Assessing the In-house Talent pre-Draft: Running Backs

By: Rigel Spikes (Marinofan13)


The opening of Free-Agency marks the first time in a new league year that teams can acquire some of the coveted BIG names of the game who have not been re-signed by their former team…at least, that is the general fan’s view.  While true, it also marks a time where teams can augment their rosters with solid, unsung players.  It’s important to field a SOLID team from top to bottom, and that includes backups and third stringers.  While we Phins didn’t breach the waters to make major splashes in Free-Agency (yet?) this year, we made a couple of solid waves under the surface in signing RBs Jerome Messam (Edmonton Eskimos) and Marcus Thigpen (Hamilton Tiger Cats) of the CFL.  That brings us to the topic at hand.
                                                                                 PHINS’ BACKFIELD (RBs/FBs)

Reggie Bush

When you have a Running Back who ran behind what was arguably the worst O-Line in the NFL last year…and he’s still able to break 1,000 yards rushing and nearly make the Pro-Bowl…you know you have a winner.  Bush was nothing short of amazing
last year in lieu of the deficiencies on the O-Line.  He even showed proof-positive that he could be an every-down RB, proving nearly everyone wrong.

Bush is back for the 2012 campaign to add a formidable slash-n-dash dynamic as we transition to the WCO.  His skill set, which includes great hands out of the backfield, is a match made in heaven for this new Offense.  Reggie Bush ’11: 1,086 Rushing Yards (#11), 5.0 YPC (#1 of any back with 200+ carries), 6 TDs (T-#18).

Daniel Thomas

A lot of people have been doubting Thomas.  Barring the trade-up arguments (R3+R5+R7 for a RB in R2 last year), it should be noted that Thomas finished #3 in Rushing Yards (581) as a rookie RB, behind only DeMarco Murray of Dallas
(897) and Roy Helu of Washington (640).  And he did this while battling injury, playing behind a porous O-Line, and as a rook who never went through OTAs and a full camp due to the lockout of ’11.

Thomas’ punishing running style is a great complement to Bush’s slash-n-dash style, giving our Phins the best of both worlds at the Running Back position. He also adds a unique dynamic of passing ability, as he is a former college QB.  I’m not sure that Joe Philbin is into “Wildcat trickery”, but it’s nevertheless a fascinating dimension of Thomas’ game.  If he cuts down on his fumbles (and I’m sure he will), there is great upside to the young Thomas.

Steve Slaton

Slaton has proven he can be a great back when healthy (1,282 Rushing Yards as a rook in ’08).  Unfortunately, his health has precluded him from becoming that same guy we saw as a rook: he’s only carried the ball a mere 43 times over the last 3 years. He managed a TD last year on 17 carries with a long of 28 yards, and management saw enough to re-sign him for the 2012 season.

If Slaton can rekindle some of that magic from the past, he makes for an excellent spell-back for Reggie Bush.

Jerome Messam

At 6’3″ and 245 lbs, Messam is an imposing figure in the mold of Brandon Jacobs. He is the most recent recipient of the “CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian Award” after rushing for 1,057 yards on 195 attempts for an eye-boggling 5.4 YPC in 2011.

His 40-time is rumored have been clocked as a sub 4.4 in 2008…while still weighing 240 lbs.  More recent reports have his 40-time as 4.5; does it really matter?  If you can run as fast as he can at his weight, WOW!
He may be here to push Thomas and try to take his job, but one thing is clear: we have two ground-n-pounders on our current roster, and that’s a good problem to have as far as in-house competition. 

Other RBs/HBs on our current roster include the aforementioned Thigpen and Richard Medlin, both who are probably competing for a spot on the Practice Squad or as a keeper on the final roster for Special Teams duty.  Thigpen has an interesting story to be told, and I implore you to read up on him here:
My analysis:  I think we are pretty well set at the RB/FB position entering the ’12 Draft.  Barring a FREAK surprise in the Draft (Trent Richardson or LaMichael James), I’d expect little to no churning or addition at this position.  There is much talent, youth, and potential on our roster at this position as is.  But anything could happen…hence the suspense we all feel leading up to the Draft.

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  1. Mike E. on said:

    LOL @ Bat! this blog was missing something . . .

  2. fish dip on said:

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  3. Walker on said:

    So you’re saying it’s like driving an average pinto? lol

  4. Walker

    Are you talking about the car or the horse? …

  5. fish dip on said:

    Home says seriously, NJ bring u and your steroid water muscles

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    • Walker on said:

      As long as we can video it for a segment.
      Seriously, it’s ok Dip, we are trying to dissolve ourselves from other, less peaceful sites

  6. Walker

    Actually, out of those three, the closest to “average” is Henne. Sparano is a complete lummox who was way out of his depth as a HC and the jury is out on Ireland since we have no choice but to put up with him for at least one more season….lol

  7. stanger on said:

    Gronk really, really wants to hit the cover of Madden 2012.

    Funny thing I found in this latest campaign vid is what his apartment looks like. Essentially barren except for a Gronk fathead on the wall.

  8. Gigi on said:

    Awwww fish dip thank you, but I believe that person will have karma bite them on the ass sooner or later. :)

  9. Mike E. on said:


    Not to make a big deal out of it, but I have worked it out that NO ONE talks any sheet about any mobsters on the other site. If they do, it will be deleted immediately. I would appreciate the same courtesy here. I won’t ask again, and I understand if you don’t, just thought I’d ask.

  10. Stanger

    From what I’ve seen and heard from Gronk since the SB, he appears to have sustained at least minor brain damage, and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt …lol

  11. Walker on said:

    Lol at Bat.
    By the way, I see you are steadily working on your errant and disinformative writing skills. One day you may be a quality author if you can learn to post the musical link at the end of the text without the reply function

  12. Mike

    We are not “mobsters” …We renounce our slave name …lol

  13. Mike E. on said:

    Bat – Regardless, I have made sure there will be ZERO tolerance of any negative talk about the good people here, , and did it out of respect for all of you people here. That is a FACT.

  14. fish dip on said:

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  15. stanger on said:

    “he appears to have sustained at least minor brain damage, and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt …lol”

    LOL Bat. That very well might explain it. At the least he’s Ringo and not Pete Best…..and I’ll take him as my TE any day.

  16. Walker

    LOL .. I aspire to no greater task than serving this outstanding blog through my questionable writing skills …lol

  17. Bat: We are more like refugees….lol.

  18. Mike E. on said:


    Thanks for considering it. LMAO! :)

  19. Mike

    I’m with you bro …no point to it ..

  20. Walker on said:

    Bat, David, and a few others along with myself unceremoniously dumped the mobster moniker beside bin laden’s corpse at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. I’m kinda torn between Exodites and Legion

  21. Stanger

    Gronk is a fine TE, but he may be headed for a “Shockey” like meltdown, as they share the same lack of even rudimentary intelligence …lol

  22. Mike E. on said:


    Legion is good. That was Bat’s.

  23. markeyh on said:

    Hello everybody, this was an extremely busy day for me I had no time to check in for the most part on either site until now. How are all of you doing? I hope you all had an enjoyable Holiday weekend.

  24. Gigi

    Refugees no more …we have found our true home thanks to our shepherd, Walker …lol

  25. Walker on said:

    Didn’t Legion jump over the cliff in the form of a flying pig?

  26. finfanrob on said:

    we were slaves???????

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  29. fish dip on said:


    Not to make a big deal out of it, but I have worked it out that NO ONE talks any sheet about any mobsters on the other site. If they do, it will be deleted immediately. I would appreciate the same courtesy here. I won’t ask again, and I understand if you don’t, just thought I’d ask.

    Mike E.

    In all do respect I know ur from NJ

    and met w the fellas and blog there


    did u read what NJ wrote and posted to Gigi

    Man Up!
    and set your boy straight!

    This is a woman

    not a dude!

  30. finfanrob on said:

    kind of instead of highlanders we can be his wastelanders

  31. markeyh on said:

    I am out.

    Take care folks…it seems folks have properly aligned themselves to where they seem to fit just fine.

  32. LOL @ Bat yes – we are HOME! ;-)

  33. finfanrob on said:

    mike e,

    the difference is over at the other site you can work at that. you get to edit and monitor all comments. lol

  34. The Flying Pig on said:


    Piggy support no talking sheet proposal of Mike E

    Please stop

  35. Mike E. on said:


    I have spoken to him, but he is what he is. I will not tolerate him badmouthing anyone here on when I’m on the the other site, and that’s about the extent of my control. I can’t really make him do anything, as much as I would like to. That’s the honest truth, but it wouldn’t be due to lack of effort. I think you can take me at my word on that bro.

  36. finfanrob on said:

    markeyh says:
    April 9, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    I am out.

    Take care folks…it seems folks have properly aligned themselves to where they seem to fit just fine.

    i have made no alignment. i would be glad to post at any site my comments cannot be edited. as long as that is an option then any site that does such is not for me.

  37. Mike E. on said:

    FFR – I know you’re joking, but it’s the truth. I have also spoken to TN, the guy who runs the blog, and he agrees. He’s a good due, and he realizes that kind of behavior has no place there. It won’t be tolerated.

  38. Mike E. on said:

    Piggy – Thanks bro – Appreciate that man.

  39. markeyh on said:

    When you enter into another man’s house show him honor and respect his house rules. Or as some have chosen, just don’t go to his house if you have issues with the rules.

  40. Piggy: How do we know there is no sheet being discussed about people here at the other site? My comments were deleted the other day then I was banned in record time. I went to say hello to you guys to be nice and nothing I said warranted deletion or being banned. No one shut your boy’s trap while he went off on me his comments were left. Thankfully I deleted the site and have no idea where to find it nor do I care.

  41. finfanrob on said:

    mike e,

    since i think very highly of you, i will be respectful of your opinion. but i wont follow what you ask.

    we never did such a thing on the ss, we constantly busted on each other whenever we felt like it whether one was online at the time or not. i see no reason why we cant do the same here. it isnt like anyone has been excluded from this blog. it was posted openly on the SS.

    again, the above is meant with all due respect.

  42. Mike E. on said:

    G – I’ll tell you how you know. Because I told you that’s the deal. Since I did that this morning, there has not been a negative word about anyone on this site. You can check that for yourself if you like, or you can trust me, or you can do both. :)

  43. The Flying Pig on said:


    Are you saying taking off my pants when I enter another man’s house may not be acceptable?

    I just thing we need to narrow down respect and honor

    Pants off = honorable and respectable, no?


    If not it’s going to be much harder for me to blog here…I haven’t worn pants since the Internet was invented

  44. Markey

    Did you just make that up? .. What if the man’s house that you enter is a pedophile..or a serial killer ..or even worse, a Jet fan ..What then, smart guy?

  45. fish dip on said:

    ThanX Mike E


    was not here for u guys previous Mob soap operas

    Just cannot fathom the extent of verbal abuse to a woman

    and thought u were actually defending what fish dip read on a blog to frankly a very nice woman and local Dolfan that has reached out to us men and engaged us, which is very difficult to do in a man’s world

  46. Walker on said:

    We had an accord not to censor anyone unless it became an issue where nobody came. We are not begging for business. With that said, a popular member got bashed on the mothership and few came to her rescue. I was invited to a site where I obliged and was banished immediately. There are no hard feelings but don’t act is if some of us haven’t been denigrated on a daily basis while ‘friends’ continued to blog there and then come here and ask others not to speak freely. It doesn’t work that way. We have yet to have an argument here. We hillbillies were doing just fine

  47. I agree w/FFR. Also, Walker doesn’t have a secret password to get in here – lol.

  48. fish dip on said:

    Have undue respect for FFR for being the ONLY ONE w enough intestinal fortitude to kindly reach out to this blogger and say

    were are the rest of u bloggers

    Dont care what u think about this blogger

    but Home 4 Christ’s Sake certainly is going to defend a woman or child

  49. Mike E. on said:


    Thank you too bro – I hate getting serious here, this site is too much fun for that.

  50. Mike E: You wouldn’t lie to me so I trust what you said. But understand deleting my comments the other day then banning me was wrong when I just went to be cordial for you Tim, Piggy & Ken and say congrats to TN. So be it.

    • Mike E. on said:

      It was bullshit, and it got me really pissed off! I wasn’t there, but I wish I was. It would not have gone down that way, I promise you that!

  51. Have a good night guys and thank you fish dip. :)

  52. Mike E. on said:

    Walker – I asked. I didn’t demand.

    I didn’t come here to be a downer bro, or tell you what to do. It’s all good man. It is your site, and yes, you should do whatever ya’ll like. Nothing wrong with asking though, is there?

    • Walker on said:

      It isn’t my site, it’s the peoples site. Some had more to do than others but this has been in the making for a while and I am content with the good souls that helped formulate it.
      Things will change, the SS mob is over, and yes sides did form. People made their beds and slept in them. I can’t be more proud of what we have here and we aim to protect it. We will grow stronger, we are Legion, according to Bat that is.
      This isn’t why we built it though to debate sides of a two headed coin

      • Mike E. on said:

        I NEVER make my bed. lol

        I’ve also been having trouble sleeping lately. Got any ideas?

  53. fish dip on said:

    Extremely Happy w the Amazing woman Home was fortunate enuf to meet and form ZZZ best relationship with, even moving Miami spread into his house

    No interest as Home has never even met Gigi

    But for the Love of God (or the love of Bat’s God, Uggh!)

    This is your family, your sister


  54. The Flying Pig on said:


    What’s it take to get people to notice that I’m not wearing pants!

  55. Derek on said:


    As you know from my private E-mails to you. I have my cards on the table. I have pretty much laid it out and gave you the picture of what and how I think…

    Please, so that I can understand… (not become involved, But Understand)…. what seems to be the difficulty that I have been reading about lately…?

    Is there some sort of animosity that exists between this blog and the blog TN Phin fan is operating…?
    Is there an issue between the Blogs…? Or is there and issue between certain people on them…?

    Once again… I don’t ask so I may become involved or take sides, but rather to understand what is going on so I do not inadvertently step in shit just trying to make conversation….

    I must say… after all that has occurred, I am terribly vexed to hear such matters… and even worse… I am terribly vexed to see some of it being played out on the SS Blog, leaving those who may wish to exit there for a better experience to wonder if they are jumping from the Frying Pan into the Fire…

    In all sincerity… could either you or someone else PLEASE explain WTF the Dust up is in this AO…? I am deeply concerned…

  56. finfanrob on said:

    The Flying Pig says:
    April 9, 2012 at 10:40 pm


    What’s it take to get people to notice that I’m not wearing pants!

    maybe a bigger slab of bacon

  57. “Our name is Legion…For we are many” …has a nice ring to it ..right? ….lol

  58. Walker on said:

    Fish Dip,
    All members are protected here. I just will not venture out into the wilderness looking for vengeance. I am at peace here.
    I am as Myomoto Musashi, undefeated samurai dwelling in a cave painting beautiful portraits

  59. Piggy

    LOL …Pancetta maybe?

  60. The Flying Pig on said:


    Whatever pork product the ladies prefer…I provide

  61. Mike E. on said:

    LMFAO @ Bat! “pancetta” Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • jetssuck on said:

      to get some good sleep try some oxycodene 30mg. I only have 16 left so I don’t share. How about those Marlins. I got some tickets today to see the nationals May. 3 games so I will get to see the pitching sensations comeback. 91 mph curveball —-unreal

  62. The Flying Pig on said:

    allright pig fly by over

    I did a little research for my contribution today

    I’m not going to reveal anything substantive

    But here is a hint, colonpokey the hamster will be making a visit.

    So hide the kids!

  63. finfanrob on said:

    now to break the tension here is a good laugh

  64. Walker on said:

    It’s all great until Legion is cast unto the pig who doesn’t fly over the cliffside. JK, I like Legion. It is growing on me. Death to the mofucking mob.

    It saddens me to inform you that yes, there are two splits to the mob, but it isn’t necessarily a bad notion

  65. fish dip on said:

    For the record

    blogger known as “Home”

    always thought “Mob” w a soft bellied braided haired Jamaican dude learning American football was bit outlandish

    esp cuz, Home grew up in Boston w Sicilian Real Deal Family & Friends

  66. Walker on said:

    The lady knows she was protected and thats all I’m at liberty to say. Good night

  67. Walker on said:

    Damn Bat,
    your email is a cockblocker, lol

  68. I’m out … Good Night Legion ….

  69. Mike E. on said:

    LMAO @ FFR – That was pretty funny! My wife has definitely read that list. lol

  70. Walker

    Wait …I’m back ..what’s up with the e-mail?

  71. Mike E. on said:

    Goodnight Bat!

  72. Mike E. on said:

    I’m out as well legion – Catch ya tomorrow

  73. finfanrob on said:

    mike e,

    glad you liked. i did get a good laugh out of it, especially the

    10. No matter how good you think you are at it, we’ve had better.

  74. fish dip on said:

    Wasn’t seeing it!

    but good job Walker

    Good to know

    Home stands alone

    and witnessesed some severe wrong doing

    Will leave it in u Goodfellas
    Capable Hands

  75. Walker on said:

    I sent you a sample for a joint story and it keeps bouncing with your daemon reply, WTF. even your email is blocked by hellish figures, lol

  76. finfanrob on said:

    oh fuck all you sob’s. going to bed. just go fuck yourself. this is my break time. i get to go from here to back to work. thanks the was my reason not to work.

  77. fish dip on said:

    Mike E

    U R one of a kind

    Keep being u


    In A World Of Human Wreckage !

  78. Derek on said:

    “Second, swallowing a teaspoon full of cream is a hell of a lot easier than licking a dead fish.”

    Geeeeeezuz… FFR…… It will take me 45 minutes to clean the soda I “Nose spewed” all over my LCD screen……

    That suggestion by you will be hanging proudly in the Range Lounge Tomorrow….. I will even give you Props for being the launch-eeeee of said “Blowjob” etiquette….

  79. Walker

    I just added the “bannedfromthess” address to my safe list ..maybe that will help. Unfortunately, ancient evil is not very tech savvy …lol

  80. OK ..out for real now …later

  81. finfanrob on said:


    glad you enjoyed that. and by all means take all the credit.

    i am glad you made it here. i have told you before and dont mind saying again, i have the utmost respect for you and what you do. i can never thank you enough for what you do for us and our country. i hope you show up at the next mobfest. it would be an honor to meet you and thank you face to face. first… all beers are on me.

    thank you

  82. jetssuck on said:


    i finally have read the previous posts and I ran acrooss 1 that mentioned a contest for the draft. I cleaned up one of the storage rooms (old kids room) and I ran across some old dolphins books. I have the championship 72-73 year books and plenty of autographs of those players. I will give up the Minnesota yearbook for the contest. JUST give me a address to mail to. The undefeated season book I will never give up.

  83. finfanrob on said:


    mail it to

    po box 1876
    lutz fl 33549

  84. finfanrob on said:


    aaahhhh come on dude, it was a joke. you know get you to mail it to me. besides it was even a made up po box

  85. finfanrob on said:

    ok break time is over. i am going back to work. take care all and by all means be safe out there it is a crazy world

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