
    Believe u r still stuck at juvenile sophomoric behind grade level interpersonal communication w Very Lil NFL football knowledge, education or strategy
    Fall in line soldier and dont think
    U dont get paid to think
    The constant need for u, Top
    to talk about male on male sex is a red flag and extreme concern of ur sick desires and wants
    If u r capable of speaking/blogging about NFL football
    We would love to hear it
    Instead of ur queer interest and most desired juvenile homosexual talk
    The folks u try to bully are actually heteros married and love pussy as they bed down every night
    Manning Up and Keepin that Pretty Pussy safe & happy
    So Butch It Up sweetheart and try talkin NFL football
    despite ur jealousy, insecurities and lack of knowledge
    Now let’s have some fun and
    see if u got anything fresh, ………………… BITCH !

    • TOP SECRET on said:

      “super miami fan” ?……….delusional much ?………and sorry sally, but the corn in my poop has more football knowledge than you do :-)

      • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

        Fact is
        …. Really
        U got nothin
        Try to find something fresh.
        U have no info, no intel
        try to bring us sometin, Mon

        Dumb ass
        Grunt talk
        w no knowledge of NFL football or enuf respect to acknowledge other players or teams
        U dont no shit, have no respect for others EVER,
        no nothing bout the “enemy” and would be a terrible leader
        refusing to acknowledge an opponents strength
        Shows ur nothing more than a ditch digger waiting on instructinons
        … and candidly
        We were all hoping for sooo much more than just the same ol tired dumb ass act
        Sooooo many more chics at sports bars r
        way smarter than ur rhetorical dumb ass homer routine
        Shoe shiners got way more intelligent insight on the Miami Dolphins
        than ur dumb ass cheer leading BS
        Please post some kind of Miami Dolphins insight or thought
        Enuf of ur queer thoughts
        Whatcha got, BITCH !

  34. Marinofan13 on said:

    Here’s my hope… Dion Jordan can have a decent rookie campaign, Vernon and Kaddu both make a 2 year leap in progression, Starks and Odrick bringing pressure from the inside on passing downs, and EarthWAKE just being his usual, dominant self.
    We just might have one HELLUVA pass-rush this year, forcing it to the D-Secondary which is now equipped with zone-DBs for Coyle’s zone-system. This could be NICE…

  35. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    CB Brent Grimes leading by extreme example for undersized CB coming back from an injury
    is going to be sooo exciting and such a turn around from where we were trying to force a big goofy fraud poser playa that got burned beyond recognition every week and mostly was not public-ed or recognized
    will excite Miami Dolphins EVERYWHERE
    Thank God
    Home & MF13 could see tis move b4 it happened and bring it to the Sheeple even b4 the incipient stage
    How Cool Is that !?
    Go Phins !

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      If he can stay healthy, we’ve got a STUD in Grimes!

      • Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

        He WILL stay healthy
        Ireland’s best deal
        Landing the 3rd best rated CB in the NFL on an injury he has already showed 100% ahead of schedule results from


        Go Phins !

  36. TOP SECRET on said:

    tim tebone DONE ?………there’s a shocker, lol…… who was the football genius that thought tebone was a god?……

  37. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    Seriously MF13,
    CB Grimes was a steal
    3rd Best CB in the NFL
    Now out to prove even more
    Play maker
    Bout time
    Pass rush on both sides + way better secondary
    just w a Lil Tweekin
    Will make all the Dif
    So much to gt excited bout w TURNOVERS
    Gonna be Awesome
    Go Phins !

  38. Home Super Bowl 2017 on said:

    U Ok
    How bout some smart Miami Dolphins speak ?!
    U must know something about the team, ……………. NO ???

  39. ocalaHowie on said:

    Owning the Mets, I love it!
    What was it today 11-6?
    Dont worry, tomorrow we’ll get back on our losing way up in Philly…

  40. Dbolt on said:

    Excited about Brent Grimes, but more intrigued by Patrick Surtains Protege, Jamar Taylor.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Man… Grimes and a young Taylor manning the boundry? I LIKE!!!

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        PS: I’m still pizzed that Shanadouche selected Amerson 3 picks before us. SMMFH
        That said, I’m still VERY high on Taylor!

        • Dbolt on said:

          Liked Amerson as a Ball Hawk, but like Taylor as a more well rounded defender. Once again, dude has been putting in the time with Surtain. I also like the potential of Will Davis and Don Jones. Really like all 3 players when the lights come on…..Don Jones kind of Reminds me of a Ryan Clark type DB….Just Saying!

  41. Dbolt on said:

    On a different note on July 13th going to a concert co-headlined by Daughtery and 3 Doors Down with this PA group called Halestorm as the opening act. Checked out the lead singer….Female….and she can fucking belt out a tune. Whether it’s a classic from Heart or Sweet Child of Mine. Lizzy Hale is an amazing performer!

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Sorry for the late reply… working the phone this evening, man. I’ll look into this “Halestorm”. Lizzy Hale, huh? You’ve got me interested!

      • Dbolt on said:

        More rock as a style, but this might be the best female vocalist I’ve heard since perhaps the great Pat Benatar. Chick can really rock the mic and is no joke live!

        • Marinofan13 on said:

          What’s her style most closely resemble to a popular artist? Pat Benetar herself, or were you just using Benetar as a G.O.A.T.?

          • Dbolt on said:

            Combo of Heart/Benatar. It’s hard rock, but yet a balance of 80′s rock. It beats the hell out of the shit you hear from most pre-recorded female performers anymore.

            Can really carry a note like Benatar.

          • Dbolt on said:

            Exact style is hard to pinpoint because they do a ton of hard stuff also, but very talented!

          • Marinofan13 on said:

            MOST intriguing! I will check her out, Bro. Thanks!

  42. Mike E. on said:

    Good evening all!
    I remember seeing Pat Benatar and Eddie Money together at a concert in Central Park. It was great!

  43. Dbolt on said:

    Here’s one of their covers of Heart:

  44. Dbolt on said:

    This is one of their own songs:

  45. Old Dolfan on said:

    EVENIN’ Y’ALL; Just got back from a convention in Jacksonville in time to see (on Gametracker) my alma mater, Florida Atlantic University, defeat the #1 ranked college baseball team in the land, the North Carolina Tarheels, 3-2 in a regional playoff game in Chapel Hill.–Since each team has lost one game in this double-elimination regional, they will meet, again, tomorrow in Chapel Hill at 6:00 PM in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME of this regional. –The winner goes on to play, most likely, the highly ranked South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia, S.C., next weekend in the 2-team Super Regionals.–The winner of that best-of-3 series goes to the College World Series.
    After losing their first game in the regionals, FAU battled back to eliminate both Canisius and Towson to earn a shot at the Nations #1 team on their home field.–And beat them they did!!–Beating them twice in a row at Chapel Hill hasNOT been done the entire season (North Carolina is 54-9)!! —Realistically, I expect Carolina to win this game. –BUT, FAU has won 13 of their last 14 games, so ANOTHER STUNNING UPSET is NOT out of the question.
    TOMORROW is a big day for all FAU alums across the nation. I expect many of our 30,000 plus students to be glued to the tube tomorrow night. — GO OWLS!!

  46. Mike E. on said:

    Benatar had a lot of talent, in that little pint-sized body of hers. Eddie Money was very good too. I hate that Geico commercial he’s in. He looks demented. lol

  47. Old Dolfan on said:

    MIKE E.: Just wanted to say “Hi” before hitting the sack after another 7-day work week.–Trust your re-hab is going full speed ahead. –My wife and I discussed your rehab twice over the weekend.–We expect GREAT THINGS!!–Talk to you and all you fine Dolfans tomorrow.–Great Grandpa is STILL a bit stunned BY FAU’s colossal upset of #1 ranked North Carolina!–The dreams will be sweet ones tonight!!

    • Mike E. on said:

      Goodnight OD – Going very well sir! Running is up next, maybe this week. Maybe not, but it’s possible. That would make me very happy.

  48. Marinofan13 on said:

    Dbolt, THANKS, man!
    Mike E, YES… Benetar was something MOST special!
    Old Dolfan, ‘Evenin’, my man!

    • Dbolt on said:

      You’re welcome…..I guess you’d call her a natural!

    • Old Dolfan on said:

      GOOD EVENING, MF-13!!–Hope your weekend was a great one. –As usual , I WORKED on my weekend, and PROUD TO DO IT!!–Working long hours is EASY in the Sunshine State!!

      • Old Dolfan on said:

        MIKE E.; NOT SURPRISED at all you’re close to running!!–EVERY PERSON ON THIS BOARD admires you!!
        —-Gotta get my ugly rest.–This is a big week for the company so Ive GOT to be at my best.–Talk to all of you Monday!!–GO OWLS!

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        I nearly flipped Saturday morning on a “temporal” boss, but whatever… funk him and everyone that looks like him. Yes… it was actually a “fair” weekend of work for me.
        I’m glad you are doing well, as a fellow who puts in work as I do. I’m BUSY 24/7… even when I’m blogging here.
        Have a GRAND evening, Mr. Campbell! May you and the Mrs. have an excellent week ahead!

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