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The Miami Dolphins hold the #12 pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The team has 11 draft picks (including 5 in the first 3 rounds) in all. After addressing the wide receiver position this offseason, the biggest positional needs for the Dolphins now are cornerback, offensive tackle and pass rusher. Since, as mentioned, the team has 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, it is conceivable that the Dolphins could trade up from #12 if they fall in love with a prospect. With all of that said, here are 5 targets for the Dolphins in order of needs.


1. Cornerback


The Dolphins inked free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal the other day. The move could turn out to be a steal if Grimes comes back healthy from his ACL injury. Even so, the Dolphins need to add help at corner. Most mock drafts have the Dolphins taking FloridaState cornerback Xavier Rhodes with their first round pick. As of right now, that looks like it will be the pick, considering the fact that the secondary is the team’s biggest weakness and that he is the second best cornerback in the draft, behind Alabama’s Dee Milliner. Milliner will likely go in the top ten. There is a chance that a team could draft Rhodes ahead of Miami which would lead the team to look to other alternatives since I do not think they would take another cornerback at #12.


2. Offensive Tackle


This year’s NFL Draft seems to be loaded with tackles. That is a good sign for the Dolphins considering they have a hole at one of the tackle spots after losing Jake Long to free agency. The Dolphins may take care of that need by addressing it in free agency before the draft, though. Right tackle Eric Winston is still available and is apparently interested in signing with the team. If they signed Winston, it would allow the Dolphins to shift Jonathan Martin to left tackle. I think it makes the most sense for them to sign a veteran like Winston and then draft his potential successor, such as Oregon’s Kyle Long, in a later round.


3. Pass Rusher


The Miami Dolphins have not seemed to be too interested in any of the available veteran pass rushers, despite each player’s thin market. This leads me to believe that they are looking to draft a pass rusher this year. Defensive end Cameron Wake needs help on the other side as he is constantly double teamed. There should be plenty of options for the Dolphins at #12, including LSU’s Barkevious Mingo.


4. Safety


The Dolphins brought back incumbent starter Chris Clemons on a one-year deal which signals that they would like to upgrade at safety opposite Reshad Jones, who had a breakout year in 2012. Clemons is a solid player but the Dolphins lack playmakers in the secondary which is why they should take a look at drafting a safety in the first few rounds. I do not think that any of the safeties are worth being drafted at #12 but they could be able to draft one like Florida’s Matt Elam in the second round.


5. Tight End


The Dolphins already signed Dustin Keller to a one-year deal near the start of free agency but, as the New England Patriots have shown, multiple tight ends are vital in the NFL now. Therefore, Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert could be an option for the Dolphins. It is more likely that they would trade down for him, though.


The bottom line is simple: the Miami Dolphins need to hit with their #12 pick. They need a player that can start right away and make a difference. Ideally, that player would be at a skill position. In the end, FloridaState cornerback Xavier Rhodes looks like he is their guy.


Everyone knows the Chiefen loves him some Rhodes, so here’s one with Trufant.


Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has channeled his inner Dan Snyder this off-season, throwing gobs of cash at big-name free agents, scheduling visits with seemingly every notable player available, and making it known that the Dolphins are ready to seriously contend behind the second-year duo of head coach Joe Philbin and quarterback Ryan Tannehill.


They did, however, lose cornerback Sean Smith on the open market, and could be on the lookout for a replacement early in the 2013 NFL Draft.








Miami Dolphins

Desmond Trufant, Washington





Kevin Nogle: “With all of their free agency moves, the   Dolphins have opened this spot to just about any pick. Guys like Jonathan   Cooper, Lane Johnson and Sheldon Richardson are all worthy of looks here, but   I think this comes down to West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin or   Trufant. I would not be surprised at all for Miami to take Austin, which would bring a ton of speed to an offense   that has sorely missed it the past few years. However, with Mike Wallace,   Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Brandon Gibson, the wide receiver position is   starting to back up. Rumors that the team could be looking to trade Bess   would open the pick back up to Austin, but for now, I don’t see it – even if he is the   pick I, personally, would like the most.”Instead, I think Miami looks to shore up their biggest need remaining,   cornerback. With Dee Milliner off the board, Trufant and FloridaState’s Xavier Rhodes are the best corners available. I don’t think the   Dolphins will look at Rhodes, as he’s not a fit for the system they are trying   to build, especially after Sean Smith struggled. Rhodes appears best in a press coverage type of defense, while Trufant is at   home in man-to-man or zone schemes. Trufant’s instincts and coverage ability   will be exactly what the Dolphins want. He holds his own against bigger wide   receivers, and his closing speed will help with the quicker wide receivers.   He is not afraid of contact and will be an asset in run defense as well as in   coverage, something that is important to the Dolphins.


“Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins throw the first curveball of the draft, especially after the free agency   period we have seen, but most likely, Trufant tops Austin come April.”  Here’s our own Dan Kadar to break down the pick:


I’m not quite as confident the Dolphins will be looking at a wide receiver after giving big money to Mike Wallace and re-signing Brian Hartline. For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008, investing multiple times at the same position in one offseason would be unwise.  In our scenario, the best pick is probably Lane Johnson. While Jonathan Martin could move to the left side, the whole line could be bolstered by a player of Johnson’s caliber. It’s much like Chargers pick. The offensive tackle group drops off after Johnson. The cornerback class is deep this year. There’s going to be a few good ones to choose from when Miami comes up in the second round.  That’s the third and final pick today, so we’ll see y’all bright and early Wednesday morning for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and pick No. 13.


Top 5 Players Remaining


# Player Pos. College Ht. Wt.
5 Sheldon Richardson * DT Missouri 6’3″ 294
11 Bjoern Werner * DE FloridaState 6’3″ 266
12 Jonathan Cooper OG North     Carolina 6’2″ 311
13 Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma 6’6″ 303
15 Arthur Brown LB KansasState 6’0″ 241


2013 SB Nation NFL Writers’ Mock Draft Results


No. Team Player Pos. College
1 Kansas     City Chiefs Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Geno Smith QB West     Virginia
3 Oakland Raiders Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
4 Philadelphia Eagles Eric Fisher OT Central    Michigan
5 Detroit Lions Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU
6 Cleveland Browns Dion Jordan OLB Oregon
7 Arizona Cardinals Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU
8 Buffalo Bills Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
9 New     York Jets Chance Warmack OG Alabama
10 Tennessee Titans Dee Milliner CB Alabama
11 San     Diego   Chargers Star Lotulelei DT Utah
12 Miami Dolphins Desmond Trufant CB Washington


Once again, why this site is the world’s leading braintrust in everything regarding your Miami Dolphins. Plus, we have humor… and titties.



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    Your four teams would be spread out so you’d have time to react to what happens above you in the draft….generally, no trades etc…You would be responsible for selecting a player in each of your teams’ slots.

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    1 KC: Joekel

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    2. JAC: Star Lotulelei

    I can’t go with this QB class though I’d like to. Teams take prospects like Star early.

  17. The Flying Pig on said:

    Tims been screaming Star all day
    I bet that is the pick

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    1: KC-Joekel
    2: Jax: Star Lotulelei

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      We’re doing a mock draft, join in.

    • Al in NJ on said:

      BTW, i totally made up the 2/3 number but the US does buy a crap load of manufactured goods….I bet it’s over 50% anyway. Their economy is tied to ours. Both are co-dependant on each other. The US is able to run a defecit because China continues to fund it to manipulate in their quest to hedge against the artificially low currency value they like to report.

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    Oak – Shariff Floyd

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    Go M13, you have the Raiders!!!!

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    WTF is going on here LOL.

  31. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    Dion Jordon

  32. Tim Knight on said:

    Jahn, it’s not gonna go in minutes. Let’s be patient.

    M13, you’re up OAK.

  33. Walker on said:

    Oakland takes Tavon Austahn, lol

  34. The Flying Pig on said:

    M13 take pick 4

  35. BoulderPhinFan on said:

    I think we need to give everyone their teams or the order first

  36. Jahndoh on said:

    1: KC-Joekel
    2: Jax-Star
    3: Oak-Floyd
    4: Phil-Milliner
    5: Tim’s on the clock

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    Set the order FRo
    3 on Jahn

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    Oaktown: Star

  41. Jahndoh on said:

    1: KC-Joekel
    2: Jax-Star
    3: Oak-Floyd
    4: Phil-Milliner
    5: M13 on the clock for Lions

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      Later Jahn

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        Peace bro..lol @ the drinking game comment. Maybe I should try again next week with a more formal deal. I’ll assign ahead of time and get people to commit.

  45. Marinofan13 on said:

    Lions: Dee Milliner

    • Al in NJ on said:


    • Al in NJ on said:

      Ziggy Ansah or bust. A corner aint going to save the LOLions.

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Geez, I’m off game tonight. LOL. Lions: Ziggy Ansah

  46. The Flying Pig on said:

    Milliner went 4th
    You are picking for detroit

  47. Jahndoh on said:

    1: KC-Joekel
    2: Jax-Star
    3: Oak-Floyd
    4: Phil-Milliner
    5:Lions: Ansah

    Piggy will take it from here.

  48. The Flying Pig on said:

    1: KC-Joekel
    2: Jax-Star
    3: Oak-Floyd
    4: Phil-Milliner
    5: Det – Ansah

    Al you are on the clock for clev

  49. The Flying Pig on said:

    I have to go in 10 mins

  50. stanger on said:

    Don’t forget about Bobby Boucher, LB, S Central LA State University

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    I think we would be better if we were drunk

    I burnt about 25% of my iPhone juice and I made 1 pick wTF

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    Stanger, make a pick for ARZ after Al picks for CLE.

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    Someone pick for CLE.

  56. Marinofan13 on said:

    Evan Silva‏@evansilva2m
    After wildly desperate FA spending spree, anxious to see if Jeff Ireland comes out of this draft with more Daniel Thomases & Michael Egnews.
    Classy-azz move for a so-called “media” cat. I don’t mind the Ireland “haters” on this blog being we’re “in-house” lovers of the Phins… but when a so-called “media” type funks with us, NOT COOL.

  57. Mike E. on said:

    I’m in – What we are up to?

  58. Mike E. on said:


    I think Evan Silva needs an ass kicking. He’s an obnoxious, unprofessional, POS.

  59. NaplesFan on said:

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  60. Tim Knight on said:

    Mike go CLE.

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE:

  61. Tim Knight on said:

    Someone pick CLE?

  62. Marinofan13 on said:

    Rigel Spikes‏@MF13SS4m
    @evansilva You are a Smurf, white hat and all.

  63. Mike E. on said:

    DE Dion Jordan

  64. Tim Knight on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ:

    Stanger, Naples, Elephant Rider?

  65. stanger on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher

  66. Tim Knight on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher
    8. BUF:

    Naples, Elephant Rider?

  67. David on said:

    Buffalo Geno Smith

  68. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Stej – Barkley

    • stanger on said:

      LOL…….we’ll be reading about it on rotoworld tomorrow…….”the trend in many recent experts mocks is Barkley to the Jets.” :)

  69. ElephantRider on said:

    SD–Lane Johnson

  70. Tim Knight on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher
    8. BUF: Smith
    9. NYJ: Barkley
    10. TEN:

  71. Tim Knight on said:

    ElephantRider TEN.

  72. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Tim should make the Fins pick

  73. ElephantRider on said:

    TN–Jarvis Jones

  74. Tim Knight on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher
    8. BUF: Smith
    9. NYJ: Barkley
    10. TEN: Jones
    11. SD:

  75. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Fins on the clock

  76. Walker on said:

    Miami Dolphins: Xavier Rhodes
    See, that was easy

  77. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Stanger, who wants to trade up though, that’s the problem.

    • stanger on said:

      Yeah it is, but you never know. For instance, we very well still could trade up cause there is a big break in talent after the 3rd best OT. Could be similar for other teams at positions we could care less about.

  78. Tim Knight on said:

    Not at Phins yet. SD on the clock.

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher
    8. BUF: Smith
    9. NYJ: Barkley
    10. TEN: Jones
    11. SD:

  79. Mike E. on said:

    Skipped San Diego, Walker – You’re penalized your 1st RD, two 2nd RD and two 3rd RD picks for that! lol

  80. SteveCCNV on said:

    Is it too late to get in?

  81. SteveCCNV on said:


  82. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Tim, he made the SD pick, get with it

  83. Mike E. on said:

    Tim, make the Eifert, I mean the pick. lol

  84. Tim Knight on said:

    Steve, SD?

  85. Mike E. on said:


    Did you fall into a well?

  86. Tim Knight on said:

    1: KC: Joekel
    2: JAC: Star
    3: OAK: Floyd
    4: PHI: Milliner
    5: DET: Ansah
    6. CLE: Jordan
    7. ARZ: Fisher
    8. BUF: Smith
    9. NYJ: Barkley
    10. TEN: Jones
    11. SD: Johnson
    12. MIA:

    Walker? LOL

  87. SteveCCNV on said:

    How many are in on this and how many rounds?

  88. Mike E. on said:

    This would be even better if we did a consensus pick. The guy that gets the most votes is the pick.

    Anyone down on that? For OUR pick

  89. son of a son of a shula on said:

    Fins – Eifert

    We said we need to get Tanny more weapons.

  90. Tim Knight on said:

    Just the 1st rd. Then we can get a feel for the 2nd.

  91. ElephantRider on said:


  92. SteveCCNV on said:

    What’s the order and who’s holding things up?

  93. stanger on said:

    I’m a follow the crowd guy………..Eifert

  94. SteveCCNV on said:

    We should redo it tomorrow and let everyone sign up during the day, but then I may go play basketball tomorrow.

  95. SteveCCNV on said:


  96. Tim Knight on said:

    I’ll throw a monkey wrench into the mix and a reach position at #12 – G Jonathan Cooper. Protect Tanny and open up the zone blocking scheme for the run game, bootlegs, roll-outs and screens.

  97. SteveCCNV on said:

    Meanwhile back on the ranch ;)

  98. Mike E. on said:


    Where can’t you go with Son and Goodell? Is he related? lol

  99. stanger on said:

    Did you guys catch who went to the SB Nation’s latest mock?


    Won’t spoil who it is but he is described as “a match-up nightmare who can run by linebackers and physically abuse corners.”

  100. Marinofan13 on said:


  101. Tim Knight on said:

    Sitting on a corn flake, waiting for the van to come.

  102. Mike E. on said:

    We got 3 Eiferts, and 1 Cooper

  103. Tim Knight on said:

    I’m not against Eifert though.

  104. David on said:

    I want Patterson at 12, its time to open up the Maserati on the Autobahn and let her rip!

    Marino said it best, speed kills!

  105. Marinofan13 on said:

    I find it funny how some of the “BPA” crowd doesn’t want to take the BPA on the board… as in, Cordarrelle.

  106. Tim Knight on said:

    3 Eifert
    3 Patterson
    1 Cooper
    1 Rhodes (Walker)

  107. Mike E. on said:

    Does Walker get like a proxy vote or something, in Gigi’s stead? lol

    • Tim Knight on said:

      He jumped the gun and picked Rhodes for the Phins. So I’m giving him that pick. That’s his homey. LOL

    • Marinofan13 on said:

      Mr. Walker can get whatever he wants, in MY book. Just sayin’

  108. David on said:

    If We take Patterson, We will have one of the fastest offenses in the NFL. Who can cover Wallace and Patterson at the same time?

    then Hartline, Gibson, Bess, Keller, even Miller going out, defenses will hate playing Miami, lol

  109. Tim Knight on said:

    For me Cooper plays 50-60+ snaps every game and helps this offense move the way it should. We don’t have any guards mobile like him.

    We have the QB, we have the RBs, we have the WRs and some H-Back/TE types who can catch. Time to block it.

  110. Mike E. on said:


    I like Cooper, I think you know that. I think if we’re looking for a game changer . . . SPOILER ALERT

    Well, you’ll have to wait for Ask Mike. :)

  111. Brian in NY on said:


    By no means I’d cooper a reach at 12. A lot if mocks have him gone by the time we pick.

  112. Tim Knight on said:

    I think I gotcha, Mike. ;)

    I think Cooper steps right in at one of the guard spots and makes us better. I’m not one to get caught up in position high in the draft if he’s a day one starter and an every down player. Patterson will not overtake Wallace or Hartline in 2013. We can add another speed WR later. We’re not weak at WR, in fact we’re pretty strong. We’re not complete on the OL.

    Add a cog and don’t look back.

    • Mike E. on said:

      I hear ya. I for one, will not complain if they hand in the card with Coopers name on it.

    • stanger on said:

      I’m on board too. The three I’m looking at are Ziggy, Cooper and Eifert. But chances are Eifert is the only one who is there.

  113. Mike E. on said:

    So we’re going with Walker’s pick of Rhodes? Let’s move on to TB then, yes?

  114. Mike E. on said:

    Bri – I was going to say 20, but if it turned into a bet . . . . :)

    • Brian in NY on said:

      Yeah, there’s going to be a big run on OL in the first 20 picks IMO.

      Mike/Tim, How bout those Mets?

  115. Tim Knight on said:

    NFL Draft Scout has Copper at #14. We couldn’t possibly reach for him at #12. Blockers are just guys who stand around, eat and watch playmakers. LOL

  116. Tim Knight on said:

    I think Cooper will be there when we pick.

  117. Mike E. on said:

    Bri – Mets are looking good so far. Can they play SD 162 times?

  118. Armando Salguero‏@ArmandoSalgueronow
    #Dolphins have $8.263M in cap room today according to NFLPA: https://www.nflplayers.com/reports/RunPublicReport.aspx?report=top51

  119. Wyoming85 on said:


  120. Mike E. on said:


    I think I made some changes in a couple of places, but definitely on the end of the 3rd question

  121. Vinbob‏@Vinbob
    I enjoyed this piece of Fins art… pic.twitter.com/kmYdQ6LWKL

  122. Marinofan13 on said:

    Armando Salguero‏@ArmandoSalguero16s
    The #Dolphins will get another $10M in cap relief after June 1 for Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett release.
    That VERY much differs from Ben Volin’s report

  123. Mike E. on said:


    I know I read it over and made some changes, but I may have done that before I sent it you the first time. I know I definitely added stuff to the end of the 3rd question. Sorry for the confusion.

  124. The Flying Pig on said:

    What was the Fins pick

    I pick Codarelle

    (Piggy Bows)

  125. Wyoming85 on said:

    Actually reviewing the picks to date I would have to go with the Sherrif
    I would like Cooper though :-)

  126. Brian in NY on said:

    My brain hurts after looking at the process of that mock draft.

  127. Tim Knight on said:

    Keep your eye on restructures with Marshall and Patterson too.

    Marshall, you were hurt for most of the season, and Patterson, CLE cut you. Time to re-evaluate.

  128. David on said:

    Lol, Brian can handle adoption paperwork, and international travel arrangements,

    but this mock makes his brain hurt, lmao !

  129. The Flying Pig on said:

    Let’s plan a new mock in advance
    Anyone want to suggest a proposed date and time

  130. Mike E. on said:

    Piggy, Brian

    I agree – This draft we’re doing needs more structure.

  131. David on said:

    Gigi, I think Sea World partnering up with Miami has something to do with the logo, it looks like alot like a sea world logo to me

    • David on said:

      i just googled sea world images, and low and behold, the Miami Dolphin new logo is shown along with the sea world logo’s lol

  132. Tim Knight on said:

    Brian, I view Cooper as another Pouncey at guard. It’s not a crime to take the top mobile guard in the draft at #12 when you already drafted your QB last year (sorry, Omar… lol), re-signed Hartline, signed Wallace, Gibson and Keller. We’re not void of receivers. Clay, Matthews, Eggeroo and others are still competing. We have good receiving backs as well.

    Time to block for them.

    • Brian in NY on said:

      Agreed. We have invested a lot in the WR position , highly doubt we go there at 12. We do need a tackle though, but the big three will be gone by then.

  133. The Flying Pig on said:

    Monday 4/8 at 10am


    Who is in

  134. The Flying Pig on said:

    Actually I think 10am is too early for the west coasters here

  135. David: Even more reasons why I hate the logo — I will NEVER buy diddly w/that thing on it….not even if we win a Super Bowl. I’ll keep my present stuff and buy on-line more things w/former logo.

  136. Tim Knight on said:

    Draft starters early and significant role players, and developmental types from the 3rd rd on.

  137. Walker on said:

    Also, I changed my pick to Cordarelle as well, as opposed to Eifert

  138. Brian in NY on said:

    Have a good night all. Disney (and my kids) is kicking my ass.

    • Mike E. on said:

      Goodnight Bri – Enjoy your vacay bro!

    • Walker on said:

      I wish I had time, and money, and I would have met you near there. You are right down the road from me and Catfish

      • Brian in NY on said:

        That would have been cool Walker, but I totally understand. Someday soon.

        • Walker on said:

          Have a goodnite bro. I think I’m out as well. Be safe and enjoy the kids. They grow up way too fast

  139. Whats happening monday 4/8? 10am or 3:14pm?

  140. Tim Knight on said:

    Can I ask as we try to put a team together with Wallace, Hartline, Gibson and Bess/Matthews where Patterson fits in?

    Do we force a luxury pick taking Patterson and toss out Matthews and Thigpen for one college prospect with limited production at a high level?

    How many reps does he get?

    I want a starter at #12. When do we start competing? Next year or the year after as we retool again? No way, this team is trying to get into the mix this year. You can see it.

    • Walker on said:

      Ok, Rhodes it is then. Nighty night for realsies

    • The Flying Pig on said:

      he fits
      In 2014
      When Bess is gone

      At this point you can’t treat Matthwes like he is a 4 guy

      If BPA is Patterson take Patterson
      that is BPA rules

  141. Mike E. on said:

    Goodnight All !

    You have a point. I can’t see us taking a WR. On the other hand, if we took one of the DE prospects, would they be starters, or would they be worked into the rotation slowly, until they were ready to start?

  142. Tim Knight on said:

    Pass rusher or OL for me.

    • Al in NJ on said:

      Same here except Ansah is the only pass rusher I’d want at pick 12 or better.

  143. The Flying Pig on said:

    I happen to think Patterson will not be available at 12
    I think Buffalo takes him unless Geno Smith is ont he board
    but I thinkt he Eagles take Geno smith

    • Al in NJ on said:

      I’m not sure where Patterson may go but I’m pretty sure the Jets won’t take him.

      I think Buffalo just sounds like a logical landing point to me but who knows.

      I’m with ya, the more targets the merrier and it’s all about finding those explosive players.

      Draft a player who’s potential is beyond the universe and not someone who can just be good.

      If the Fins could ever afford a risk it is now.

  144. Al in NJ on said:


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