Big Ben on Wallace: Steelers will miss him, Dolphins are lucky | ProFootballTalk
Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger thinks the Dolphins are going to get their money’s worth from their five-year, $60 million contract with receiver Mike Wallace. Roethlisberger told that Wallace is a complete receiver, and much more than just a deep threat with great speed.


Brady’s doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also | Miami Dolphins In Depth
The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.


Eight in the Box: Under the radar – AFC East Blog – ESPN
A look at the top under-the-radar move made by each AFC East team thus far this offseason


New Dolphins Draft Hats Now Available Online ” The Finsiders – Miami Dolphins
Defensive end Jared Odrick made it official last week when he showed of the team’s new logo — the Miami Dolphins have a new look for a new era.


Palm Beach Post 2013 NFL Mock Draft | The Daily Dolphin
With the 12th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select … The best player available. Unlike in 2011 when the Dolphins desperately needed






Mike E:


New Age:







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  1. Al in NJ on said:

    Draft can’t come soon enough. Kudos to the rapist acknowledging who is the quarterback’s best friend.

  2. Al in NJ on said:

    Regarding the draft, I wouldn’t put it past the Fins to draft Sheldon Richardson (which i have mentioned a bit as a BPA option @ pick 12). This scenario would have to involve a few guys gone -> Ansah, Johsnon, Milliner, & Cooper (maybe even Warmack).

  3. Manitoba Fin Fan on said:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm
    Go Flyers!

    Tim: Fuck Off !! :)

    How’d that work out for ya ?! :)

  4. David on said:

    alot of links and info today, taking awhile to read it all, but good stuff! especially like Ben putting the one trick pony lie to rest. I have seen Wallace run these routes that Ben speaks off, I think We will be very happy with Wallace.

    i like PBP mock, I think Ansah could be an answer, ;lol

    Ansah has the ability to seriously impact the Dolphins. if we have two fierce pass rushers coming after qb’s this masks our unproven and shaky secondary’s issues,

    i think if Miami could have the number one pass rush, and We are a much improved team

    • professorlou on said:

      Ansah is very much an unproven commodity and you don’t know what you’re getting with him other than a tremendously athletic individual. Could he be developed into the type of guy you want on the line? Probably. But, do you want to spend a high first round pick on a guy who won’t pay dividends for at least the first season and possibly second season as well.
      Okafor would be a better and safer pick .
      However, at #12, I’d rather get Cooper and solidify the line and give Tanny more time to complete a pass and open up holes for Miller and Le’Veon Bell. LOL.

      • SteveCCNV on said:

        A guard isn’t going to change the pass protection enough to warrant a #12 pick, and Cooper isn’t a better pass protector than either Jerry or Incognito.

  5. O Rob on said:

    I disagree with the mock,

    Ansah wouldn’t be an every down guy, he would be an edge rusher on passing downs, not sure it’s wise to go that route, we already have that position filled with odrick and Vernon, also have huge holes elsewhere. I would assume either OL or CB with our first pick, surely there has to be a BPA at 12 at one of those positions

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      I was going with that but it seems like the phisn will go BPA with that pick. I would not be surprised one bit if they take a DT or DE with the 12th pick if the player they want is there.

      • professorlou on said:

        Honestly, if they were going to go DE and it was a choice between Ansah and Okafor I’d rather see them go with Okafor.

  6. The Flying Pig on said:

    Richardson vs TN

    I think he looks bad here
    but Patterson and Hunter look good…lol

    Bray sucks BTW

    • professorlou on said:

      Sylvester Williams is a better prospect. IMO, Richardson is somewhat overrated and probably because the DT class is pretty weak.

    • professorlou on said:

      As a matter of fact, Kawaan Short may even be a better prospect than Richardson.

  7. Walker on said:

    Good morning everybody. The draft can’t get here quick enough. Still happy with FA, and hoping Ireland mixes splash with substance when the draft is up. I’m giddy hearing how Philbin is building a name for himself as a talent evaluator, just don’t say guru

  8. The Flying Pig on said:

    @AdamSchefter: Rob Gronkowski has infection in arm, could be in jeopardy to start season…


  9. The Flying Pig on said:

    Watching the Richardson tape
    There are times he dominates
    And times he disappears

    No where near as consistent as Lotulelei

    But he did look food against Bama
    Which was a pro level OL

  10. Rhino on said:

    lots to read this morning with the links. At least it keeps me from the N.K. jingoism on the “news” sites. :)

    To play the game the way we need to in order to beat the Patriots, we need to finish the O-line and add a pass rusher that can be out there every down. It does no good to have a situational pass rusher when Brady, Manning, and now others simply go into the hurry up to interfere with “situational substitutions”.

  11. Brian in NY on said:

    I think that the PBP is correct in the fact that we have set ourselves up to be able to choose the BPA. We can find a guard in the later rounds if Cooper isn’t there, and veteran RT’s aren’t exactly flying off the shelves in FA, so we can wait until after the draft to address that if need be. Drafting one in the later rounds to groom is a possibility if we find a stopgap RT.

    • Walker on said:

      I wrote the same thing on an Ax Mike. Even though I axed Mike, lol. I think we definitely go BPA but it will be in the spot of a massive upgrading so it’s a win win. We could field a team right now and do as well as last year IMO

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      I don’t have OG as a need

      Louis is one of our best pickups this offseason

      Incognito was in the probowl
      Jerry had his best year

      I know we can be more mobile there
      But its not a need

      If Cooper was the BPA I would take him
      I just don’t think he will be the BPA unless we trade down

      If it’s not an OG like Cooper I would not look at OG until day 3
      You can find agile OGs late in the draft

      • Brian in NY on said:

        I agree. I just meant that if Cooper was there, and he is our BPA, then he would upgrade the G position IMO.

  12. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Morning all. Greetings from Mexico City. I saw what the rapist was talking about when watching tape of Wallace. I’m just glad Ben never trapped him in a bathroom.

  13. “The Flying Pig says:
    April 7, 2013 at 10:52 am

    @AdamSchefter: Rob Gronkowski has infection in arm, could be in jeopardy to start season…


    So I’ll assume that hopping about, drunk and shirtless and performing pro wrestling moves with his oafish pals was not part of his re-hab? …Imagine that …

  14. Brian in NY on said:

    LMFAO@ “oafish pals”!

  15. Tim Knight on said:

    LOL @ Manitoba

    It was 1-0 and the Flyers were playing well. I stepped away from the game at 1-1 and in a flash I come back and they’re down 3-1. I was like WTF?

    That loss might have ended the Flyers playoff hopes with only 10 games to go. Had they won they would have won 5 in a row and would be right there. Now they trail the #8 seed by 5 points.

    The Flyers defense isn’t good enough with all the defensive injuries anyway. Until their 4 game winning streak I didn’t think they were making the playoffs. Not a good season this year.

  16. Manitoba Fin Fan on said:

    I feel ya, not in a ghey way.. That second period was a WTF , where has this been for the last week and a half moment for us too…. We had an apparent straglehold on SE lead 7 games ago.. saturday we were in 11th.. beat philly, back to 3rd, Caps win, back to 9th.. everyone else has two-three games in hand on us too, not looking great..

  17. Tim Knight on said:

    This article about the horizontal draft board being some sort of ruse is totally off base. The idea of the horizontal board is to match BPA to need. It’s a grading system. Most teams use it. Picking vertically indicates a lack of research and is a false BPA approach. Suggesting that #12 is clearly superior than say the next 5 prospects when they may be even.

    “Drafting horizontally, one critic of the format told me last week, is a great way to fool the media and the owner into thinking you’re picking the best available player who coincidently plays a position of need (wink, wink) when what you’re really doing is just filling your greatest needs.”

  18. Tim Knight on said:

    Manitoba, one thing that helps teams trying to get one of those last two spots is there are no outer conference games so everyone plays each other and you can climb quicker but fall quicker as well. You gotta win some games against teams ahead of you.

  19. Manitoba Fin Fan on said:

    i think all of our rremaining games are against teams either tied or behind us in the standings.. we also finish the season 4 days before it is over, get to sit and score board watch.. back to back losses to Caps last week killed us..

  20. David on said:

    Pro Lou, I can respect Your comments on Ansah except for You feel He has two years of little production for us before we get dividends. the guy is a highly rated prospect for the NFL because he has enormous upside and freakish talent.

    if teams had to wait for him for 3 years to get him on the field, He would NOT be a top pick IMO.

    the guy does not need a 3 year learning curve IMO, He will contribute Year one and maybe start for someone early in the season

    im ready for the we dont need him comments, we have this and that ,

    yea we do, but We need about 90 players, and as much talent as we can get !

    to compete to knock back down to 53

  21. SteveCCNV on said:

    Ben Volin:
    1 Kansas City Luke Joeckel OT 6-6 306 Texas A&M

    Chiefs need a new athletic tackle for Andy Reid’s West Coast offense, and will take the best one in the draft.

    So if the Chiefs need a new athletic tackle for Andy Reid’s West Coast offense why would their old LT Albert(s) be a good fit in our WCO via large trade compensation and close to FT type money?

  22. Krishna on said:

    Missed the anniversary blog, but a HUGE thanks and acknowledgement to Walker and Gigi. I keep wondering how much energy you two put into this and always come back humbled by my imagined-view of your efforts. Providing a forum to share ideas, opinions, prejudices, and philosophies for enthused Dolphin fans is great tribute to your hard work. One love!

  23. Walker on said:

    Thanks Krishna, appreciate it

  24. David on said:

    hows it going Krishna? How is that wonderful family of Yours doing? long time no see um ! lol

  25. David on said:

    Walker and Gigi are the proud parents of this one year old! You guys are the best and are to be thanked for giving us a chance to vent our frustrations at ireland, or other topics from time to time, lol j/k I have been praising Ireland lately, He even gets the capital I at the start of his name after killing it in FA.

    its alot easier to play GM when you have 47 million to play with, lol

    Im hoping We get Philbin some good groceries in the draft !

    • Tim Knight on said:

      He still has to spend the money on the right guys. Just using the money doesn’t mean you improved. Though in this case I think Ireland/Philbin did do a good job to improve the team with the right kinds of players.

      And yes I do think it’s an Ireland/Philbin tandem. They go hand in hand, they have to. Makes no sense to draft players who don’t fit the HC’s vision.

  26. Krishna on said:

    I think Philbin and Ireland are developing a chemistry. Has that for homerism?

  27. Tim Knight on said:

    David, I agree that sometimes you take a prospect with the arrow pointing up and don’t just focus on lack of experience for a 23 year old. A young guy can gain experience and improve his game, he can’t gain more natural talent, size, speed etc.

  28. What’s up FMers? Just a quick drive by. Man I can’t wait for the draft.

  29. Krishna on said:

    I think there’s a good chance we marry BPA with need this year at #12.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      As we should. If it’s close take the need position. If there is a gap, either try to trade down or take the superior prospect.

      We’ve done this before here. If you have three prospects rated right in the 8.0 range at #12, take the position of need. If the BPA is an 8.0 and the next 2 or 3 prospects have 7.5 grades, take the BPA.

    • Walker on said:

      Exactly again. I need to adjust my tinfoil helm

  30. David on said:

    lol Walker,

    thanks Tim, I feel like We have improved the talent level on our team, and retained the must have guys that were here before. they earned their keep so to speak.

    now its up to Philbin and his staff to take this improved talent, evaluate the top 53 and starters, and most important, get them to execute on Sundays.

  31. David on said:

    if the New logo doesnt need to look like a real Dolphin, why not use a image of a barracuda?

    the big sharp teeth are so menacing , lol

    this happy go lucky whale shark aint cuttin it IMO

  32. Brian in NY on said:

    There is always some degree of need with BPA. If the BPA is Geno Smith, do we take him? Of course not, we take the next guy on our list.

    • David on said:

      do NOT ask Omar this question, lol You wont like the answer!

      • Brian in NY on said:

        I don’t ask him anything! The only time I see what he has to say is when someone posts his tweets. I haven’t been on the SS in about 6 months.

  33. Krishna on said:

    Hmmm….new computer and touchpad….lost my last comment.

    Again, this is all on paper, but I think “they” had a coherent plan this year….certainly in FA and now the draft with the draft seemingly clearer. They went all in on upgrading one of our weaker team areas….aerial weapons for Tannehill. Then, arguably shored up a number of positions with potential starters–I think I counted 8. AND, managed the cap. All on paper, but the paper looks good from here.

  34. O Rob on said:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 7, 2013 at 11:48 am
    This article about the horizontal draft board being some sort of ruse is totally off base. The idea of the horizontal board is to match BPA to need. It’s a grading system. Most teams use it. Picking vertically indicates a lack of research and is a false BPA approach

    Not sure what you mean?
    when creating a board teams will stack vertically by positions. Here’s all the quarterbacks, here’s all the tight ends, here’s all the running backs. Horizontally across the board, they grade the player, when it’s their turn to pick they try to match need and value, I don’t think they go vertically or horizontally I would assume they try to get a mixture of both to ensure the best bang for their pick.

  35. David on said:

    I see the plan as bring in some vet FA’s to bridge the gap while so many rookies are coming along. We filled a lot of needs with plug and play vets in FA, and they can mentor the boat load of babies arriving with the draft stork, lol

    the plan must be to win now, and win later, this gets the fan base back in the seats again, and makes more money for Ross.

    its all big business right?

  36. SteveCCNV on said:

    Here’s some Youtube Videos of Brent Grime doing private workouts to test his achilles (looks like he’ll be ready to go sooner than later):……0.0…1ac.

  37. SteveCCNV on said:

    Walker says:

    April 7, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Absolutely. I know some hate Ireland but I like the two as a tandem

    Right on Walker, I think that’s the key. I don’t remember anyone here, except maybe Top, that actually said they liked Ireland, before they saw what the team has been able to accomplish (acquiring players) since Philbin arrived.

    • Walker on said:

      I was on the seesaw and thought he was average as far as hit and misses. The hits were ok, the misses were WTF

  38. Tim Knight on said:

    O Rob, on the vertical vs. horizontal board, sort of but not really. Instead of one large vertical grading system, it’s a series of positional vertical rankings set up horizontally. I was going to do a blog about it but it’s come up too many times so fuck it.

    Here’s an example:

    • O Rob on said:

      that’s a kool system, see the positions are horizontal and the grades are vertical, you should do an article on this, we should have input from all and create a mob board, that would be great!

  39. David on said:

    it does not matter if we love hate or indifferant to Ireland, He is the GM and has a job to do. I really dont love or hate Him, just didnt care for the way things were done before and pointed it out. Now that He killed it in FA, I am pointing that out, lol

    I do think the last years draft, not perfect, but was a big improvement over past Ireland drafts, and with a big FA this year with 11 picks coming, Ireland could be getting alot of praise if He kills the draft too.

    the important thing is Philbin gets the right guys for His vision of this team.

    I see no evidence that they cannot work together, but do see positive signs. I think We kill the draft !

  40. O Rob on said:

    if Ireland were to look horizontally, there was a DL rated very highly next in line was a QB then a RB then a tackle, who would he pick? the tackle is the greatest need however the DL RB and QB are rated higher. if you continue to pick vertically you’ll fill needs however your team will be stocked with substandard players. if you pick horizontally you’ll have great players however you’ll have holes in need areas.

    • SteveCCNV on said:

      You’ve got that backwards, vertically = BPA

      Even so I don’t agree, because you wouldn’t take a position of need unless it meets the round for that talent, and then in the first (which is like an entire draft broken down again with picks 1-5 being a 1st, 6-10 being a 2nd…).

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Most teams use a horizontal board where they have all the offensive positions say to the left and all the defensive positions to the right running horizontally so they can look at all their top prospects in each round at each position. Then look at the grades across the board and marry BPA to need.

      This board also helps you view your depth chart as you draft.

  41. SteveCCNV on said:

    Brian in NY says:

    April 7, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    There is always some degree of need with BPA. If the BPA is Geno Smith, do we take him? Of course not, we take the next guy on our list.

    And this is true for any team in our situation (teams that don’t have a need for QB), that’s why the vertical approach is bull shit, and no team really uses it. They may say they use it, but they don’t, at least not in the first few rounds.

  42. David on said:

    Omar would Pick Geno Smith at 12, send the vanilla Shonuff to the jests, lol

    Smith is the right color a qb should be to get kills (according to O) lol

  43. Randy on said:

    I thought going horizontally was BPA?

    If you go vertically…you go down your list of prospects in a particular position. If you go horizontally, you go across the top of every position and take the BPA. I guess I don’t know for sure….is that wrong?

  44. O Rob on said:

    SteveCCNV says:
    April 7, 2013 at 1:18 pm
    You’ve got that backwards, vertically = BPA

    I disagree, look at tims board, the positions are vertical, when it’s your turn to draft you look vertically at positions of your need and then horizontally at the grades to compare other players at other positions available that grade out higher.. if there’s a player at another position that’s not necessarily a need if he grades out much higher you may take him instead.

    • SteveCCNV on said:

      That’s a league wide board, it’s not a team board, big difference.

      There’s article after article written about Ireland saying he uses a horizontal board, and his approach is need meeting BPA.

      Vertical means you create a list of the top 300 or so players in the draft starting with the best player, when it becomes your turn to draft you take the highest guy left on the list, it’s that simple.

  45. Randy on said:

    Oh, okay…I read some more. I assumed no GM would ever just make a straight list of players from best to worst and draft that way. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. In practice, with that sort of scenario, we’d draft a QB with our #12 pick if that was the BPA on a vertical board…that sorta thinking is just silly…so why would any GM go purely vertical w/o regard for positional need?

    You’d end up with a roster full of QB/LT/DE. lol

  46. David on said:

    looking ahead to the season, it almost goes without saying we have to win the afc east games. Here is an expected scenario for me

    We sweep jests and bills, they suck!

    we split with NE

    this gives us 5 wins, if we only go 500 against non division opponents, then we have 10 wins

    I see no reason why we cannot win 10 -11 games this season

  47. O Rob on said:

    Ireland says he leans more horizontally than vertical, so he may not take a position of need with the early pick and may take the BPA. the reason great value players slide is early teams draft vertically, I thought last year he went vertical taking tanny at 8, we needed a QB and tanny may have been a reach there.

  48. David on said:

    i think it ruins too many seasons when we fuck up and lose to the jests and bills, we have to sweep the lowlifes of the AFC east. then we only have to split with NE and We are in great shape to have a winning record.

    when You beat a division team, You get a win, they get a loss,

    but a win against a non division team, You get a win, but maybe the AFC east team also wins that week.

  49. The Flying Pig on said:

    3 things worth celebrating for more than a couple of days:

    And the blog turning 1


    • SteveCCNV on said:

      And my sons 14th birthday!

      We took him and his girlfriend to Six Flags near S.F. yesterday.

  50. Tim Knight on said:

    The horizontal board marries BPA to need. It gives you a view of top graded prospects by position as opposed to just this vertical list that doesn’t really make sense because of course you have to create a linear order vertically. That doesn’t take into account that you have 3 positions graded equally. You have it as 1, 2, 3 etc. list.

    Teams also have their roster on a separate board and as they draft they place the prospects in order on the depth chart based on the vision for the prospect. Starter, potential starter, depth, bubble. A team can see how their roster is shaping up as they draft. In the 4th round they may say damn, we’re still thin at CB and start targeting that need.

    The need vs. BPA debate has to have a yin yang effect. If you’re reelly good on the DL but not at some other positions you don’t draft DL with your first 3 picks because of BPA. That’s ridiculous. You work the draft and take need over BPA if it’s close or try to trade down.

    • SteveCCNV on said:

      And that’s why drafting vertically is BS, and no team follows that approach. I mean if you take 3 DTs with your first 3 picks, because they’re the BPA at least one of them won’t even make the team.

      • Tim Knight on said:

        Right, there is a balance.

        Vertical is for mocksters, media and fans but with the info. today for us draftniks we should look at the horizontal board as a guide. It makes more sense. Teams have to focus on their roster, not just some linear order. Is 18 really better than 19?

        The idea of the draft is to build your roster. It’s not about one position obviously. I call it the Yin Yang effect. Balance.

  51. Randy on said:

    It all depends on how big a difference there is between positional players and how big a need there is at the respective positions.

    For instance, we need a RT and a CB…and let’s assume for arguments’ sake that the need at both positions is considered to be equal. If when we draft at 12, the best rated RT has a value of 9 out of 10 and the best available CB has a value of 8…you’re gonna draft the RT if you feel the need at both positions is the same. However, if you feel your need at CB is greater than your need at RT, you might decide to draft the CB…even though the individual player’s value is less.

    It also depends on what the value is of the next available players at a given position. If the top three RTs on your board are 9, 8.7 and 8.5 on a 10 point scale…but the top three CBs are rated at 8, 7 and 6…you’re gonna feel more comfortable with getting a good RT later…and wanna go get the best CB as early as possible.

    That’s why slotting is so important in setting up a draft board. If you don’t rate your players correctly in the first place, you’ll be drafting guys where you shouldn’t and getting lesser value.

    that’s what makes the draft so unpredictable b/c every team and slots players differently based on need and individual value.

    • Tim Knight on said:

      Good points and it also has to do with the market. Which positions are deep and which are thin in any given draft. You might want something that isn’t available. So do you buy whatever it is anyway and reach? No way, as in taking a WR you have a mid to late 3rd rd grade on in the 2nd because you want that position and they’re going off the board. I think that’s a recipe for disaster.

      That’s what Ireland means when he says “the board speaks to him”. You spent months grading these prospects. Follow the board.

      The draft also has a way of playing out where in the 3rd thru 5th rounds the talent is similar. But if everyone is staring at a vertical board and sees we took a guy in the 3rd at #82 that on your list said he was a #96, what happens? The perception is we reached when in fact we had #78 thru #100 pretty equal and went with the best fit.

  52. David on said:

    glossing over some of the comments,,,,,,

    I think its good to start off vertical, then end up horizontal with a yin yang girfriend at six flags for 4 rounds , ! lol

  53. O Rob on said:

    if you are drafting vertically and need a tackle, when it’s your turn to pick you look down the tackle list vertically and pick the highest tackle available, drafting vertically does not represent the BPA.

    if you want to be horizontal then you would look horizontally at other positions grades of players, this would be drafting horizontal which = The BPA.

    anyway this is my understanding of it.

  54. Marinofan13 on said:


    Chris Steuber‏@ChrisSteuber13h
    Check out my latest #NFL Mock Draft (Mock 3.0) on . It’s a two-round mock, enjoy: … #NFLDraft

    • BoulderPhinFan on said:

      I just don’t see us passing on floyd if he’s there. He’s has too much talent.

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        I kind of feel the same way, and I’m not even sure he’ll be there when we select.

  55. Mike E. on said:


    Do that article bro – It will be a good one, and will surely be a great topic for discussion. Just do it!

  56. O Rob on said:

    I think Armando has that backwards, when Ireland said he drafted horizontally he meant he is more inclined to take the BPA over need, Armando seems to think it’s the other way around citing ron wolf does the same thing which is not true, ron wolf likes to take the best QB in the 2nd round every year whether he needs one or not, he doesn’t draft for need.

  57. Randy on said:


    I think that some are suggesting a vertical BPA board is just one list of ALL the players and not every position listed separately….which is why it makes no sense to me b/c you’ll end up taking positions of no need on your team if you just go down one straight list w/o regard to position.

    • O Rob on said:

      the list of players as to their value is not a draft board,

      I think steve is confused about this as he thinks that because Ireland drafts horizontally means he doesn’t take the BPA and holds priority to need,

      that is totally backwards and not what Ireland meant, he drafts horizontally to get the BPA from a draft board,

      i’m sure need has an influence also.

  58. Mike E. on said:


    Don’t get upset by this, this is just an observation.

    I’ve noticed a lot of so called experts, when mocking Xavier Rhodes to MIA, using this explanation . . . (not verbatim)

    Sean Smith left, so the Dolphins need another big corner to replace him.

    I think that’s flawed thinking. I think Xavier Rhodes can be the pick on the merit of his physicality, and play, and not because of his size. He should be picked because he’s the best CB available, and not because he’s over 6’0″.

    Do you agree?

  59. Mike E. on said:

    That mock has 3 Samurai in the first round, and Hopkins coming off the board before Cordarrelle.

    I don’t like OUR pick of Sam Montgomery, not at all.

  60. Marinofan13 on said:

    Mayock makes big shift at OT in prospect rankings:

  61. O Rob on said:

    if you simply have a list of players as to their value vertically then you have nothing horizontally.

  62. Mike E. on said:


    I didn’t notice until you said it. Didn’t they just recently sign Nnamdi? They still do need depth, and youth at CB though.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Yes, they signed Nnamdi… and they play a man-2 system. Interesting that Steuber thinks the 9ers go in that direction. That’s high praise to #1.

  63. David on said:

    MF< that mock has Patterson going to the patsies, that would suck! SMH

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      That would VERY much suck, indeed. I don’t even want to think about it.

  64. Randy on said:

    Nobody knows what the hell to do with this draft b/c nobody stands out.

    It’s amazing to me how far Star and Jarvis Jones have fallen. Jones isn’t a pop off the page athlete but a phenomenal football player and now some are saying he might drop into the 2nd round? I know there are some questions about his work ethic, but the guy brings it on the field.

  65. Mike E. on said:

    When it comes to these 4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB prospects, it seems harder and harder to identify where these guys are best suited.

    It still seems many think Mingo/Jordan would be best off as 3-4 OLB’s, while some, including Pat Kirwan see them as 4-3 DE’s. I’m curious to see what scheme these guys end up in.

  66. mikewithnojob on said:
  67. David on said:

    MF, what if that mock turned out to be correct?,it very well could! the jests take Austin, and Patsies take Cord,

    we need to get some pass rush and secondary help

    Maybe Ansah could supply the heat with Wake and help put the QB’s on their asses so we dont have to cover these guys all the time then hope Grimes returns to form and draft some CB’s and a safety

  68. Randy on said:


    4/3 DEs need to be able to defend the run against LTs. Lots of these guys are around the 240-45 range…that’s gonna be an issue playing against the run….so they get mocked as OLBs.

    • Mike E. on said:

      I hear that brother. I think that almost everyone universally expects them to ass about 15 pounds or so. I think thought that it was Jordan, that some experts feel like he can’t keep weight on.

  69. Marinofan13 on said:


    NICE Grimes footage, Bro! Now imagine this cat playing opposite he…

    • mikewithnojob on said:

      I know man! Add Baccari Rambo in the draft also and our secondary will be tough!

    • Mike E. on said:

      I wouldn’t say women sprinters, just hers. That is one yummy looking tush though. Mmmm Mmmm

  70. Walker on said:

    What’s up bud? Yes, that irritates me as well. We are not replacing SSmith. Rhodes may miss angles occasionally but he hits and he tackles. No comparison at all. Also, he didn’t get picks because they didn’t throw his way, this I know. I never recall an INT going through his hands

  71. Mike E. on said:


    Yeah, that’s what I figured. I hate when they get so narrow minded, thinking we need to replace a player with exactly the same player. If we wanted a guy like Sean Smith, we would have offered him a contract. We let him go without even afterthought.

  72. Marinofan13 on said:

    Mike E. says:

    April 7, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Interesting. I see Star as a 4-3 DT. How about you?
    I think he’s more of a 3-4 DE myself, due to his weight. NOT saying he can’t be an effective 4-3 DT though.

  73. Marinofan13 on said:

    mikewithnojob says:

    April 7, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    I know man! Add Baccari Rambo in the draft also and our secondary will be tough!
    That is MUSIC to my ears!

  74. Phelonius Phish on said:

    What I love about the rookie wage scale is its impact on the draft. A GM can gamble on a prospect’s potential without killing the team if he’s wrong. So a guy like Ansah, while raw, can be drafted earlier than in the past.

    Walker – No I’m not packing down here. Doing a State Department gig. May pick up a blade to carry until i leave, throw it away on my to the airport.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I VERY much agree with ya on the rookie wage scale. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about Ansah and the risk/reward… and then you posted this. Reading my mind, I see… LOL

      Please be safe down there in Mexico City, Brother.

  75. Walker on said:

    I now picture you as Depp in The Mexican, I think.

    I know you know by now I won’t be pissed if we get a dozen guys I like but I’ll be walking around with a rager for a while if we picked Rhodes, because it would mean we did our research after the zone vs man argument, and we have a Nole that I love. I would be just as much thrilled -1 if we picked up Eifert, or a fallen DE/DT, or Patterson

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Echoed on X-Rhodes. If we take him, we’ll know we’ve done zone homework on him and he came out a winner. I DO like X-Rhodes!

  76. David on said:

    MF that video of Amerson showcases his athleticism and awareness of where the ball is going to end up. He times it beautifully, and He has some major ups to go along with natural instincts. the guy is ballhawk all the way, no doubt!

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      He’s the greatest BALL-HAWK(!!!) I’ve ever scouted. He’s going to be the next great INT machine in the NFL.

  77. David on said:

    Walker, Rhodes excelled in both man to man and zone coverage, I think its all a bunch of shit,

    the guy can play either and has shown that.

  78. The Flying Pig on said:

    I doubt we would take Rhodes over Floyd…lol

    That mock is interesting though

    If Geno Smith goes to the Jags, it might cause another QB needy team to reach for a QB
    And then you have a player like Floyd, Johnson or even Star drop to us

    I think it funny that people still think we will reach for a cb at 12, even after we signed Grimes ad have 4 more picks before round 3 ends to take a CB

  79. The Flying Pig on said:

    @evansilva: Mayock calls Zach Rogers of #Tennessee his No. 1 sleeper WR in this draft. Played slot between Hunter & Patterson:

    A WR I never heard of

    That’s a heck of a sleeper

  80. David on said:

    MF, You need to send tweets to Ireland and Philbin to pick Amerson, lol

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I’ll see what I can do! LOL

      • David on said:

        its for the good of the team bro, lol We need that guy here!

        • Marinofan13 on said:

          Jesse Agler asked for fans’ mock drafts, and I sent him mine. I see he only got about 6 responses, and most of them were links to “professional” mocks… not mocks by those like us who KNOW this team and watch college ball intensely.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      But in the meantime, I’m hoping he’s flying under the radar. I’m not going to be mentioning him much anymore.

  81. Randy on said:


    I’d take a guy like Patrick Peterson at #12….but there’s nobody close to him in this draft at any position. Also, although I like Grimes, there’s no guarantee he’s even on the team next year. He’s using us to leverage a big payday next season if he plays well…and Ireland might not wanna play him.

    I like Rhodes, but I just don’t think he’s good enough to warrant picking him at 12. But, the other side of that is that this draft’s players from about 10-30 are about the same…so I don’t think it’s gonna kill us no matter who we pick at 12….unless a guy like Star drops to us.

  82. Marinofan13 on said:

    Daniel Jeremiah‏@MoveTheSticks3m
    As we get closer to the draft, I’m paying special attention to the names my NFL buddies DON’T mention… #PrincessBride #BattleOfWits
    EXACTLY. Those are the guys who are going far earlier than anticipated (#1)

  83. Phelonius Phish on said:

    Piggy – I’ll say it again…at least 3 QB will go in the 1st 10 picks. Maybe 4.

  84. David on said:

    my dream picks for the draft is We land Ansah and Amerson, our pass defense will be incredible!

    we get the bookend to Wake, and get Grimes and Amerson for our CB’s

  85. professorlou on said:

    This team had plenty of opportunities to take a pass rusher in the past 3 drafts and didn’t do it. If Philbin and Coyle have enough faith that Vernon could put the pressure on the passer they need then Ansah becomes an afterthought. I still believe they would go Cooper if both he and Ansah were there or possibly even Vaccaro strictly because there’s no guarantee Ansah could bring anything to the d-line that Vernon would already be able to deliver in his 2nd year. Personally, I believe Vernon has a lot of upside and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as what he can do.
    Over the past 3 years I was the one banging the table for the elite pass rusher and we didn’t take one. Now, it has become more important than ever to get the offense on the right track by shoring up the o-line and also get the defensive backfield set. So, Ansah to me anyway becomes a luxury more than a need and I don’t see him as the BPA at #12. I don’t think anyone can project out 3 to 4 years and say that Ansah is going to do any better in the league than someone like Okafor, Montgomery, Carradine or Vernon who already has a season of pro experience under his belt.

    • David on said:

      We do not know if Philbin and co think Vernon can be eilte, but Ansah has that kind of upside. we still have 9 other picks, if we get Ansah and Amerson, We are a much better team right of the get go, IMO

      We need enough DL to rotate them if we Want to keep Vernon and Ansah

      we all remember the Giants won the SB against the almost undefeated season patsies with a fierce pass rush from both ends and the middle too, they had plenty of DL and rotated them in to keep them fresh

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I agree with you in principle on Ziggy. First, he could very well be off the board when we pick… secondly with what you just stated about us never drafting a pass-rusher high the last several years… and thirdly that Vernon could be the REAL deal. And lastly that Ziggy is generally considered an unproven commodity having only played football since 2010.

      Nevertheless, his ceiling is ENORMOUS. I wouldn’t despise taking Ziggy @ R1P12, but I’m not seeing it happen either.

      • David on said:

        his inexperience also means less wear and tear on his knees

        • Marinofan13 on said:

          That’s a solid point as well. Like I said, I really could roll with Ziggy @ R1P12. But as Prof Lou points out, he’s almost a “luxury pick” and he’s unproven.

          I’m still on the Cordarrelle bandwagon @ R1P12. He’s going to be a STUD.

  86. professorlou on said:

    Remember this name. Deon Goggins, DT, Syracuse. Projects more as an end but the guy is projected to be undrafted but if you put him up against other players at his position he’s a lot better than that. 6’1″, 275 and can probably play end because he’s explosive and he’s been compared to Chandler Jones. I think someone is going to scoop him up before the draft is over and I’d be surprised if he didn’t rise up the boards over the next 18 days.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      I’m still high on Chris Jones (Bowling Green) as a late-round DT.

      I’ll look into Deon Goggins further.

  87. David on said:

    I would be very happy with Patterson at 12, this keeps him away from Brady too, lol (side benefit) go ahead and laugh, but trust me , We do NOT want to face Brady to Patterson twice a year no matter what!

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Lady + Cordarrelle could probably produce rookie WR receiving records. NO JOKE

  88. Tim Knight on said:

    Thanks guys but the cat is already out of the bag with vertical vs. horizontal draft board. All my blog article would be about would be reiterating this same discussion.

    I’ll do it, I have some funny graphics for it too. It just seems like now is the time to discuss it.

    I wanted to do this blog the week leading up to the draft. But we preempted it.

    Okay, I guess if we can still discuss Henne we can discuss the 2013 value draft board. LOL

  89. stanger on said:

    Ziggy ran a 4.63 40 at the combine. Not bad for a dude who is 6’5″ and 270. Also consider that his 10-yard time was 1.56 seconds.

    TCU wideout ran Josh Boyce did a hot 4.38 40. His 10-yard time……1.56 seconds.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      And then you have Terron Armstead… 6’5″, 306, and he ran a 4.65 40-time at the Combine.

      • Marinofan13 on said:

        1.69 on the 10-yard time. He is FAST in the box.

        • stanger on said:

          A reason to go after Armstead too (even if speed is more important for a DE).

          But bottom line — Ziggy is a physical beast.

          People can say he don’t fit for us, that we should pick elsewhere, or that he ain’t worth the risk cause he is inexperienced…………but one special athelete has to be a big part of the conversation.

  90. The Flying Pig on said:

    Everytime I see “Ziggy” posted

    I think I am being talked about

  91. Mike E. on said:


    I got some company over today, sorry for the late response.

    I feel the same way. We have a lot of options, and many of them would be good for our team. There is no ONE guy that we have to have.

    So no more Dreamy for Carimi,

    Now it’s “Walka will shoot loads for Rhodes”. :D

  92. Jahndoh on said:

    I like Ziggy Ansah, and I think he’s an entirely different tier of athlete then Okafor. The idea that he’s inexperienced is a non issue for me, because it also means he’s got less wear and tear on his body. He handled his business between the whistles at the Sr. Bowl and he did it against the best players in the country. The idea that he can’t contribute year one is absolute hogwash IMHO. He’s not a WR or a QB. His position is one where a rookie can and does contribute right away. There’s not a ton of scheme to learn for that position as compared to other historically difficult positions to learn.

    I also think Tyler Bray looked pretty damn skippy when I was watching the video of those two WRs. I think it’s borderline laughable to assume those two WRs could have those seasons with a QB that “sucks”.

    Lastly, Patterson is a one year wonder. That’s real. We worry about those with free agents all the time, but not with a rookie WR who’s position IS very difficult to transition to the NFL? That’s your inexperience risk IMHO, not Ziggy Ansah.

    All IMHO.

  93. Marinofan13 on said:

    Russell S. Baxter‏@BaxFootballGuru42s
    #Dolphins: allowed 83 points in 7 wins, 234 points in 9 losses in ’12 #NFL

  94. professorlou on said:

    I keep hearing about the “freakish” athlete that Ansah is but how quickly we forget. Vernon was as highly touted in his junior year at Miami and if it wasn’t for missing part of his senior year he would have probably been a first round pick. I hear about Ziggy’s measurables. Really? Look at Vernon’s. Faster 40 time, faster 10 yd split time. 10 more reps on the bench press, same vertical and better long jump. Vernon is a “freakish” athlete.

    • Jahndoh on said:

      To speak on Ansah is a different conversation then the conversation about Vernon. I like Vernon a bunch, but I also think Ansah is a stud.

  95. Mike E. on said:

    Way to go Lou! Defend our own. I have to admit that Ansah is not the athlete that JPP was, and I think the comparison is only valid because he only has one year experience. That doesn’t mean he will become what JPP is. He still has upside, and maybe a lot, but I’m thinking with Odrick all slimmed down and much better shape, and Vernon, we may not be spending #12 on a DE. You never know though, because you just can’t have too many pass rushers.

    • SteveCCNV on said:

      This is the kind of article that proves we know more than the national media, when talking about the Fins:

      If the Dolphins move second-year pro Jonathan Martin from right tackle, where he STARTED all 16 games as a rookie, back to the left tackle position he starred at while at Stanford…

  96. Jahndoh on said:

    Mike E,

    We never finished the Smith trade compensation talk (well at least you and I didn’t, it seems to have just been dropped altogether), I’ve found multiple reports it’s the chiefs 2nd round pick this year and a 3rd that becomes a 2nd if the Chiefs get a certain number of wins last year.

    That’s a far cry from the 5th rounder eh?

    • SteveCCNV on said:

      I can guarantee you the conditional 3rd won’t be a 2nd based on what you wrote ;)

  97. Mike E. on said:


    Smith trade? Do you mean Alex Smith? Did I say it would be a 5th RD pick? I know I said the trade for Matt Flynn would be a 5th, but I don’t ever recall saying anything on the compensation for Alex Smith. Refresh my memory if I did.

  98. The Flying Pig on said:

    New Game of Thrones about to come on


  99. Marinofan13 on said:

    Dane Brugler‏@dpbrugler48m
    Kinda awesome that OT Terron Armstead’s nickname in school was the “Terronnosaurus Rex”
    Okay, I now OWN Terron Armstead. I beat Mr. Dane Brugler by a month.

    Do you now believe I’ve THOROUGHLY researched Terron yet?!!

  100. Id like to point out something that T-Rex’s have thats a bad commodity for a OT in the NFL. Very short arms…..he may want to re-think the nickname.

  101. professorlou on said:

    The Flying Pig says:

    April 7, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    @evansilva: Mayock calls Zach Rogers of #Tennessee his No. 1 sleeper WR in this draft. Played slot between Hunter & Patterson:

    A WR I never heard of

    That’s a heck of a sleeper

    Lanear Sampson-Baylor. Write it down. Remember it. BIGGEST WR sleeper in the draft. This kid could replace Bess day one, no problem. Tough as nails with 4.40 speed and played with Terrance Williams and Tevon Reese this year, thus the low production. However, the kid can flat out fly, has great hands and likes to hit db’s. Whoever picks him up is going to have a really good receiver on the cheap.

  102. Jahndoh on said:

    Mike E.

    LOL..yes I had a senior moment. I guess I remembered how much you dislike Alex Smith and the rest I blame on malted hops and bong resin.

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