Many moons ago in my travels across this great land, I happened across a witchdoctor named Footballabubu.  Knowing these “doctors” generally love to trade, I offered him some pieces of rhino horn I had acquired in my earlier years in Indonesia.  He was pleased and gave me a sack of nuts.  Yes, just nuts….He explained to me that these nuts have the ability to enhance one’s potential on the football field…..not to feed to my pachy. His only caveat was that it could only be useful for a player with a strong will, desire, and work ethic to begin with and somebody the odds may be against or it could destroy them.  They aren’t miracle nuts.
As being a selfish Dolphin fan, and only having a limited amount,  I’ve used them a few times with only Dolphin guys.  My travels haven’t given me many opportunities to use,  but I have seen some results.  Off the top of my head I recall some UDFAs having good use of my nuts.  Oronde Gadsden, Davone Bess(tho I think his was bad), and the great Cam Wake have benefited from my nuts.  Even guys that were drafted have had success by eating my nuts.  Jim Jensen, a 291st pick, I believe had a very good career for a guy that would of been undrafted now with only 7 rounds.  But my favorite I shared my nuts with is Zach Thomas.  Even though he was a 5th round pick, the odds were against him. I don’t have to give anyone here a history lesson on his path to, in my opinion, his hall of fame career.   Just thank my nuts.
So that little background story brings me to this year.  I’ve got my eye on a couple guys down there that might be worth a trip down for.  A longshot, but guys that weren’t maybe born with all the gifted ability, but make up for it in their special way.
One guy that grabs my attention is 5th rounder Cedric Thompson.


He grew up in SouthCentral LA and escaped.  His Father moved him out of there at 15 and from there he had to endure 2hr long bus trips to school.  He’s discussed his motivation for not becoming part of the “LA curse”.  He received Univ of Minnesota’s McNamara Student-Athlete Achievement Award(overcoming difficult odds) and was 1 of 5 to receive the NCAA’s Wilma Rudolph Student Athlete Achievement Awards as well.  He was academic all Big 10 honoree to go along with being the defensive captain for his team.
He may not be a MF13 ballhawk or even the guy I was pining for, but the more I see the more I like.  He’s got a great work ethic and is continuing the what appears to be , new era of this team putting together team first, hard working guys.  He wasn’t even invited to the combine and many thought he’d go undrafted.  However, the guys in the FO saw something in him worth taking a chance on.
Although I don’t expect him to see much action as part of the secondary, with my nuts I think he can make this team as a ST guy.  From there he’ll have the time to develop to maybe then become a solid contributor out there.  I think he is worthy of taking a chance on giving a nut to.
 What do you think?  Anybody else worthy of my nuts this year?
This is the year to take the division back and everyone else can kiss our…….
Written by Elephant Rider

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Chiefen Walker was conceived and born from two joyous primates at the end of the lovefest known as the ‘60s. Forced to endure the television shows of the ‘70s, and inspired by Captain Kirk, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Batman...

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